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    Quote from FlazeOfAges >>

    RWIII is definitely on its way, but don't expect it very soon!

    Surely half a decade isn't too long to wait ;) Hey guys, this is dubfl0w (new account).

    Firstly, I've read back through this thread and I want to apologize for my sudden disappearance near the end there. It's been so long that I don't remember why I disappeared. Massive appreciation to flaze, fz, and other judges for pulling it through to the end, and congratulations to Jmal for winning!

    Secondly... Redstone Wars III is here.

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    Hello redstone builders!

    I'm starting a redstone tournament, and anybody is invited to join! It's a continuation of a series of competitions I started several years ago here on the Minecraft forums known as Redstone Wars.

    Edit: This competition has already begun. If you'd like to spectate on the action and/or chat with us, join the discord server linked below!

    Promo Video!

    Sign ups are CLOSED.

    The competition began on June 14, 2020.

    How the Tournament Works:

    The tournament is hosted online. Communications will take place through this thread, email, and (optionally) Discord.

    The Redstone Wars is a series of timed building challenges, in which two builders are given a problem description and 3 days to build a redstone contraption that solves it. The challenges span a wide range of redstone topics, from logic puzzles to command block wizardry to practical machines. Each challenge is unique and created by a team of judges, who will also rate each solution and choose a winner.

    A challenge may have restrictions, like "no command blocks" or "must fit within a 20x20x20 block volume." There is also usually some particular attribute to optimize, like resource requirements, size, speed, etc. This objective is different for every match and will test competitors' flexibility.

    Check out the threads for the first and second Redstone Wars Tournaments to see challenge examples!

    The tournament will use a standard double-elimination style bracket. A few "seeding rounds" will take place, in which everyone competes, and the results will determine the bracket. Then the one-on-one matches will begin, eliminating players until one winner remains!

    Update 6/13/2020:
    Instead of a tournament, the competition will be a series of 12 all-vs-all challenges. Each challenge will be scored by the judges, and a player's scores will be summed into a final score.


    1) Contraptions should be built in singleplayer and submitted via email in the form of a world download. Do not show your submission to anybody except the judges until the match is over. After a match, submissions will be publicly posted for anyone to download.

    2) Do not discuss challenges with anyone else until they are over. Contraptions must be built without outside assistance. Looking up information online is okay, but describing the challenge and asking for help is not. Receiving help from other competitors is also prohibited. If caught doing this, it is considered cheating and may result in disqualification.

    3) You may use any means available to construct your machine. The use of external tools, mods, bugs, or other means are all allowed. However, the machine must function in vanilla Minecraft of the required version (this will always be specified).

    4) All parts of your machine should be easily visible above ground. This makes judging easier. Also, if you feel it will help the judges understand your machine, you may use signs to label components or provide comments.

    5) Try to minimize the lag created by your machine. This also makes judging easier for those of us who don't have Radeons.

    6) Be a good sport! This competition has no prize and is only meant for fun. Be kind to your fellow competitors and congratulate them on their successes. The judge team reserves the right to eject competitors exhibiting rude or unsportsmanlike behavior from the tournament.


    Forum threads for previous tournaments:
    Redstone Wars Tournament I
    Redstone Wars Tournament II

    Join the RWT Discord server!

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    dubfl0w from the future here with a new account. Was looking through the old threads for Redstone Wars and stumbled upon this... Holy cow was I a total jerk D: So sorry about that!! 15 year old me was the type of person I'd cross the street to avoid...

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