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Adventure: Depths of the Dragon Lord's Domain

In my old hometown Nirveria I was basicly a no one a normal person with a ruler.I usually go out and train so i can join the knights,I ended up joining and winning.Then one time a sacred group named The Guardians came and we're auditioning people for a fine member.I tried out,they realeased a massive Giant on me,So i went for it.It pushed me away but i just slided with my feet on the ground,I grabbed a longsword from the weapon rank and sliced it's foot over and over but it only seemed to anger the beast more.Then i switched to my prefered weapon a staff and was able to move quickly i tripped the beast and grabbed a longbow and shot a 10 arrow shot and killed it Stylus the leader of thy guardians accepted me and i was on my journey

They took me FalconWorth a great city for great people only They took me to their king and requested my assistance.We moved to the forgotten mines of Delila many strange creatures dwell in Delila.Then they striked killing all my men i was left alone.I was cornered when my staff started glowing red on instinct i slamed the hilt of my staff against the ground.It sent a huge shockwave flinging all the creatures.Then all of Sudden a dragon Arose from behind me.I looked at it as one of my eyes glowed blue and the other glowed red.The dragon's did the same then the dragon bowed down to me.I looked at it and immedietly figured out its name Gavarenth The forgotten Lord

Adventure: Retrieval of the Cog Sword

I finally was able to go to SkyHaven The city in the skies. SkyHaven is a city on 13 different floating Islands, my father took me there when I was little. Now I'm back so I can talk to the king about what I want to do. I arrived at SkyHaven, and got off the Steamshire. The Steamshire is an airship that can hold up to 300 people, I was lucky that I was able to ride it, I walked on the fountain bridge, the only bridge to get to floating castle. I walked in the Castle and slowly approached the king and asked if I could be a Captain. He declined as he said "Prove you are worthy, bring me the Cog sword" I have heard Legends of the Cog Sword. It belonged to Captain Nemo himself, but I was off to get the Cog Sword.

After a few hours, I was at the surface, The disgusting surface. I knew the Cog sword was in a tomb, somewhere on the surface. After hours of walking around I found the Tomb. I walked inside and slowly with a lantern walked,and with my hand on the hilt of my blade. I then slowly got closer to the Cog Sword, after walking a few meters more. I could see the Cog Sword, resting on the hands of a Captain Nemo. I took the sword and held it perfectly. I then heard a familiar voice, which came from the King "I knew you were the Prodigy...Take the sword, and fight with Captain Nemo's name" He said happily. He faded and disappeared, I walked out of the Tomb and headed back to SkyHaven. After that day, the King's workers are making me a ship for my honor. I was finally a Captain...

My name is Tom Mckay i'm from England and i'm 17 I freerun sometimes but i usually do some basic parkour,I'll be honest i hate the outdoors,so i'm not very tanned and i do a lot of guitar and flute covers like

  • Dragon roost Island
  • LOZ Theme
  • ThnxCya songs
  • A Team

I have a cat named Muffin he usually jumps on my face whenever i try to sleep,I have an alarm which goes off whenever someone walks in the front door, but this is not your average typical alarm, this alarm sets the mood, once you walk in you will hear MUST SET MOOD and will immedietly play the song you are currently thinking in your head,I'm a cat person and maybe a bit of a dog person, i have been playing minecraft ever since 1.8 want to see my face eh?





Here is my very succesfull RP

Interests The land of Medieval and magic

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