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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    183 errors in the compiler
    183 errors in the mod
    solve one error, recompile
    258 errors in the compiler


    Nope, it's mostly just things that are renamed, altered in function.

    Down to 18 errors now.

    Odds are it won't work properly once all the errors are fixed, But i'll deal with that when I get into testing.

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    Quote from asianhalfsquat»

    I created a cinematic for this mod about two years ago. The quality isn't great, however if you like it... well... here it is :P

    Don't put yourself down, it's far better than some of the "reviews" people have made for Highlands.

    Thank you for actually finding the different biomes, and recording them to video. OK so I've changed some of them, Outback has red sand now for instance, but it's still good.

    Oh and 1.8 Highlands is down to 183 compiler errors now.

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    Odinsembrace32 you have 150 mods, you don't really expect me to troubleshoot all that ?
    Please make an effort to actually figure out which mod isn't loading.

    Geethebluesky not sure about fixing issues in 1.7.10, especially those that involve other mods. I'd like to finish getting 1.8 to compile first.

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    Started porting Highlands over to 1.8, get all the code in 1.7.x that isn't being worked on anyway updated.

    So far the only issue I've found is Provider.terrainType is private (cannot be read) and the code relies on it being accessible. I'll either get the forge team to patch that out, or write a core mod to fix it myself.

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    Robijnvogel, I do have most of those mods installed (exccept for ATG and ExtraBiomes), without conflicts in biome IDs. Not really able to look at all my config files right now.

    However, general advice.
    1. Use Highlands as the world type, it does work properly with BoP, Twilight Forest, Buildcraft
    2. While I went to a lot of trouble to avoid Highlands having biome ID conflcts with other mods, they sometimes conflict with each other. Somewhere I wrote a cheat sheet of who's using what as defaults.
    3. Highlands *should* have ATG support, but it's removed/broken/disabled, as last I looked ATG was being rewritten.
    4. I'm working on getting ExtraBiomesXL and Thaumcraft biomes working at the moment. So far it just detects them, at least a few days to finish the rest.
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    Yeah, at a basic level Mojang made biome generation even more complex in 1.7.
    It's a hybrid of the worst of Notch and Jeb code, and lives in about 10 separate files.

    I can no longer replace with default world type, it's read only and coded in a way that there is no work around.
    So that just leaves making a custom world type, and rewriting a lot of files.

    What Highlands does, is have a dictionary of biomes, and what each of them are (actually the list is in Multiworld API, so I can use it in my other mods).
    So for any biome it has what type it is, what sort of river, beach, edge, sub biomes etc go with it. The code then uses that data accordingly.

    Mojong do none of those things, its all hard coded,tons of if statements, odd things like rareBiome = biome + 128.
    Not only not mod friendly (just try adding a custom river biome), but it's a nightmare to understand, here's an example:
    else if (k1 == 2)

    So this k1 is the biomeID, and 2 is the hard coded value for desert. Want to generate a world without the vanilla desert, tough.
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    Highlands 2.2.3 released, the funny widget hasn't updated yet, so here's the direct link to the Curse project page.

    Special thanks to bonnyvonscotty for helping me test it.

    I'll add code to detect Thaumcraft biomes in the next release, as I want to make it fool proof in case Azanor changes things around again. It would also need longer testing, and I wanted to release an update before the weekend.
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    Yeah, from what Azanor said (and also what's in the code) Taint Biomes replace Plains type biomes, and Magical Forest biomes replace any type of Forest. That part shouldn't be hard to do, I did want to experiment with making the two Thaumcraft biomes smaller (as they should be), I think adding them as Sub biomes to all suitable existing biomes should do the job.
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    Quote from KuroNeko87»
    Fab, we've been waiting for a proper version for 1.7.10, you, as you just said, went MIA. At least ted offered to help those of us wanting Highlands. :)

    PS: you don't need permission to use the Thaumcraft, MFR, or Forestry API's, At least it doesn't say so in their pages.

