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    If you want to use Highlands in a modpack, you have my permission. You do not need to ask or PM me about it.

    Note: update to 1.8 is in slow progress, no ETA as I have about 100 other things to deal with as well. I'll post occasional status updates on twitter.

    The crashes that occured in Desert Mountains, Rock Mountains, and Snow Mountains Biomes shouldn't occur in the 1.7.2 version, due to the rewrite.

    I've taken Highlands over from sdj64 and zombiepig.
    See original Highlands thread here http://www.minecraft...t/topic/1602064-


    Minecraft 1.7.10


    44 new biomes
    14 new trees
    A variety of useful small plants
    Singleplayer and Multiplayer
    Highlands and Highlands Large Biomes World Types
    biome-specific ore generation (some biomes have more ores!)
    All trees can be grown with saplings and bonemeal
    256 block high Mountains
    More realistic biome placement
    Villages in more biomes (now with config file)
    Better oceans and islands
    Tons of options to customize
    Uses Forge

    Description Highlands was created to make exploring and living in the world of Minecraft more fun. It adds many more mountains and hills than in vanilla

    Minecraft. It includes many varied environments and sub-biomes that represent features like mountains, lakes, forest clearings, valleys, and islands.All of the trees' saplings can be created in survival mode, so you can add a unique touch of greenery to your structures and landscapes, build an epic treehouse, or chop down enough wood to last a lifetime. They require a bit of exploring to get, though, you will have to gather different types of wood or find the tree to get its saplings before you can grow them.

    Highlands also makes it more fun to explore underground. Most of biomes added by this mod have increased amounts of certain ores (usually, double normal). This way, you can find a certain biome to mine for diamonds, and another for iron, but you won't find more of both in the same biome. Try and find out for yourself which biomes have more of which ores!

    Spoiler included if you just want to get rolling in diamonds as soon as possible:
    -Alps, Pinelands, Steppe, and Glacier have more iron.
    -Autumn Woods, Savannah, Sahel, Badlands, and Outback have more gold.
    -Cliffs have all ores generate up to double height, with the same frequency.
    -Snow, Desert, and Rock mountains also have all ores double height, in addition, Snow Mountains has double diamonds over that range, Rock Mountains has double iron over that range, and Desert Mountains has double gold over that range.
    -Highlands, Mixed forests, Tall Pine Forests, and Bogs have more coal.
    -Tundra and Snow Mountains will generate ice underground (same frequency as coal).
    -Woodland Mountains, Flying Mountains, Rainforests, and Meadows have more diamonds and more underground water.
    -Tropical Islands and Tropics have more redstone and lapis lazuli, and underground sand with the same frequency as coal.
    -Birch Forests have more lapis lazuli.
    -Emeralds can be found in Snow, Desert, and Rock Mountains, and Highlands, Pinelands, Alps, Redwood Forests, and Cliffs.
    -Oceans have sand and water generate underground.
    -Volcanoes have double or triple of all ores, but have lava and obsidian underground at the same frequency as iron.
    There are two world types, Highlands and Highlands LB (Large Biomes). You can change the size of biomes in both world types to whatever you

    want, so you can have anywhere from a chaos of one-chunk sized biomes to biomes that stretch for miles (literally- up to 512 times the size of default Large Biomes).

    Huge thank-you to Sadris for adding API support for Forestry, Thaumcraft, and MineFactory Reloaded!


