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    posted a message on My own crazed rumor about the lack of Snapshots, or something.
    It's about as logical as half the random 'speculation' and assumptions I see on these forums... heh.
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    posted a message on Dinnerbone Acknowledges 1.6 Zombie AI
    More attention to difficulty scaling should make the game more rewarding for pretty much everyone, whether you love, hate, or don't care about the zombiepocalypse. Yet some people on this forum just love any excuse they can find to complain about absolutely nothing and make assumptions about things that haven't even happened yet... I just don't understand people sometimes. Sounds good to me, he's acknowledging that the levels could use some tweaking and subtlety. (Notice he never said "I'm going to totally remove zombie mobs and nerf every difficulty down to Peaceful so only 5-year old babies will want to play it.") What, exactly, is there to complain about?
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    posted a message on It seems Zombies won't be changing.
    I don't understand the need to insult other people for their personal playstyle, especially when it doesn't affect you. They can play however they want on their singleplayer worlds or private/family servers... well, they SHOULD be able to.

    I'm capable of dealing with the vanilla mobs at least on Normal difficulty-- since the 1.6.2 update on our server, we've been mostly caving and exploring new territory and haven't died yet. The other day I slaughtered a skeleton and 2 creepers at point blank range, took about 5 creepers to the face, and survived at least a couple of zombie hordes with no problem. I don't really have a huge issue with the changes, in that context.

    But sometimes when I'm playing single player or modded Minecraft by myself, I prefer to turn it on Easy or even Peaceful. I'm not literally afraid of the mobs and I'm not such a n00b I literally cannot deal with them. I just sometimes... don't want to deal with it. I want to play Minecraft to relax a little bit, zone out after a stressful day, and do some mining/resource gathering/building. Usually Easy difficulty is okay for this, but I can imagine many players even more casual than I am and even less disposed to dealing with mobs, just ragequitting in frustration after being murdered by another zombie horde pushing them into a nest of machine-gun skellies. Because it's likely a pretty big change for some players. I noticed the change a lot when I tested out a new world in Easy and for some people it's obviously gonna be off-putting and hard to adjust to, if not impossible for some.
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    If someone feels it is unfair, then they can... not switch to peaceful? It's called willpower. I don't see the reason in creating this whole new mechanic when the means to not switch to Peaceful mode is already there in your brain. Just don't. (How other people choose to play is none of anyone's business.) Maybe someone can make a special gamerule for people with no willpower who feel a great moral weight upon their shoulders playing this blocky videogame.
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    posted a message on I really struggle to find horses
    It's really just luck, like other people have said. On our private server we took 2 trips into ungenerated territory specifically to find horses, and probably went through at least 5 plains biomes in 2 different map regions before we found one that had horses. The trip took at least 3 sessions of playing and many Minecraft days before we saw a single horse, and this was all in brand new 1.6.2 territory. Ironically, after taming a bunch and transporting them via Nether portals to our farm area near spawn, a few days later we found 1 donkey and 3 horses that had naturally turned up on the plains biome right there at spawn (which has already been built on and populated for many months now...)
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    Quote from Divinius

    Honestly, I'm surprised that anyone wouldn't want them to remove these changes from the lower difficulty levels. As it stands now, there's very few differences between Easy and Hard. I would think that all these people that want Minecraft to be a hack and slash game would actually RATHER the changes only be to hard mode, so they can brag and say "I play the game on HARD!" and have it actually mean something.

    I kinda feel like they should also limit the new potion/gold apple nerfs to Hard as well, for the same reason. If Hard isn't that much of an extra challenge, what's the point of having difficulty settings? Again, none of it affects my playstyle to an extreme degree or to the point I am completely raging about it. I just don't think it makes a lot of sense to have it work exactly the same way on Easy as Hard/Hardcore. It's kind of weird and overly simplistic. (I feel the same about the skeletons' ridiculous rate of fire, fine for Hard but stupid on Easy.) The people who like these changes the most would likely have been playing on Hard or Hardcore already. It would make it more 'special' that way.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 Zombie Aggro Range
    Count me with those who think these changes should probably be scaled to difficulty. I'm not a super hardcore player, I usually play on Normal and when I tested out the snapshot, the zombies weren't particularly difficult, per se. But the starting out and making a base aspects were a little too extreme for Easy, in my opinion. I've played since 1.4, I shouldn't have this many near death experiences on Easy in such a short time. It's going to be painful for noobs or more relaxed players, and little more than annoying to anyone who's already established and armored up. Zombies literally spawning 2 blocks away from you (as happened to me) is a bit ridiculous. I kind of liked the added dangerous feeling of 'I need to get back home, the sun is setting!' and don't have a problem with them tweaking the mobs a bit, but... now it's like the difficulty settings have no meaning.

    And repetitively beating up a million zombies is still not all that dangerous unless they happen to have backed you into a couple of skeletons, or something like that. Personally I'd rather do something else in Minecraft than constantly wear out my sword on a steady stream of zombies...
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    posted a message on PaleoCraft -- Realistic Dinosaurs in Minecraft!
    Quote from VibeRaider

    Paleo era.... Dinosaurs.... Only like 60 million years difference there... Bad name, sorry.

    There is no 'Paleo era'. (Perhaps you were thinking of the Paleozoic?) "Paleo" is in common usage as a prefix to indicate prehistoric things, such as 'paleo-art' and is perfectly appropriate here. Source: have been a paleonerd since the age of 4. :P

    More on topic, these models look pretty nice and I will be interested to see how things go...
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    posted a message on Minecraft, Horses Confirmation? in 1.6! :D!
    So... pigs, cows, chickens = totally original and awesome
    Horses (one more generic farm animal to fit into the generic farm animal club) = ZOMG so unoriginal! Ragequit! Minecraft is destroyed!!
    This has never made any sense to me.

    I really don't see the harm in adding horses if they are challenging to get, maybe give them some required maintenance like regular feeding to balance out being able to usefully maneuver them or go a little faster than pigs. Riding pigs is hilarious, but seriously it is a pain in the butt to control them. I've only ever ridden them for the lol factor. Make horses rarer and more difficult to get so fewer hipsters will whine about it, maybe... but a more controllable riding mobs than pigs would be a good thing IMO.
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    posted a message on Will I be able to continue my game in 1.3? (Kind of a unique situation here)
    Quote from sikcool

    Not to be rude, but.

    Why would you use Iron Fist? Doesn't it kind of remove the point of the game?

    I guess that if you have a physical disability, it would make the game less stressful, but i have a hard time seeing how it would make it more fun... So either we're all different and like different things, or is there something else?

    Just wondering :)

    I don't know the OP's disability, but if they had a condition like, for example, repetitive stress syndrome or carpal tunnel, then reducing the amount of same-y clicking to get blocks would greatly reduce their level of discomfort. I say this as someone who has had some mild issues with things like that (I don't have great discomfort playing the game right now, but in general I have to limit my time doing such things, including spending long periods typing/chatting.)
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