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    I would like to suggest locomotion as a sub component of the 1.18 update, whatever it may be. Many tools for long distance travel have become mostly unused because there are faster, more convenient methods, like blue ice and nether shortcuts. I’m proposing improvements to horses, boats, and minecarts to make them more useful.

    For horses, add horseshoes that can be made of different materials and are enchantable. Shoes for speed, jumping, damage resistance, and moving through water would be the most useful. It would be nice to explore the countryside on a horse without having to get out a lead or build a bridge every time you come to a river. Enchantable horse armor for taking your horse through the nether would be nice, too. Give the horse knockback resistance so that ghasts can’t knock it into the lava without destroying the ground beneath it.

    For minecarts, make them capable of being used like small trains. Create an armored minecart that smashes mobs and certain breakable objects that it slams into. Restore powered minecarts, and make the type of fuel affect the speed of the minecart so that the fastest minecarts are almost as fast as boats on blue ice but a lot less tedious to use on a large scale. Give the ability to link minecarts to Bedrock, too, with one powered minecart able to move a set amount of carts.

    Boats would need improvement, too, but I can’t think of many ideas other than adding an iron boat that is more durable but sinks if it’s broken instead of floating like most objects on water. Maybe add a large boat that is slower but can haul larger mobs like horses and golems or large chests

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    This could go full circle if there is a record rarely found in underground villages that plays an instrumental version of Diggy Diggy Hole.

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