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    Hello everybody.

    In Minecraft 1.16 Custom Worlds has been implemented back using .json files, but I can't find anyone talking about custom ore generation being added...

    Was this feature added back too? If the answer is 'yes', how can I use those settings?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello, everyone.

    I set a radius of 300 blocks for the world spawn.

    I want players never spawn above 54 blocks high.

    How do I define it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on How to avoid players going above a delimited high?
    Quote from Megacrafter107»

    This might now be the easiest way but it certainly works. Create a scoreboard objective:

    /scoreboard objectives add y dummy

    then place down a repeating command block (set to always active) with this command in it:

    execute as @a store result score @s y run data get entity @s Pos[1]

    and place down a chain command block (also set to always active and unconditional) with this command in it:

    execute as @a[scores={y=65..}] at @s run tp @s ~ ~-1 ~

    I've included a screenshot for the command block layout.


    I'm so happy it has worked :D

    I'm trying to play with my friends in a world in which we can't go out of the underworld. It's a challenge.

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    posted a message on How to avoid players going above a delimited high?

    There is a way I can avoid the players going above layer 64?

    Here's a pseudo-code describing what I want to do:

    if ( player.y > 64 ) { player.y = 64 }

    Thank you in advance.

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    posted a message on Better Pillagers

    Although we have different tastes, I absolutely agree with your views about Minecraft.

    And that's why I think Mojang could implement more game options.

    This way everybody will be pleased.

    This discussion was good.

    Thank you, guy.

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    Bedrock edition doesn't give you that option, so you need to think about this.

    and I refuse to play Java version just to avoid unwanted changes, bedrock edition has become my favourite because it runs better and I don't want lag when I start using redstone contraptions, neither do the friends who play on my server.


    Oh, I didn't know that... Well. I think Mojang should implement it.


    I'm just pointing out that suggestions like them being able to destroy things opens a can of worms and has the potential to make the game more trouble than it's worth for a lot of people. Not everyone is going to agree with that, and I believe should it ever become a thing, it should become a world type or hardcore mode, that way people are given options and can still play vanilla Minecraft with monsters and have the option to prevent builds being ruined so long as they remembered to use lighting, half slabs or glass.

    And about the destruction to the outer walls of villages, , how would you guarantee that it is only a defence wall being destroyed and not an actual house? the game doesn't have any built in way to recognize this, and even if it did, TNT when they explode, delete some blocks from existence, they don't just break apart things that are not obsidian, bedrock or water. Dirt and sand, while they are common, they're not renewable resources, once deleted they're gone and cannot be replaced without taking resources from somewhere else, which would mean ruined biomes eventually.

    Just the fact I'd be building a castle in survival mode, and copying the design I did in creative mode by memory and hand by using screenshots and no world editor, means I have reason to worry now that a few people are suggesting Mojang allow pillagers and the ravager beast destroy any block and not be preventable. I'm wondering if it is even worth my time trying because of this, because all it takes is one update to allow monsters to auto grief builds and I'm screwed. No support.


    I think Creeper is the most iconic mob in Minecraft because he destroys things while Steve builds things. This duality is very interesting and I think it should be explored carefully[/i][/b]...

    There is a slight difference between destruction and griefing.

    As I mentioned, I think pillagers could have a very limited amount of TNT what would avoid biome destruction.

    (by the way: I think explosions shouldn't delete blocks because it's annoying and make TNT very useless)

    About differentiating walls and houses:

    Pillager steals village chests.
    If the chest is blocked: look for a door and open it.
    If there is no door: use TNT.
    If there is no TNT available: looks for another chest.
    If all (or the majority of ) chests are blocked: attack villagers as punishment.
    If villagers are blocked: give up and go away.
    This way, you just should ponderate about building a house in a village, but outside it, your constructions would be ok.

    Maybe you don't know it, but Minecraft has a "village center marker" of something like it.

    It could be used to recognize if it's a village or not.

    I think TNTs should be rarer than I mentioned before... Something like a maximum of 1 to every 10 pillagers. This way, only great armies of pillagers could invade villages!

    Another idea: when you are creating the world you could choose between:

    - pillagers just attack villages
    - pillagers attack everywhere

    This way, my kind of player and your kind of player would be satisfied : )

    About other world gamemodes: I would appreciate if Mojang implements more of these! It would be very cool.

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    posted a message on Better Pillagers

    Final edit, this is exactly the reason why I made the suggestion whether or not people believe updates for Minecraft ought to stop in the future life of the game, to prevent game breaking suggestions like this being forced on players against their will. It's suggestions like this that would ultimately end up in the demise of the game if they became a reality.

