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    Texture Unifierby exect3r.


    So you're feeling inspired and you feel like creating a resource pack by yourself. You copy the asset folder from minecraft and you start editing the blocks. But then you realize that you want to copy some patterns and colours from other blocks and you have to open several separate textures and it's just a pain in the buttocks to get the work done.

    But why open many separate textures when you can merge them all in one image that you can edit with ease? Texture Unifier allows you to do so and splits them back after you finish your work of art.

    How to use

    It's very simple to use Texture Unifier, just follow these steps:

    1. Select all the texture you want to merge (and don't launch the application just yet).1
    2. Drop them on the executable (the application).
    3. Wait until it tells you about the newly created image.
    4. Edit the newly created image (but DON'T CLOSE TEXTURE UNIFIER)
    5. Press any key in Texture Unifier to split the textures.
    6. Done.


    Texture Unifier (version stick-1.0) from Mediafire.

    .Net Framework 4.5 (required) from Microsoft.


    • I know that the UI might not be user-friendly. I might change it in the future.
    • If you encounter errors, please let me know with a screenshot of it.
    • I'll further develop this project if I get good responses of it.

    1 The application stores the merged textures into a .bmp image which has certain limits that you can't surpass. Please don't use big textures or way to many of them. (can handle aprox. 350 of 16x16s, Didn't test further)
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