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    posted a message on Looking for small YouTubers to join a new server based on the 3rd Life/Last Life series

    I’m starting a new server based on the popular 3rd Life/Last Life series and I’m looking for small YouTubers to make weekly uploads on it! If you don’t know, the premise is that everyone is in a world with a small border and only has a certain amount of lives (800x800 and 5 lives for this server). There aren’t many rules and the last person standing wins the series! You can make alliances, have battles with other teams, just try to survive, etc. One twist this server has that wasn’t in the 3rd Life or Last Life series is that if you’re on your last life left and kill someone, you will get an extra life and be back to two lives! This will hopefully add a reason to be scared of red name players (one lifes) but not enough to have to break friendships with red names. Instead, you can try to help them get a kill and get back to yellow (two lives).

    If you’re interested, DM on Discord at Mr. Waffle#9256 and I’ll send you an invite to the Discord server, which has the full rules and server info.

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    posted a message on Looking for small Twitch streamers and YouTubers to join a new kingdom SMP

    Hi, I’m one of the two owners of a new kingdom SMP and we need some members! Specifically we’re looking for small content creators who want a server to make some good content on. Right now we’re planning to have three kingdoms: the mountain kingdom, owned by me, the snow kingdom, owned by the other owner, MaloMan, and the desert kingdom, owned by one of our players, but these could change if we decide to use a different seed.

    Right now we think we’re going to have it so that when you join, you can request to join a certain kingdom, and then each kingdom will be confined to an area of land (mostly their type of biome) where you can build bases. Then you can make alliances, have battles, do pranks, etc.

    We also might have some lore/scripted stories later on if most of the members want to, but that’s definitely not set in stone.

    Also, all members need to be at least 13 years old and not immature.

    If you want to join dm me on Discord at Mr. Waffle#9256 with a link to your channel (just so we can make sure everyone is a content creator).

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    posted a message on WaffleCraft [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.16.1} {HermitCraft-Like}

    WaffleCraft is Minecraft Java Edition SMP server based off of HermitCraft but with some differences. We want to build a friendly and helpful community of Minecraft players who like playing survival and who won't quit after a few weeks. Please only consider joining if you will be dedicated and at least semi-active!

    We don't have an age limit but please be mature.

    Pranks are fine but don’t make them too damaging/hard to fix.

    We will have:

    -A shopping district where you can build shops for other players to buy from

    -A Nether ceiling highway

    -A new challenge every two weeks for the server members to compete in. This could be a PvP tournament, a building contest, etc. The winner of each challenge will receive two diamond blocks!

    -Anti-grief plugins

    Datapacks (all of these are from Vanilla Tweaks):

    • AFK Display
    • Classic Fishing Loot
    • Double Shulker Shells
    • Dragon Drops Elytra
    • More Mob Heads
    • Multiplayer Sleep
    • Nether Portal Coords
    • Player Head Drops
    • Tag
    • Villager Death Messages
    • Villager Workstation Highlights
    • Wandering Trades Hermit Edition
    • Armor Statues

    If you'd like to join the server, join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/KypDKWQ

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    posted a message on What are the risks of giving out your IP if you have DDoS protection?

    I'm trying to start a server from my house that will be running 24/7 on an old laptop I have. This will be a public survival server, so people who I don't know will be joining. I'm going to get a free domain so that the IP won't be visible, but I heard that you can simply ping the domain to find the IP. If I use TCPshield to protect against DDoS attacks, are there any other risks I need to worry about?

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