    Full list of biomes, with sub-biomes:
    Some biomes generate both as a regular biome and as a sub-biome. They will appear in this list twice (or more). Some sub-biomes are vanilla biomes, example: plains in Woodlands.
    Biome: sub-biomes
    Alps: Tall Pine Forest, Glacier
    Autumn Woods: Bald Hill, Lake
    Birch Hills: Meadow
    Cliffs: Valley
    Dunes: Oasis
    Estuary: Lake
    Flying Mountains
    Highlands: Woodlands
    Lowlands: Bald Hill
    Meadow: Birch Hills, Lake
    Ocean: Forest Island, Jungle Island, Desert Island, Volcano, Windy Island
    Outback: Mesa, Dunes
    Pinelands: Autumn Woods
    Rainforest: Lake, Bald Hill
    Redwood Forest: Highlands, Lake
    Sahel: Mesa
    Savannah: Mesa
    Steppe: Canyon
    Tall Pine Forest: Alps, Tundra
    Tropics: Lake
    Tropical Islands: Volcano (rare)
    Tundra: Alps, Tall Pine Forest
    Woodlands: Bald Hill, Lake, Plains
    Woodland Mountains

    High mountains covered in deep snow, with occasional tall pine trees and shrubs. The white-grey sky is always on the brink of a snowstorm.

    Autumn Forest:
    A mixed forest of pine, birch, and autumn oak trees. With vanilla blocks, this biome becomes a mixed forest with no added colors.

    Hilly landscape with exposed stone and dead grass.

    Birch Hills:
    Rolling hills and lakes covered in poplar trees.

    A brown lowland with dead trees, swamp trees, and cattails.

    A tall plateau with shrubs and cobblestone boulders on the ground.

    Desert Mountains:
    A high range of sandstone mountains. The wind has weathered these mountains so they are not quite as high as Snow Mountains or Rock Mountains.

    A desert with nothing but sandy hills and rare oasis with palm trees.

    A maze of water, mangrove trees and sand islands.

    Flying Mountains:
    Floating islands and impossible archways covered in blue-green shrubs and waterfalls, and a deep blue sky. The oceans below have as crazy

    terrain as above, often reaching down to bedrock.

    A lifeless plateau of snow and ice.

    A moderately hilly landscape with lots of tall grass, shrubs, and scattered short trees.

    Low hills and lakes with scattered oak and fir trees.

    A flat landscape with grass, flowers, plants, and scattered poplar trees.

    A semi-desert with patches of sand, grass, shrubs, and cacti.

    A slightly more hilly, evergreen version of Highlands.

    A rainy, hilly woodland with tall ash trees, oaks, shrubs, and ferns.

    Redwood Forest:
    A moderately hilly biome with small shrubs and giant Redwood trees.

    Rock Mountains:
    A high mountain range of stone and cobble mountains reaching up to 200 blocks high.

    Halfway between a savannah and a desert, the Sahel has pockets of sand and grass, and scattered trees and shrubs.

    A dry, flat biome with lots of grass and scattered trees.
    [note] to be replaced with alternative biome, as Minecraft itself now contains a Savannah Biome

    A windswept plateau with dead grass and the occasional stunted tree or shrub.

    Snow Mountains:
    The highest mountains reach over 220 blocks high, and the peaks of these mountains are covered in deep snow.

    Tall Pine Forest:
    Taiga trees and fir trees tower above this snowy biome. The forest floor has tall grass and shrubs. Frozen lakes and ponds can be found here

    as well.

    A hot, humid biome with tall flat-topped Canopy trees and low shrubs. There is a chance of finding watermelons growing naturally here.

    Tropical Islands:
    An island paradise with palm trees and waterways.

    A flat, desolate biome with deep snow. Only a few scattered shrubs can provide wood.

    A deep forest with many big trees.

    Woodland Mountains:
    Woodlands trees on some of the craziest terrain Minecraft can generate.


    Desert Island:
    A sandy island with a few palm trees.

    Forest Island:
    An island in the ocean with Woodlands trees.

    Jungle Island:
    An island in the ocean with thick jungle.

    Volcano Island:
    A mountain with lava, obsidian, gravel, and stone.

    Snow Island:
    An island in the ocean with Taiga trees.

    Rock Island:
    Not much more than a bit of rock sticking out of the water to wreck unsuspecting sailors.

    Windy Island:
    An island much like the vanilla Minecraft islands, with a bit of grass and maybe one tree.

