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    posted a message on GotoLink updates: Formivore's options (2015/08/01)...
    Quote from BeetoGuy»

    I've been a big fan of Level Up! since its introduction in Beta 1.8.1,
    and I was wondering if you would be okay with me carrying the torch from
    1.9.4 onward. It's already updated for personal use on my end, and I
    have begun taking steps towards future-proofing it for the 1.11 update,
    but I figured I should clear it with you before trying to distribute.
    Would you be okay with it going on CurseForge, in the event you would be
    willing to pass it on?

    Well the license on the first page kind of answers this question for you.

    As most work shown here are only continuation of older projects, they
    come under the previous license their respective owner choose to use.

    In case such license is not explicit enough or not considered valid, I
    grant myself the right to put said work under this perfectly explicit
    and valid license:

    Copyright © 2013-2015 GotoLink

    This program is free software.
    It comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law.
    You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the WTFPL, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar.
    See http://www.wtfpl.net/ for more details.
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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - The lost

    Glad to see the mod make a return. I was wondering if you could restore some old features that where in the older builds of the mod that never got ported over? The first is the dark sky that was an optional effect that could be enabled. This effect can be used to help make the day zombies feel more natural and add immersion to the world. Next the return of the wasteland desert biome. This was a feature that also got removed making it a bit too much of a grind to get sand. The only way to get sand in the previous versions was to keep hunting down pools, or add a mod that converted blocks into sand. The last feature is the return of the ultra rare oasis biome. It was a very small area of about 4x4 blocks that had a single block of water with grass blocks around it. This was the only way to get grass, and eventually saplings, seeds, flowers, and sugar cane. The reason it only spawned in wasteland deserts was to keep the grass from naturally spreading on it's own. From what I read in older builds of the mod was that the oasis was coded to be so rare that eventually minecraft would never spawn the biome. I do hope that all features can get restored so that way the mod can finally be played as intended.

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    posted a message on Getting the ID for a block that is not directly selectable in 1.8.9

    I hope the information I'm about to give is still useful to you. You can use a combination of a mod and a vanilla key command feature to find the ids you want. The mod is called Just Enough Items it works just like NEI but lacks some features. Once it's installed and you are in game press F3+H this will not only show item durability but also block and item ids. Now you can look in JEI and find the ids you are looking for.

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    posted a message on Radiation Mod Request

    I'm looking for someone to make a mod that works much like the Fallout Rad system. The reason for this is that I've been working on a wasteland survival style mod pack but it's missing one thing the Fallout Rad system.

    Here is what the mod needs to have:

    A tool tip for Rads on all foods even those from other mods.

    Rad levels on the foods are difficulty based. So Peaceful = 0 Rads, Easy = 3 Rads, Normal = 5 Rads, Hard/Hardcore = 10 Rads.

    A HUD display for Rad levels this doesn't have to be fancy so using text and having the numbers change color from white to red to indicate danger level is fine.

    Debuffs are to be added after a set point has been reached and is based on difficulty Easy = 100 Normal = 50 Hard/Hardcore = 25 after five levels have been reached the player will instantly die.

    Players can craft or find Rad Away in chests. It is used to instantly remove Rads by 50. It should be shapeless and use water bottle golden carrot, golden apple, and glistering melon. Expensive yes but it is a balance for it instantly removing 50 Rads on all difficulties.

    Finally another new item a Food Sanitizer. This item when crafted with any food will cut the Rads in half. Allowing the player to safely eat foods easier in the late game. Crafting should also be some what expensive tho I'm not sure what the crafting of it should be to do so.

    Any other ideas to be added to it later on are welcomed just so long as the basics are in place. If anyone can get this done I would be highly thankful as I'm in no way a coder nor do I have any idea of how make a mod like this myself. I've asked around in the past but no one was willing to make it. I've only been told that the core mod AppleCore used for Spice of Life and Hunger Overhaul can be make it easier to code. So I guess that might be of some help for someone that is reading this and wants to give it a shot.

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    posted a message on PowerCrystals' mods - MineFactoryReloaded, PowerCrystalsCore, and NetherOres updated! - MFR 2.7.9 released

    Every time I update MFR to a new build I've been getting the same crash error. Here is the report: http://pastebin.com/704JfEt9

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    posted a message on LiteLoader
    Quote from MoonCutter2B»


    I'm trying to use the CurseVoice client. It has its own way of handling stuff, e.g. mods in MC.

