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    what do you mean you're limited because of API?

    How these mods work they use the api to connect to the base files of thaumcraft. I dont have the base files of thaumcraft, since its closed source and i cant add stuff that is not in the api. If he adds stuff to the api to interface with his mod more than great, but really thier is nothing i can do except decompile his mod, which i am not going to do that because it is wrong/illegal
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    Quote from DarkNinja2462

    i have a bunch of transmutation ideas. Also an idea for a new item. PM me if you want to know more. i don't use irc so.. yeah....

    Just throw them down here on the forums, i read every post

    Quote from Bunkaz94

    what about a way to transmute shards into others? I got 3 stacks of earth shards and only 16 of fire...

    That is coming, it will be a smaller update, i recently got the new toy about working, i got run things through balence, and stuff, and it is a next update is coming soon.
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    Mod Information
    Thaumcraft Extras is going to be content addon Thaumcraft. The first version is just simple more alchemy recipies but me and mr_hazard has some very cool plans for later. I am a big fan of allowing the player to discover stuff on their own. But i will be posting a few helpful pictures to help you out. Its up to you guys to discover stuff.

    These are just some images that i have taken to show the mod is real. Also some hints to the mod.

    A lot of future stuff in this mod will be found by discovery which is my goal. Over the updates i will update this list with more notable items. But keep some for suprise.

    Right now the mod contains more alchemy and transmutation options. That includes getting diamonds/emeralds, and also raw materials like redstone. More transmutation suggestions are very welcome, and intermod compatibility will be coming in the near future.

    Change Log
    a0.1 built with forge 499:First release, i have not had enough time for balence so any suggestions, or issues please post.
    a0.1b built with forge 499:Just a bug fixing patch, nothing new. Their were some small issues in the earlier version.

    Current Version: http://adf.ly/JcOva(a0.1b)
    Old Versions: http://adf.ly/JICVn (a0.1)

    Beta Version: http://adf.ly/K9wMd

    Future Plans
    • Redpower 2 Compatibility
    • Localization
    • Bug Tracker
    • A lot of special things
    Any suggestions are welcome. Please consider that i have a lot planned for this mod. This is just the basics to kick the mod of to a good start. Also i would love if someone could make a banner for me :P

    Legal Stuff
    Regarding mod packs, i will/do not allow ANY mod pack to use my mod. Except for a special few, these few include the FTB modpack and/or AMCO modpack. I do not care for private packs, as long as the remain private. This will not change.

    The best way to contact me is through forums posts, if i find it important i will reply. You can also find me in irc in eaither direwolf20,tropicraft,ichun, or thaumcraft. Most of the time i am in all of them. Most likely i will not respawn to personal messages on the forums.

    When i first made this section it was this giant list of names so i am just going to put the names and the mods and such they make

    ichun: great guy/friend has helped me out alot, he made portal gun, and etc.

    corosus: Another great guy, also tropicraft dev. and the author of other great mods

    MrRube: Another great friend who i play alot of games with, he is a tropicraft dev.

    mr_hazard: he does all the art for me and gives me amazing ideas

    SnatchNL: for making a awesome banner

    If you feel so inclined to send me some of your hard earned money please feel free. Their is no way that i expect anyone to send me any, it is totally in your choice. If you choose to, i thank you very much and i will inscribe your name in the thanks menu below. All money will be used to make this mod great, and help me feel that my time has been used for good. This is the reason that i use adfly on the links above.

    © faregoth 2013
    This mod (plugin, patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"), by the terms of http://minecraft.net/terms are sole property of the Mod author (faregoth, henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.net. They may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner's Mods are strictly forbidden without advance written permission.

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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    Quote from Just_a_noob

    This is a great mod, but why did you have to take out all the best stuff from EE2? Especially the diving rod. That was the best part of it. or the alchemy bag and talisman of repair. Or if you were to combine the three mods, red power, buildcraft, and equivalent exchange, using the condenser, collector and relays to make a completely automated quarry. If you say the end result is going to be better, I would advise speeding it up a bit.

    EVERYONE GET OVER IT! God i dont post here often. But honestly i am tired of seeing the same god damn post over and over again. It will not be ee3, and will never be in ee3. Now for you people, xeno is doing something, but i will not saying anything because i am not sure if its public. But for you people that want the cheaty ­ back, just wait. Thats all i am going to say.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    Quote from nukularpower

    Well, I sure do hope Flora is right. Nothing would make my day like TC3 coming out... I really doubt it though, given the absence of a Direwolf20 spotlight

    I bet you he already has a spotlight already made, just on private so no one can see it. He already has a redpower2 one made, just on private so no can see it.

    Does anyone know if Azanor will be willing to let people make addons Thaumcraft3? From what I have seen from Direwolf's Let's play, there are a lot of features in TC that I had wanted to add into my mod, although my mod will be mostly science and TC is mostly magic. What I'm thinking is why not kill two bird with one stone, am I right?

    He is going to make a api to go along with the mod, so yea, you can intergrate them together
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    posted a message on Tropicraft (v7.0) Tropical Realm, Palm Trees, Volcanoes, Beaches.
    Random pic from irc

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    posted a message on [1.2.5/SP/SMP/WIP] Myth Craft: Greek Mythology in MC ~MOVING TO NEW THREAD~
    Working to do a huge code matience or how ever you spell it. From the next patch all future version will req. forge and also modloadermp
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ThaumCraft 2.1.6d (OUTDATED)
    Is the item disappearing bug fixed 2?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5/SP/SMP/WIP] Myth Craft: Greek Mythology in MC ~MOVING TO NEW THREAD~
    Update on me :)
    Well was planning on getting alot of work done yesterday but no. Went to a saint patricks day party at 4 got back at 8, then went to play pocker till 1 am then fell asleep, the first have of that day i had a state choir concert and we did really well. Watched alot of basketball too so yesterday was very tiresom. Today just did a major clean up of my room, got school work to do, and have to make an episode of my minecraft series, which i just started over for techinal reasons. My school work consties of reorginanizing all of school **** and finishing this one paper.

    Update on mod :)
    well i got all the slots fuctioning like slots on the gui, now i need to add fuctionalty to them. Every item is going to get a price but for the sake of time its just a few, but going to get added in from other patches. This next patch is going to be HUGE, its going to introduce my trading system, new modles for some of the blocks, the new godly chest, which is going to have a cool little suprize. Going to revamp the satyr to give it the trade fuctionalty and then adding the miniour too. Maybe the biome, but that will not take that long.

    One more thing
    If you have any experinace with world generation coding please contact me, i want to start working on villages soon, after this big patch i would like someone experianced with it thanks :)
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