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    posted a message on CTF Server Software Giveaway
    Can I just say LG_Legacy?
    I quit this place for a reason.. I don't like logging in..
    So, yeah.. LG..

    *Runs away*
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    posted a message on XKCD Avatar Gallery
    Silly people, complaining about other silly people on the internet.
    People will do what they want, no matter how wrong it is in your eyes, so I advise we stop trying to control everyone with that blasted "Common Sense" and just have fun! Woo!
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    posted a message on Security?
    Ohh yeah, feel free to post your ideas.
    Suggestions. Whatever.
    Or y'know constructive Critisism.
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    posted a message on Security?
    Okay, bear with me on this.. This is probably a terrible and poorly thought through idea. But ahh well.
    After reading the hiding chests thread I had a few ideas, so I decided to create my own thread about it.

    First of all, I believe all locks should be build able out of different materials, with the rarer materials being more difficult to pick/destroy.

    Number codes:
    I believe the simplest method to create and protect your Chests/Doors should be a number lock.
    Players would assign a 4 digit code to a device. Such as..

    ### ### ### ###
    #4# #2# #3# #1#
    ### ### ### ###

    This would allow you to share the numbers out, or leave clues and such in order to create treasure and dungeons.
    And also, just allow you to secure your own belongings.
    Also, to make Trial and error less viable after a certain number of wrong attempts you might be locked out for a small time, or you might set off a trap?

    I also feel that depending on the materials, the amount of numbers could be increased.
    For example.

    4 Boxes.
    1-4 numbers.

    4 Boxes
    1-6 Numbers.

    6 Boxes.
    1-6 Numbers.

    8 Boxes.
    1-8 Numbers.

    Silly Mock up

    If that makes any sense?
    And of course these numbers aren't definite or anything. So feel free to discuss what you believe would be better.

    Also it would be possible to use things other than numbers in this method.
    Such as Runes or other kinds of methods that aren't as mundane as numbers.

    I'm way to tired to carry this on..
    So, possibly coming tomorrow..
    Keys! Switches! And more!
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    posted a message on Leavings. [Say Goodbye!]
    Greeat. I hate these threads.
    And I'm not even too sure why I'm posting here.
    Either you wont care. Or you wont care.

    Anyway, I'm leaving.
    I believe that is all.

    I could put all kinds of complaints about how people are immature or asses or whatever.
    But I'm not going to.
    I'll probably still check in every once in a while, and I'm definitely not giving up on minecraft.
    Just this community.

    Peace out. Or whatever.
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    posted a message on Will Creative Mode Be Free After Release?

    Leonardo, /indev/ is like a sneak peak, we can play it now, but when it is finally made, it wont be in /indev/ [Well it might. But. Y'know what I mean? Right? >_>] but it definitely won't be called /indev/ does anyone remember when we actually called it Survival Muliplayer?
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    posted a message on Andrew's PublicCraft
    Evilgrim approves of this thread.
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    posted a message on Boats in Minecraft
    Hehe. It's just like that car crash one.
    A few errors here and there, mostly with block sizing.
    But otherwise, good job :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Where Griefers Come From
    Art and Creativity?
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    posted a message on Congrats to Aexis.
    I also agree with this.
    He's like.. Lighwarrior.. But he doesn't post as much..
    As in, everything he does post will usually be of a great quality.
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    posted a message on Congratz to: LightWarriorK
    I just noticed Light got mod and had to search for this thread.
    You should make a announcement or something.. o_O

    LightWarrior is awesome, and I feel he totally deserves mod.
    And y'know.. General praise.. Yeah..
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    posted a message on DwarfCraft (A spritesheet)
    Do want.
    Gime more.
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    posted a message on Massive List of Fresh Minecraft Announcements!
    *Smaller, weaker enemies may come in large groups

    * Extremely happy face*
    That was totally my idea.
    I have logs to prove it! o_O

    Anyway, awesome thread.
    Great job making it.

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    posted a message on What happened to gears?
    Quote from coolpilot »
    Because he's working on infdev and mp first.

    I doubt he'll add multiplayer before wires.
    He's said himself that he needs to get everything in before he makes it multiplayer.

    [He didn't say it like that.. He said words like "Protocol" and stuff. But.. Meh]
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    posted a message on Abusive OPs
    Quote from coolpilot »
    Quote from mrwormy »
    Don't give kaitou OP.

    That's probably Rule #1 of MP. XD

    Quote from evilgrim »
    I was just on a server.. I saw Kaitou was on it.. And I said "You might want to keep an eye on him, he's a known griefer" then.. Someone else said I was asking for a kick and I shouldn't disrespect a op..
    Someone.. OPd.. Kaitou.

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