    Works great for normal forge mods but LiteLoader and Optifine not so much.

    Have anone managed to get CurseClient + Froge + LiteLoader to work?

    (Without the CurseClient its no problem as far as I know).

    I have and it's not that hard really all you have to do is download the jar version of the liteloader installer. Open the installer jar using 7zip or Winrar and inside you will see another jar called Liteloader-1.7.10.jar. Extract that file and place it into the mods folder for the instance you have created on CurseVoice.

    If you don't know how to get to the mods folder simply right click on the instance image in the client and you will see a list on that list is Open Folder. Click on the Open Folder and a window will popup and you will be able to open the mods folder from there. Also note that Optifine can be installed the same way however Optifine doesn't need to be extracted. Instead you just put the Optifine.jar file into the mods folder and Forge will load it without any problems.

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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)
    Quote from Eruraion»

    Ya, that is something i mind...

    but while looking around i found a combination of mods that work. so the radioactive biome with the pools of toxic waste are now large lakes of it. then you can pump it out and put it through a buildcraft refinery to get water, the refinery recipe has changed to need some scrap bits only found in the city.

    its only going to take a few more hours of config work...

    You could always use minetweaker and it's addon modtweaker to add custom recipes. You could set it up so that cactus in the magma crucible outputs water. To get the cactus you can add it as chest loot or if you really want to add a small bit of grinding to it add in agricraft and use it's base mutation mechanics to get cactus seeds.

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    posted a message on [1.6.2/1.7.2, Forge 10] Stats, BlockSeeker [X-Ray], Waypoint Seeker, Linked Chest, XP Chest, Soul Tools

    Well for gokistats you can get an updated version by CI010 from the official Chinese minecraft forums here: Mcbbs

    Just got to the baidu link on the page to get to the downloads. Note you will have to click on RPG基础技能(gokiStats) to open the version folder then just click the version you want. Click the download button and type in the code you are given to start the download. Yes a 1.8 version is available for download. I just tested the 1.7.X version and it is working just fine for me.

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    posted a message on NeoTech - 1.8.9 Tech Mod *Updated 1/23/16*

    The Smelting of Logs, Cactus, and Lapis Ore have the wrong output NBT Data when smelting in the Electric Furnace. Instead of getting Charcoal, Green Dye, and Lapis they instead smelt into Coal and Ink Sack.

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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)

    I know that you must be very busy but I was just wondering if you had any plans of uploading the mod to Curse Forge? You see Curse released the new Curse Voice client that allows players to download not only mod packs but also mods, texture packs, and world saves right from the client making it easier to install mods. Also Curse is now allowing anyone to create mod packs for the client. As long as the mods are on Curse Forge. You see I wanted to update my old mod pack from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10 and allow it to be downloaded from Curse Voice. The only draw back is that this mod is not on the list nor is it on the list of approved third party mods. Anyways thanks for reading this and keep up the good work.

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    posted a message on JsonAbles! Time to Tinker!

    Very cool mod. I can't wait to see what the community can do with this mod and hopefully see some community made JSONs in the future to help make a complete material support list.

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    posted a message on Iguanas Tinker Tweaks
    Okay a friend of mine stumbled onto a bug when playing a modpack and I was also able to recreate it and tested it in full by just using Iguana tweaks 2.1.2 and Tinkers 1.8.2a with default settings. So here is the bug when you fully level a tool or weapon that is not ammo you add 3 more modifiers to the tool making it 6 in total you can then place ball of moss on that tool. Next you max out the rest with quartz blocks. Now replace any part of that tool with paper or thaumic. Now add more quartz. You will actually go past the cap to an almost unlimited point, It does cap over a very long time but reloading the game removes the cap and thus making the weapon/tool have unlimited upgrade-ability with sharpness. Here is a link to an image of said bug in action provided by my friend: http://i.imgur.com/QiLikIu.png

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    posted a message on JAMI - Just Advanced Mod Interaction (Updated: 19.04.2014)
    I was wondering if you had any plans to add support for the mod Underground Biomes Constructs. I would really love to use the blocks added in this mod in microblock form for some mega builds I'm currently working on.
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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)
    I like the changes so far but I would like to see some of the old features return in a new way. Adding in a dry ocean biome, and a wasteland desert. This will give players the ability to find sand. The dry ocean would just use the generation of the ocean floor where all you would find is sand. gravel, and dirt the wasteland desert would be void of all cactus. A nuclear winter style biome that has only snow and dead trees. Also an option to only generate a nuclear winter world in the config. You see in the original desert biomes and snow where something that could be found but as of the newer versions those kind of biomes no longer generated.

