About Me
I'm a musician, senior in highschool, and minecraft player.

Things I like to do in minecraft:

#1 Build

#2 Explore

#3 Play Mods (I have seperate bins for each mod set, yes its sad)

#4 Raid Dungeons

#5 Make Gigantic Farms

#6 Mess around with redstone, pistons, and what not

#7 Make HUGE GIGANTIC Rollercoasters

#8 attempt to make skins, and textures.

#9 Play on survival island maps

#10 Play on servers and either become a hermit, or become actively involved to the point of being an op.

#11 Make let's plays.

#12 Make huge ice rinks

#13 Make gigantic, multilevel, multibiome, arenas

Things I don't like to do:

#1 Mess with noteblocks..

#2 Make pixelart

#3 Use worldguard for an extended period of time.. (although i will)

Notice I didn't say no to griefing. Griefing is fun when that's what the server is about, but mean when it's not allowed.
Interests Minecraft Music

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Minecraft andredafalcon

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Skype Falcon_Andre