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    Maze War
    The Maze War minigame is a PVP minigame, where you and whoever else is playing has to kill the others, and be the last man standing!

    The map is always night, so creatures will be able to spawn! Also, play on Easy+

    This is my first mc map, so please excuse the bugs, if you report them to me I will fix them right away!

    You need 2+ players to play this minigame, recommended is 4

    V 1.1 is released! View the changelog below!

    Color Coded Class System!
    Drop Crates!
    Custom Shop!

    2. No using Xray, Fly, etc.
    3. No breaking or placing Obsidian!
    4. No going above the maze! (unless on a tree)
    5. No using Commands
    6. Play in Survival
    7. Play on Easy or above!


    The Skyworld Biome!

    Some of the maze

    The Nether Biome

    This one isnt really a biome, I'll just call it "The Tree"!

    Here is the top of the tree!

    This is the shop! There is a weapons, armor, potions, and misc vendor! The misc vendor also sells food.

    Here is one of the Weapons Vendor's deals.

    Here is where you select what player you are, or what class.

    This is the Green Player's tunnel.

    Here is part of the spawn!

    The Admin room

    The Taiga Biome

    The Plains Biome!


    Trailer coming soon!
    If you make a Lets Play of this map, please send me a link!


    Upcoming Changes
    More Options, to the Admin Room
    Mushroom and Jungle Biomes
    Again, more chests
    Probably a bigger maze
    V- 1.1
    Admin Room
    Taiga and Plains Biomes
    Some more chests, including Supply Crates around the maze

    Reserved for news and updates! Trailer, Screenshots, and a new version coming soon! Be sure to post bugs in the comments.
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    Does that mean i was accepted?
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    Try the sims T.T
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    Quote from RubenEn2

    Yes now i can update my adventure map to 1.4.2 :)

    Btw sirnoppes do you want to help me with a mod? I know I'm very low level! But I have a great idea!

    If you need help im open, i could do most if the modding (i use mcreator for modding) you could do textures and other stuffs
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