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    posted a message on can i get a mod maker becuz im looking into making mods

    Maybe try Tynker... That is really the only program I can think of that might be able to do a mod besides MCreator.

    Sorry if it's not helpful I tried.

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    posted a message on Magic Dice Mod

    Alright so since this is advanced coding I can't do it but I think it would be really cool. Basically a mod that adds in Dice and Floating Dice with up to 20 sides.

    Natural 1's would do something really bad like: Spawn Hordes of various Mobs, Teleport to the End or Nether, Destroy all Player Items

    2-19 could have an assortment of things like: Shower of gold bars, auto woodland mansion on spot, create farmland

    Natural 20's could do something really awesome: Give Diamonds or Diamond Armor, Create Golem Army

    Yes this is inspired by DnD but I think it could be a really cool idea. Also the dice would be the regular pixel art for Dice (Like handheld but 2D because Minecraft textures) and the Floating Dice could kinda look like the End Dragon Crystals (The things on the spires in the End) which could spawn underground and have a one time use roll... Actually all the enchanted dice should only have one roll. Adds to the excitement.

    Not sure how you could craft them... Maybe have a villager trade handheld dice? IDK but here's the idea.

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