    This isn't your job, this is a game. A game that is meant to cater to everyone, not just you.


    About it: Guy, I think you have seen weird people ultimately and are thinking I am one of them : P

    Egocentric people are flooding the internet... I understand your revolt...

    But I need to say that I'm not one of these people. I'm not trying to force Mojang to implement something just me will appreciate.

    I'm just sharing an idea for Mojang and the community analyze it and think if the majority of people would like this actualization!

    About your critics about actualizations: I understand your point, but I see different. I think actualizations help Minecraft to continue relevant. In addition, Minecraft launcher has the option to select which version you want to play, so you can choose the one you like more : )

    But I also think they should implement more world configurations (I would appreciate if I could remove baby zombies at creating my worlds, for example).

    Thank you for reading my thread and I'm sorry about any English misspellings : p

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    posted a message on Better Pillagers

    Hey. Easy, buddy.

    I mentioned a lot of ideas, not just stealing chests.

    I like the idea of losing my things and trying to find the place where pillagers hide it, but I comprehend and respect other people (like you) that think it's annoying.

    I think it could be corrected in a simple way: they just steal village chests.

    That's fix everything, you don't think so?

    About TNT: I didn't say they will explode players constructions. They will just explode walls that blocks they passage into the village. In addiction, I think it's important that they have limited TNTs (max: 1 TNT for every 5 pillagers) to avoid stupid griefing.

    What do you think about it?

    I would appreciate read your opinion about my other ideas too : )

    If you have time, watch it:

    (I'm sorry about my English, again)

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    posted a message on Better Pillagers

    Hello, everybody.

    Well, the pillager update was a disappointment to me. It's buggy, unbalanced, boring and rough...

    A lot of times pillagers spawned inside my village (which I build a wall) in the raid or not raid context.

    Pillagers are stupid. They shoot themselves, approaches the player to shoot with crossbows (???) and has no strategy concept.

    It gets worse when you realize pillagers seem more like a great empire (which has "invisible cities") than pillagers.

    The recycling of old mobs (witches, evokers, illagers, etc) was a great mistake because it made the raids really unbalanced and worse: boring!

    The evoker and the illager are cool in the mansion context because it's a creepy place. But at the camp, they don't work!

    An old mistake was to make witches spawn in any place besides only at witches houses, and now in raid context...

    I'm sorry, but Mojang looks like being lazy or something...

    There is my suggestion:

    Firstly - Villagers:
    Villagers work on fields, rivers, little mines and woods.
    Villagers don't need to break blocks, but they do animations that give the impression they are working.
    At the end of the day, villagers come back home and put randomly generated items (like coal, iron, fish and wheat - according to their jobs) in their chests.
    Villagers will hate players who steal a chest and iron golems will kill them.
    Villagers like cartograph and blacksmith will catch the chest content to make items which players can buy with iron and gold nuggets (please, remove emerald trade) or bartering items.

    Two types of pillagers: crossbow and ax (I'm not talking about illagers. You guys need to create a new mob that works balanced!).
    Pillagers spawn in groups of 6-20 at a region which has no player structures (or something like this to avoid annoying spawns like the one I mentioned later).
    Pillagers will look for chests and barrels at villagers or players houses, steal its contents and bring it to hiding barrels (buried, inside caves, etc).
    Pillagers kill farms to steal meat, wool, and leather.
    Pillagers sometimes kill one villager for their own rejoice and will try to kill any humanoid creature that approaches or attack them (zombies, skeletons, etc will attack pillagers that can become zombies).
    Pillagers have simple strategies:
    Crossbows behind axes OR axes around crossbows.
    Crossbows will look for high places and axes will try to corner enemies and protect crossbows.
    Crossbows will cover axes.
    The pillagers will try to stay next to each other.
    Every time a creature kills a pillager, every pillager gets a fear effect that gives 5% chances of the pillager runs away.
    If a pillager runs away, every pillager gets one more fear effect.
    This effect is accumulative to a maximum of 95%.
    In running, they can split themselves and/or become to smaller groups.

    If two groups of pillagers met, they will group up.
    If a player builds a wall around a village, pillagers will explode it with a TNT.
    If there is a bell in the village, the villagers will ring it when pillagers are coming.
    (another siege mechanics could be cool to implement)
    Pillagers can open doors (goddammit).

    I think it will be cool if when you save villagers a lot of times, they consider you their feudal lord and starts to work for you.

    Well. That's my opinion. What do you think about it?

    Imagine the adventures it will bring to the game!

    Imagine you looking for pillagers that run away from you to the forest.

    Imagine you catching a pillager that furtively entered in your house.


    Upvote so Mojang can see it.

    (I'm sorry about my English)

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