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    I made this world just to play with the new villager AI in 12w08 (creative mode screwing around), but later found something potentially interesting that I might try out as well... There isn't really much to the landmass where you spawn, it's basically all plains and swamp and not that large. From where I spawned I could see the tiny 4-building village, a swamp area, and beaches on both sides.

    The village is kind of messed up, I had to dig out some of the villagers and make stairs for them because it generated on/in a kind of hill. But it has a blacksmith with a decent chest, a church and a library house. Oddly, I think this is the first time I've seen a village with NO wheat farm. So if you want wheat you're on your own...

    There are also tons of cows and other livestock, so the enterprising player may raid the blacksmith chest and then collect as much beef, wood, chicken eggs or whatever as possible before heading for the closest swamp...

    I saw a light in those underwater rifts next to the random water squares, and jumped in.

    This is what you'll see when you enter, the water is shallow and there is no danger of drowning here unless you are really horrible at this game. You could take either waterfall, I suppose... I took the one to the right and it landed me at level 23 eventually.

    The drop area looks like this lit up

    It will eventually lead you to a double/intersecting ravine and more cave system, plus a very convenient skeleton spawner

    I explored the caves a little bit, it seems to be a large cave system but I don't know how far it extends. I guess if you're really hardcore you could just not even use the stuff from the blacksmith chest, but I saw tons of mobs on the way down the waterfall, and since I suck I will probably use it if I try to do this in survival. >_<

    The seed I used was 'haru desu yo'
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    Seed is 'yona yona yona'

    Spawn in a forest next to plains. Jungle, village and mountain biome are visible in the distance. Pic 1, Pic 2

    Village on the plains, somewhat close to the jungle. Caves open right under the village, the ground is practically hollow.

    Beautiful jungle beaches and bays:

    A stronghold is located in this area at x:15, z:682 (dig right into the beach) and from what I could tell there are 2 spider spawners and a skele spawner within or bordering the stronghold:

    Spiders at x:-4.7, y:51, z:696 and x:-38, y:22, z:687
    Skeletons at x:-103, y:14, z: 678

    There's also a really pretty mountainous jungle area around x:1800, z:950 with a lot of nice scenery.

    Screenshots here
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