    No I said my beta tester is MIA, I need someone to take his place before I can release the update I have. People in this thread complain so much if there is a single bug, that I'm not going to release unless someone else tests it first. The less testing I have to do myself, to more time I can spend actual modding.

    I had to specificity ask for the MFR API, it wasn't going to be released early, still had to wait 3 weeks for it. Thaumcraft I actually have permission to decompile, as needed for one of my other mods. Forestry I asked for the API to use an easier method to register things. Just because the APIs are public, doesn't mean they always were.
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    Quote from ted80next
    2. do you guys like the custom blocks a lot? is it worth keeping them? (because it's a lot of work to keep them compatible with all those other mods)

    Wow, delete happy much ?
    It's just the APIs for Thaumcraft, MFR, Forestry all you do is import them.
    Oh by the way I did ask for permission to use those APIs, unlike some.
    Guess what, the Multiworld API is copyrighted, and not open source. You're in a lot of hot water already.
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    For the record the reason I didn't reply to Ted80's PM, is I don't trust him (sorry).
    It's a long story, but involves the mass deletion of content and features from BoP simply to avoid updating it, including code I had only recently rewritten. When I asked for permission to use the deleted code I wrote, as a separate mod I was abused by the current team and totally ignored by Ted.

    Suffice to say, if I could have found a mod programmer with the skills and dedication to take over Highlands I would have.

    Ahem, as for the Highlands mod itself, I probably fixed the Cold Beach bug months ago. Just was so fed up with Minecraft at the time I didn't spend the 2-3 days needed to properly test it. Having one of my hard drives almost cark it before I could copy everything off didn't help.
    Heck I don't even play the game, was hanging on for RedPower 2 for 1.7.x, which as we all know will never happen.

    The 3rd party mod biomes is the problem to deal with after I'm sure I've fixed the biome layer bugs. As the extra Forge methods were only added half way through 1.7.10, so I'd have to create an entire extra dev environment for that, and seperate 1.7.10 release.

    As for the multiworld API, it's a Forge design flaw that prevents me releasing that. It's not easy to distribute these API packages, you need a SVN server to host the files, if you ever want it working in Eclipse, even for me.

    If anyone, including Ted80, wants to help, simply find me a proper beta tester. Simply test the mod and tell me if it works y/n, what seeds you used, what coords etc. The last person that offered to do this went AWOL, without doing anything.
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    Quote from Reassembly»

    ...I'm not so sure about that. For example, Biomes O'Plenty integrates Thaumcraft's Magical Forest/Tainted biomes into worldgen just fine.

    I'm not familiar enough with Forge to know exactly what's going on, but it almost looks like Biomes O'Plenty registers its biomes through Forge, then re-fetches available biomes to do its worldgen (in the process, fetching any biomes added by other mods), whereas Highlands appears to create its own internally-maintained biome list and then does a one-time fetch of biomes into that list (which might miss biomes registered after Highlands.postInit() executes). (At least, that's what the code looks like it's doing. I could easily be wrong about this, too.)

    I suspect that fixing this would be non-trivial....waitaminutewaitaminute.

    Highlands might not be reading Forge's biome dictionary at all. The Vanilla biomes are hardcoded into the biomeregistry.AdvancedBiomeRegistry class, and BOP support is done through hardcoding in biomeregistry.BOPBiomesSupport class. BiomeManager.BiomeEntry is being used as a type, but no methods of BiomeManager are being called by Highlands to actually fetch existing biomes. Support for biomes from other mods appears to be completely hardcoded.

    Done on purpose, as BiomeDictionary/BiomeManager does not deal correctly with:
    1. River/Island/Edge biomes.
    2. Sub biomes.
    3. Biome weighting, BoP has it's own code bolted on top, but that only works with it's own biomes.
    However Thaumcraft biomes have always gone through a Forge GenLayer event, which would appear to have gone wrong now.