    A body of water smaller and shallower than oceans, generates inside many biomes.

    Bald Hill:
    A hill inside many forest biomes that has no trees on top, making it a good vantage point.

    A tall, flat topped mountain that is common in dry areas.

    A forest valley sheltered by the Cliffs biome.

    A patch of grass, water, and palm trees in the Dunes biome.

    A sandy canyon in the Steppe, it might have water at the bottom.

    Border biome that transitions between any two biomes that are very different from each other in temperature or rainfall.

    Trees and Plants:

    All trees can be grown by crafting or finding their saplings. Trees will grow after a while if you plant them, and using bonemeal can speed up

    the process. Trees will not grow if the space above the sapling is not clear. Trees can grow into and through structures, but won't replace

    any blocks.

    Trees and bushes left to right: Great Oak, Dead Tree, Canopy Tree, Poplar, Evergreen Bush, Canopy Tree (2x2 trunk), Deciduous Bush, Beech,

    Mangrove, Mangrove in water, Ironwood, Orange Autumn tree, Acacia, Yellow Autumn tree, Redwood, Palm, Fir (2x2 trunk), Fir, Ash

    On the ground in front are the small plants.

    Fir tree:

    A tall pine tree that grows in the Alps, Lowlands, and Tall Pine Forest. Can grow 2x2 trunk like Jungle trees.

    Sapling recipe: one pine sapling and one pine log.

    Acacia tree:

    A short, flat topped tree that grows in the Savannah.

    Sapling recipe: one jungle sapling and one regular oak log.

    Canopy tree:
    A tall, flat topped tree that grows in the Tropics. Can grow 2x2 trunk like Jungle trees.
    Sapling recipe: one jungle sapling and one jungle log.

    Poplar tree:
    A thin tree that grows in the Meadow and Birch Hills.
    Sapling recipe: one birch sapling and one oak log.

    Great Oak tree:
    A larger version of Minecraft’s default oaks that grows in Woodlands and Woodland Mountains.
    Sapling recipe: one oak sapling and one oak log.

    Redwood tree:
    These massive trees grow in Redwood Forests.
    Sapling recipe: one fir tree sapling, one bonemeal, and one oak log.

    Beech tree:
    Minecraft’s big trees but with birch logs and leaves, grows in Woodlands and Woodland Mountains.
    Sapling recipe: one birch sapling and one birch log.

    Dead Big Tree:
    Minecraft’s big trees with no leaves. Grows in Bogs.
    Sapling recipe: none. You can’t grow a tree that’s already dead! (sapling available in creative mode)

    Palm tree:
    A small tree that grows in the Tropical Islands, Desert Island, and Oasis.
    Sapling Recipe: one jungle sapling and one regular log.

    Ash tree:
    A tall tree with a thick trunk and a narrow crown of leaves, grows in Rainforests.
    Sapling recipe: one Great Oak sapling and one jungle log.

    Mangrove tree:
    A short tree with roots that reach down through water, grows in Estuaries.
    Sapling Recipe: one birch sapling and one regular log.

    Autumn trees:
    An oak tree with its leaves in the colors of autumn, grows in Autumn Forests.
    Sapling recipe: one regular oak sapling and one dye (orange or yellow).

    Evergreen Bush / Deciduous bush:
    Small shrubs like the jungle shrubs. They grow in various biomes.
    Sapling recipe: one pine / oak sapling and one stick (gives 2 saplings).

    Ironwood Tree:
    A really, really big tree. It does not spawn anywhere naturally but you can grow it yourself.
    Sapling recipe: one redwood sapling, one great oak sapling, one beech sapling, one canopy tree sapling, and one block of iron.
    STAND BACK as far as you can when using bonemeal or you could suffocate in the trunk.

    Small Plants:
    You can find all sorts of small plants around the world. They all have a use (most can be crafted into colored dyes) and can also be planted for decoration. To farm or grow more small plants, use bonemeal on one plant and it will create a few more plants of the same type around it if there is space on grass blocks nearby.

