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I am totally addicted to Minecraft. I even have had dreams about it... yeah. Anyway I'm sort of getting into Terraria. It is a pretty amazing game, it has all the aspects of Minecraft but with more crafting things and NPC's. Not that I'm hating on Minecraft for not having tables, chairs or NPC's. I love Minecraft the way it is, and I hope Notch continues to do a awesome job.

I'm in high school and school just ended for the summer! I'm so happy, no more getting up early and no more homework, and no more getting sent to the principles! Oh I'm gonna miss Ms. Myers, the most annoying and most probable lesbo, principle ever. We had good times, like that one time she got mad at me for not having "Dress Code appropriate shoes". Really, who the freak cares?! Just because I'm giving off my brilliant creativity doesn't mean that I'm going to rebel against the whole crappin' school!

Anyway, I try to contribute to the Minecraft community. I mostly contribute by posting projects on Planet Minecraft. I'm one of the original members. I joined 6 days after the site when up and when there were only about 60 members. Now there are thousands. I contributed by posting the "Super Market: Everything... EVERYTHING is Here!", the "Small Pyramid", my amazing "Vending Machine" which is for Beta 1.3, my "Red Man" Skin, my "Minecraft's 'In the Name of Science" Scientific Laboratory!", my "Mr. T" Pixel Art, My Squid Vending Machine -- Farm -- Aquarium, and finally my "Doctor Who Tardis." I have also added things to Minecraft Schematic website (also an original member.) and to the forums (old mods, mob trap tutorial, and a post about my vending machine.)

Well, I think I have dragged this out enough. If you read all that congrats you get a virtual diamond! :Diamond: So that's about it! I hope to see you soon in Minecraft!!

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Name is pronouced (face - eb)

Youtube: Sk8erwind

Planet Minecraft: Faceb

McSchematics : Faceb

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