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    posted a message on Volcano Island Map
    Hello I recently discovered WorldPainter and have created a map that I think would be interesting to play on...
    It is a volcanic jungle island... It is not meant to be challenging or realistic...just something different from normal minecraft terrain generation. There is an ender portal (unopened) hidden on the island but it should not be too hard to find :)

    The map is populated by minecraft so there are ores and stuff...the hills/mountains surrounding the island are extremehills biome so they should contain emerald ores...though there are no villages on the island.

    Give it a try and post some feedback...i would love to hear how i could improve it and my worldpainter skills >.>


    Just something to look out for...there are lots of small pockets of underground water...
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    posted a message on Xbox 360 Problem
    well taking the thing apart voids all warranties so i hope you were not still under one :o
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    posted a message on I will make skins for free CLOSED FOR GOOD check out my gallery! Thats not closing!
    Hello I really like your skins and I think your style would really fit my request (if you decide to take it up)
    I am looking for a grim pirate monkey similar to the picture below:

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    posted a message on looking for a nice snowy place to build a village on

    You spawn on the island circled in yellow

    Just follow the direction the clouds move to get to the snowy areas

    edit: Followed the borders to see how big the biome is...

    and this is on 1.2.5 :o
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    posted a message on When did being nice become confused with creepy?
    Depends on the size of the community I think...

    I was travelling through Texas once and stayed at a motel in a little town. I went the local store there and it was small and the people were really nice. Everyone I met there was nice :) .

    I think people don't mind being rude to each other because they think they wont meet up again and so they don't care about any impressions they have on other people. I know my sisters are like this and they don't care about making scenes in public...I am the complete opposite lol...

    When you live in a small town and you see the same people all the time you're more likely to be a lot nicer to people :P

    People who get confused by nice strangers are the type of people who are not nice to strangers themselves...they don't understand the concept of trying to be nice and polite to all people, not just the ones you know and not just when you think you might get something out of it.
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    posted a message on Have you ever passed out?
    just once for a second or two
    inhaling too much helium >.>

    let that be a warning for ya
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    posted a message on Do you smoke?

    Don't issues aside the smoke makes everything stink. That smell sticks to everything and stays there :|
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    posted a message on What do you do when you're bored at school?
    Quote from DONGBOY2

    I really like twindling my dongs and slapping my teachers tits and sticking a screwdriver in my rectum.

    you have more than one :OO

    When i was in school i didnt really have much free time to get bored...except out of classes.
    In elementary school i doodled a bit though :P
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    posted a message on iPod water damage
    Quote from moschopsuk

    Doesn't Apple have that special water reactive indicators to check if an i-Device has been exposed to exces water?

    I think only newer models have them...i'm not sure though.

    And you cant take out the battery without completely taking the ipod apart.
    here is a battery replacement video
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    posted a message on Is there anyway to reset to factory settings without disc?
    If you have windows 7 microsoft has download links for disc images for all their win7 editions (make sure you choose the right one!). You can download one of those (again choose the edition you have a key for) and reinstall. If you have an oem key instead of a product key you will have to call some hotline when trying to activate (at least I did >.>)

    If you cant/dont want to burn a disc you can use the official windows usb/dvd tool thingy
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    posted a message on iPod water damage
    same thing happened to mine...
    but the screen just became totally unresponsive after a while and soon after that it wouldn't turn on at all. This is after leaving it in rice for days. I got a tablet shortly after instead of trying to fix it :P

    Hope you have better luck!
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    posted a message on Villagers Breeding Underground
    i remember reading on the wiki that you need at least two holes going from the main chamber all the way to the top of the map so that the sun can shine in there and they should start populating the cave

    check the minecraft wiki for more info...i may be wrong but give it a try
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    posted a message on Summer Reading Help
    The good earth!

    Its a wonderful book :)
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    posted a message on What the hell am I supposed to do about this?
    Just leave them alone and they should leave you alone. :)
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    posted a message on Gardening Help
    If the leaves look like they are not unfurling it could mean too much water :P
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