    Left to Right: Yellow Planks, White Planks, Grey Planks, Red Planks, Blue Flower, Leafy Fern, White Flower, Cattail, Lavender, Raspberry Bush, Blueberry Bush, Thornbush, Cotton

    Community (pictures, videos, etc):

    If you have made a video, taken a picture, or done something cool with Highlands, feel free to tell me and it will be featured here.

    Mod Compatiblity:

    Many people had questions about how to get this to work with other popular mods. I have step by step instructions for a few other mods. If you want a particular mod added to this list, let me know.Highlands should be compatible with most mods that use Forge. Those that add biomes, mobs, ore generation, world types, or custom colors might not work correctly. When in doubt, try it out (but back up your worlds first!).

    Huge thank-you to Sadris for adding API support for Forestry, Thaumcraft, and MineFactory Reloaded!

    Known Compatible Mods:

    Alternate Terrain Generation (ATG):
    Not supported in this version of Highlands. Entire ATG compatibility code needs rewriting from scratch.

    Biomes o' Plenty:
    Highlands uses biome ID's 200 – 244 by default, which now will not conflict with the default biome IDs for Biomes o' Plenty. A config option in Highlands allows BoP biomes to fully generate in Highlands world types.

    Mo' Creatures:

    MineFactory Reloaded
    In theory now works, however not able to test until MFR (and COFH core it depends on) are released in some form. At this time both

    Questions and Answers

    Q: Where is the settings file?
    A: it is located in .minecraft/config/Highlands and is named Highlands.cfg

    Q: How do you install Forge / Where do you get Forge?
    A: Use the latest recommended build on the Forge downloads page http://files.minecraftforge.net/. There are numerous tutorials out there for installing Forge. Google is your friend.

    Q: Why am I not getting any of the biomes?
    A: You need to create a world with the Highlands or Highlands Large Biomes world type.

    Q: How do I grow the trees? / I planted the sapling but it's not growing?
    A: read the “trees” section here. It has recipes for all of the saplings. Then, place the sapling in the world and use bonemeal or wait for the tree to grow (larger trees will require less bonemeal the longer you wait, but won't grow unless you use bonemeal on them to finish the process).

    Q: I have an idea for a new biome! (or tree, sub-biome, or whatever)
    A: Please post your idea here! All ideas are welcome but not all will be implemented.

    Q: Why doesn't “Use Highlands Mod biomes in default worlds” in the settings do anything ?
    A: Not available in the 1.7.2 Highlands, due to major changes made to Minecraft Biome generation itself.

    To Install:

    You must have Forge installed first. Download this mod with the link above and place the zip file in the "mods" folder. Highlands will generate a settings file the first time you run Minecraft. If you get an error, please post your crash report and a list of the mods you have installed. Use Spoiler tags.

    Source / API

    API (for modders! Don't download this if you don't know what an API is) Highlands API

    The Highlands API is basically just a list of all the biomes and blocks in the mod, so you can reference them for things including but not limited to using the blocks in crafting recipes or making mobs, ores, or features spawn in the biomes. There are a few methods to make it easier to add mobs to biomes as well.

    SOURCE (github): https://github.com/f...tor77/Highlands

    Change Log:

    Rewrite/update for 1.7.2
    Lots of fixes to various things that were broken/missing/crash prone.
    Supports Too Many Biomes villages.
    Biomes can be disabled by setting biomeID to -1, instead of having 50% more config settings.
    New, unused block of biomeIDs, so far less likely to need to fiddle with the config.

    Old Downloads:

    See 1.6.4 thread for downloads for previous versions of Minecraft

    Legal stuff

    I’m not going to try to sound fancy here, I’ll just get this over with.

    Please don't place the mod’s files anywhere else on the internet.

    Please don't make money off of this mod. This includes adfly, even if it is part of a modpack.

