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    Name (that you want to go by): Evan
    Minecraft IGN: LoneWolf1226
    Age (18+ only): 18
    Discord username (Ex. UserName#0000) : EvanDoub#1324
    Tell us about yourself: I played a ton of minecraft during 1.6-1.9 but stopped for a few years. I recently got back into minecraft and am looking for a survival server to hangout and play on. Im going to college in the fall for nursing, but right now im just working in a kitchen full time to save and playing minecraft in my spare time.
    What's your favorite thing to do on a Minecraft server/world (Ex. Building/Redstone): While im not very good at redstone now (since theres so much new stuff) I love trying to figure out farms and stuff to make, even if i eventually just go watch a mumbo jumbo video after a few hours lol
    Please insert screenshots of your best build/s: I dont have any screenshots since I used to play on Xbox a lot and my old PC i used to play on died, but im pretty decent at building cool/interesting bases.

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