    The return of the very rare oasis type biomes.Two types would generate one with a small patch of grass, water, a single tree with leaves, tall grass, flowers and sugar cane. It would not be a guarantee that you would find all of this in a single oasis it would only be a random chance. A desert oasis that has water and cactus. An option to turn on an overcast looking sky color. This would make the day zombies make more sense as to why they can survive in the day. With this option on no mobs world burn in the day as well.

    The next thing would be an addon that would work well with the mod and help add to the challenge this could also just be a config option as well. I've always wanted to see the Fallout Rad System at work. Food, Water, and even mods that add uranium type ores would give the player Rads. A small hub meter would keep track of the Rads allowing players to see how close they are to getting bad potion effects. The number of Rads till you get bad effects can be changed in the config to make it easier or harder. This can also work with other mods like Enviromine and HungerOverhaul.

    Players could craft a Rad suite to help reduce Rads when in water or even when carrying uranium ores. A sanitizer and purifier could be used to reduce Rad levels on food and water bottles. Food and water would get a tool tip of sanitized or purified to prevent players from trying to remove more Rads. Rad Away can be used to remove some of the players Rads, and Rad-X can be used to reduce how much Rads you gain. Of course this can be completely configurable with a blacklist for items that won't give the player Rads when consumed. This could also add a new radioactive waste to generate on the surface and even radioactive areas.

    Anyways sorry for the long post keep up the good work and I hope that at least some of my ideas can be used to help improve this mod.
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    posted a message on (Request) Fallout Rad System

    I am working on a mod pack but it is missing one key feature and that is the Fallout Rad System. I am looking for a mod maker that is willing to create this mod not only for my pack but for anyone that wants to recreate the Fallout experience with the Rad system.


    Rad meter that will show the players Rad level.

    Food and Water Bottles have a Rad level. (Must be configurable)

    Swimming in water increases Rad level. (Must be configurable)

    Sanitizer an item that will reduce foods Rad level. Used by crafting only works on food once giving food the sanitized effect name.

    Purifier item that can reduce and even remove Rad level on water bottles. (Depending on water bottle's Rad level) Used by crafting and only used on a bottle of water once giving it the purified effect name.

    Rad-X an item that adds the effect of Rad Resistance for a limited time and will reduce how much Rads a play will gain.

    Rad Away an item that will remove Rads and can be upgraded to higher tiers for stronger Rad removal.

    Rad Resistance enchantment. Can be put on any armor and reduces how much Rads a player will gain from swimming in water.

    Hazmat Suite a special armor that has a low armor rating but high natural Rad Resistance enchantment.

    Must be compatible with other food mods. Like Natura, Harvestcraft, and Hunger Overhaul.

    Must also be compatible with Enviromine's Hydration system.

    Purified Water Bottle is an item that can restore thirst when Enviromine's Hydration is enabled and gives no Rads. (Can be crafted with clean water and purifier)

    Must be able to set default Rad levels based on difficulty and food's hunger filling levels. For example steak restores 4 so on easy will give 2 Rads half of what steak restores, normal 4 Rads same level as what steak restores, and hard 8 Rads double what steak restores.

    Option to blacklist food and water bottle types from the Rad system by item name. For example typing minecraft:golden_apple will remove it from the Rad system.

    Radiation Effects:

    The Rad meter should keep track of players Rad levels. As it goes up to a set (Config able) number a bad effect will be added to the player but can't be removed by milk. Only by using Rad Away will the effect go away if the Rad level is low enough.

    Example of effects and Rad levels

    0-50 no effect

    51-59 Mining Fatigue 1

    60-69 Mining Fatigue 2 Slowness 1

    70-79 Mining Fatigue 3 Slowness 2 Weakness 1

    80-89 Mining Fatigue 4 Slowness 3 Weakness 2

    90-99 Mining Fatigue 4 Slowness 3 Weakness 2 Poison 1

    100 Instant Death

    I know kind of a long list but I would really love to see this mod made. Please if anyone is willing to take on the task of making this mod let me know.

    EDIT: I'd also like to see if support for Thirst Mod by tarun1998 could be implements as an alternative to the thirst system in Enviromine.

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