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    posted a message on Fabric 20w06a to 1.16.5 Snap, Pre-Rel & Rel Discussion Thread (Contains 1.16 to 1.16.5 mods for Fabric & Forge)

    please don't port my mod HUD Quiver without my permission!

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    Hey everyone! I'm a Minecraft modder who is willing to take commisions.

    I've been modding for a little over a year, I'm currently working on a mod that adds new biomes, dimensions, monsters, blocks, items, etc.

    I have a very good knowledge of Java and I have been using it for years.

    I just finished a commision a week ago and was paid $ 120 to make a mod that adds a Thanos boss fight with mod integration, unique attacks, and several new entities.

    If you want to hire me I would like to work in 1.14 or higher (1.12 is gross)

    Last time I was rushed, made the mod in a little over a week, and was paid $ 120, so given the time I was only paid a measly $ 1 an hour. I would like to be paid much more and have more time to make a mod (maybe $ 250+ for 2 weeks? $ 400 + for 3 weeks)

    I won't take *any* request, but I will consider them, so please reply if you have any ideas for things you would pay me to make.

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    posted a message on How to determine if a log was spawned naturally?

    I have been modding for several months now, and I have a very good understanding of Java, so I don't need help with simple stuff (though it would be nice to have very specific answers).

    I'm making a mod that has a maple tree and there's a maple tap that you can place on the tree to extract sap. I obviously don't want people to abuse this by placing down wood and harvesting its sap, so how do I check if a log spawned naturally? (In a tree or from a sapling--not from a chest, another inventory, or ever being placed by a player.)

    If all else fails I'll just make an IProperty<Boolean> PropertyBool which will be a state for whether or not it's naturally occuring.

    Thanks in advance.

    (Here is a Maple Sapling sprite.)

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    posted a message on How do I detect a block that a new mob is standing on?

    thank you! I'll try it out. I've been modding for some months, but it was really just stuff from tutorials, so thanks for helping me out!

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    posted a message on How do I detect a block that a new mob is standing on?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and, I have a question about Minecraft programming in Java.

    How do I detect a block that a mob is standing on? I'm making a Chameleon and I need to test the block that it is standing on on onLivingUpdate()?

    Thank you for listening!

    Bonus: Here's a pic of the Chameleon!

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