    The same system is also used for Buildcraft Oil field biomes. Anyone checked to see if those fail to generate as well ?

    Quote from Reassembly»

    Compare and contrast with BOP, which in its class extending GenLayerBiome, calls BiomeManager.desertBiomes, BiomeManager.warmBiomes, etc. etc., which would read any biomes added by other mods, and merges them with its own biome lists. Including Magical Forest and Tainted. Which it does. Unhampered by "problems with Forge".

    I suspect that fixing this would be non-trivial will require a complete structural rewrite of Highlands's biome-handling code. (Not a demand, just an observation. I couldn't have built something like Highlands myself.)

    The biome code was completely rewritten, trust me this way is better.
    For instance, was no support at all for biome weighting in the old system, especially for biomes added by other mods/vanilla minecraft.

    It's trivial to add a specific block of code to generate the Thaumcraft biomes correctly, they replace sections of plains/forest biomes. I know full well how it works, as I did ask Azanor to use BC's oil biome code, as the code he was using broke some other mods.

    I do plan to add code to find any "missing" biomes, I only got as far as decoding class path names to figure out which mod provided the biome. Next step is to filter that to ignore things like Twilight Forest biomes.
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    posted a message on [Forge] Highlands 2.2.3 [updated February 19]
    Highlands version 2.2.2 is available.
    • Implement biome weighting, see BiomeWeighting.cfg. Note 10 is the default value, smaller values are less rare, larger values are more common.
    • Properly implement biome shores, needed a rewrite for some reason.
    • Fixed duplicated saplings in creative tab.
    Probably some other fixes I've long since forgotten about.

    Quote from Archibald_TK»
    Something that I noticed but forgot to report. In the Highlands creative tab, every sapling seems to be present multiple times, I think there is one sapling for each metadata.

    Fixed in 2.2.2

    I've noticed this too and it's infuriating. I think I'm going to switch completely to Highlands. Biomes are just more well made and interesting than BoP.

    Favorite biome of all time is Woodland Mountains and I'm not the only person that agrees. I played a 1.6.4 version of Highlands awhile back that would generate woodland mountains all the way to 256 which was amazing. Any Idea how I could get those to generate again?

    Also is there a way to generate Highlands biomes with the AMPLIFIED world type? I think I would simply explode from happiness if that could be done.

    Fabricator77, I'd send some donations your way to buy you some coffee If you could do either of the things I talked about above. <3

    The heights of Woodlands Mountains was toned down on the advice of sdj64 and also to try and fix lag issues when generating this biome. Since then I've found and fixed a bug in the tree generation that was specific to this biome.

    Not sure if Amplified or an "extreme" config option is the best way to go about this.
    Leaning towards Amplified world type as it would be easier for server owners and to implement generally.

    I don't drink coffee btw, staying awake is never a problem for me, it's other issues to prevent me from concentrating 100% on things. Any donations through my Patreon account would be appreciated.

    Quote from klw»
    So I've heard, but when I logged into a forest all of the "big trees" from Highlands had no leaves. There were also number of trees that were right next to each other. ie: Birch trunk diagonal from birch trunk. It was the only biome mod installed--other mods that add trees in my personal pack are Forestry, Witchery, MFR, and Natura.

    I have the feeling this is something I fixed, try the new version and see.
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    Quote from Zeno410»

    I'm sure Fabricator will fix Thaumcraft biomes in Highlands, but in the meantime Climate Control can do it:

    Really, it was fixed in 2.2.1, I tested it extensively.

    Consider yourself banned from posting in this thread, it's clear your only here sell your own mod, at the expensive of Highlands.
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    @glittersusanne No idea the only Mac I have is ancient and doesn't run MC anyway.Whatever your problem is due to the Mac deleting the Jar file, do some research about that in general.

    All I can help is to note this mod is compiled against Java 1.7, which could be the issue.

    LOL do you want me to cut the Swiss Alps down as well ?
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