    The Highlands API is exempt from the above rules. If you are using the API, you can redistribute it with your mod, your mod can use adfly if you want.

    You are welcome to use this mod in a modpack. Please give credit by linking back to this thread.

    You are welcome to create servers that use this mod, and to use this mod to create worlds to use in a server, even if the server doesn't have this mod loaded.

    You are welcome to post screenshots and videos of this mod.

    You are welcome to create edited versions of the texture files for texture packs.

    You are welcome to post links to this page anywhere.

    You are welcome to edit the mod for personal use, and to make pull requests on the github.

    Copy this code to your signature to get the 1st banner above:

     <img src='http://i.imgur.com/ZDL6tX7.png' /><br>

    Copy this code to your signature to get the 2nd banner above (thank you Archibald_TK for designing this banner):

     <a href="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2729195-highlands-22/"><img src='http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/162/4/a/minecraft_highlands_mod_banner_by_archibald_tk-d68m0ct.png' /></a><br>

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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]
    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    183 errors in the compiler
    183 errors in the mod
    solve one error, recompile
    258 errors in the compiler


    Nope, it's mostly just things that are renamed, altered in function.

    Down to 18 errors now.

    Odds are it won't work properly once all the errors are fixed, But i'll deal with that when I get into testing.

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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]

    Started porting Highlands over to 1.8, get all the code in 1.7.x that isn't being worked on anyway updated.

    So far the only issue I've found is Provider.terrainType is private (cannot be read) and the code relies on it being accessible. I'll either get the forge team to patch that out, or write a core mod to fix it myself.

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    Robijnvogel, I do have most of those mods installed (exccept for ATG and ExtraBiomes), without conflicts in biome IDs. Not really able to look at all my config files right now.

    However, general advice.
    1. Use Highlands as the world type, it does work properly with BoP, Twilight Forest, Buildcraft
    2. While I went to a lot of trouble to avoid Highlands having biome ID conflcts with other mods, they sometimes conflict with each other. Somewhere I wrote a cheat sheet of who's using what as defaults.
    3. Highlands *should* have ATG support, but it's removed/broken/disabled, as last I looked ATG was being rewritten.
    4. I'm working on getting ExtraBiomesXL and Thaumcraft biomes working at the moment. So far it just detects them, at least a few days to finish the rest.
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    Yeah, at a basic level Mojang made biome generation even more complex in 1.7.
    It's a hybrid of the worst of Notch and Jeb code, and lives in about 10 separate files.

    I can no longer replace with default world type, it's read only and coded in a way that there is no work around.
    So that just leaves making a custom world type, and rewriting a lot of files.

    What Highlands does, is have a dictionary of biomes, and what each of them are (actually the list is in Multiworld API, so I can use it in my other mods).
    So for any biome it has what type it is, what sort of river, beach, edge, sub biomes etc go with it. The code then uses that data accordingly.

    Mojong do none of those things, its all hard coded,tons of if statements, odd things like rareBiome = biome + 128.
    Not only not mod friendly (just try adding a custom river biome), but it's a nightmare to understand, here's an example:
    else if (k1 == 2)

    So this k1 is the biomeID, and 2 is the hard coded value for desert. Want to generate a world without the vanilla desert, tough.
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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]
    Highlands 2.2.3 released, the funny widget hasn't updated yet, so here's the direct link to the Curse project page.

    Special thanks to bonnyvonscotty for helping me test it.

    I'll add code to detect Thaumcraft biomes in the next release, as I want to make it fool proof in case Azanor changes things around again. It would also need longer testing, and I wanted to release an update before the weekend.
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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]
    Yeah, from what Azanor said (and also what's in the code) Taint Biomes replace Plains type biomes, and Magical Forest biomes replace any type of Forest. That part shouldn't be hard to do, I did want to experiment with making the two Thaumcraft biomes smaller (as they should be), I think adding them as Sub biomes to all suitable existing biomes should do the job.
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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]
    For the record the reason I didn't reply to Ted80's PM, is I don't trust him (sorry).
    It's a long story, but involves the mass deletion of content and features from BoP simply to avoid updating it, including code I had only recently rewritten. When I asked for permission to use the deleted code I wrote, as a separate mod I was abused by the current team and totally ignored by Ted.

