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    Quote from cheee1154

    i would deffinetly play on this server

    Glad you like the idea the idea! The server will be up soon privately as I have to work out the final kinks, i have 1 question though, would you be interested in helping the building process of key aspecs of the map before the server goes public? (IE the spawn area and the two main bases for the allies and axis?)
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    So i have just acquired a new dekstop computer and was thinking of starting my own server, here`s the specs

    single core i5 processor 2.4ghz
    8gb ram
    internet speed:
    33.48 down
    10.45 up

    The Server Theme
    The server will be battleground for two forces, the Axis and The Allies, and will mainly focus on Flans mods (plane mod, WW2 guns mod,vehicles mod). When somebody joins the server they will choose a side Axis or Allies, and fight for that side. The server will not be heavily role-playing as in, you will never have to badmouth Jews if you chose the Axis for example, the main purpose for the server is to have epic wars between the two forces utilizing flans plane mod to drop bombs on opposing teams outposts (which will be fought over and conquered) and finally conquest on to take the enemies main base where their will be the most resistance. The server will be a bukkit server and will use Hamachi.

    So, does it sound like a good idea?
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    nvm i just read the formum rules, moderator or admin delete
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    Help, after installing all the mods including mod loader i am unable to craft any part of any plane. note: i am able to start mc without any problems. Please help i really think this is an awesome mod and its a shame not to be able to use it :sad.gif:
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    In-Game Name:fastball44
    What is rule 5?:use common sense
    How did you find out about us?: a friend who plays on the server reffered me. (tadpoles)
    Did you vote for us?:yes
    Why you wish to Join: Im a new player that wishes to do some really awesome things with some friends(and others) that also use the server.
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