    Suffice to say, if I could have found a mod programmer with the skills and dedication to take over Highlands I would have.

    Ahem, as for the Highlands mod itself, I probably fixed the Cold Beach bug months ago. Just was so fed up with Minecraft at the time I didn't spend the 2-3 days needed to properly test it. Having one of my hard drives almost cark it before I could copy everything off didn't help.
    Heck I don't even play the game, was hanging on for RedPower 2 for 1.7.x, which as we all know will never happen.

    The 3rd party mod biomes is the problem to deal with after I'm sure I've fixed the biome layer bugs. As the extra Forge methods were only added half way through 1.7.10, so I'd have to create an entire extra dev environment for that, and seperate 1.7.10 release.

    As for the multiworld API, it's a Forge design flaw that prevents me releasing that. It's not easy to distribute these API packages, you need a SVN server to host the files, if you ever want it working in Eclipse, even for me.

    If anyone, including Ted80, wants to help, simply find me a proper beta tester. Simply test the mod and tell me if it works y/n, what seeds you used, what coords etc. The last person that offered to do this went AWOL, without doing anything.
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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]
    Highlands version 2.2.2 is available.
    • Implement biome weighting, see BiomeWeighting.cfg. Note 10 is the default value, smaller values are less rare, larger values are more common.
    • Properly implement biome shores, needed a rewrite for some reason.
    • Fixed duplicated saplings in creative tab.
    Probably some other fixes I've long since forgotten about.

    Quote from Archibald_TK»
    Something that I noticed but forgot to report. In the Highlands creative tab, every sapling seems to be present multiple times, I think there is one sapling for each metadata.

    Fixed in 2.2.2

    I've noticed this too and it's infuriating. I think I'm going to switch completely to Highlands. Biomes are just more well made and interesting than BoP.

    Favorite biome of all time is Woodland Mountains and I'm not the only person that agrees. I played a 1.6.4 version of Highlands awhile back that would generate woodland mountains all the way to 256 which was amazing. Any Idea how I could get those to generate again?

    Also is there a way to generate Highlands biomes with the AMPLIFIED world type? I think I would simply explode from happiness if that could be done.

    Fabricator77, I'd send some donations your way to buy you some coffee If you could do either of the things I talked about above. <3

    The heights of Woodlands Mountains was toned down on the advice of sdj64 and also to try and fix lag issues when generating this biome. Since then I've found and fixed a bug in the tree generation that was specific to this biome.

    Not sure if Amplified or an "extreme" config option is the best way to go about this.
    Leaning towards Amplified world type as it would be easier for server owners and to implement generally.

    I don't drink coffee btw, staying awake is never a problem for me, it's other issues to prevent me from concentrating 100% on things. Any donations through my Patreon account would be appreciated.

    Quote from klw»
    So I've heard, but when I logged into a forest all of the "big trees" from Highlands had no leaves. There were also number of trees that were right next to each other. ie: Birch trunk diagonal from birch trunk. It was the only biome mod installed--other mods that add trees in my personal pack are Forestry, Witchery, MFR, and Natura.

    I have the feeling this is something I fixed, try the new version and see.
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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]
    New version finally released.

    2.2.1 changelog:
    Adds support for Biomes o' Plenty biomes in Highlands worldtype, disabled by default.
    Thaumcraft and Buildcraft oil biomes now generate correctly in highlands.
    Rewrite of biome layer system, to support other biome mods, and future biome weighting configs.
    Fix rare crash with Woodlands mountains biome.
    Updates to Russian and German translations.
    new Chinese translation.
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