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    Whoa there, calm down. There are solutions to whatever problems you're having if you can attempt to figure it out. If you don't like the new update, you can play any old version of the game you want to, so there is honestly no reason to freak out about this. At all. In any case, that's what happens when you are gone for awhile... stuff changes and moves on without you.

    If you can't get onto a server, find out what version it's running and make a profile using that version. It's not hard, thanks to the new launcher. You can have several profiles, all using different versions for however many servers you want to play on or whatever combinations of mods you want to add. Once you figure out how to do that, it's all pretty awesome.
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    Quote from Xiyng

    That's not a solution. Whenever I need external software to enjoy a game, there's something wrong with the game.

    Minecraft has always had randomly generated worlds as a major feature. If you need to exactly predict what type of world you're going to end up in, then you're already kinda getting into territory where you need extra software or resources that are not available in-game, just by definition. It's always been like this. "Use Amidst/other software" or "use seeds" are the only real solutions to this.
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    I've never understood why people think the entire game needs to be more difficult for everyone, including Grandpa and 5 year old Susie and the people who are not career gamers born glued to their consoles. Adding a higher difficulty level or adjustable/toggleable options for things would give the hardcore players what they want without making n00bs or casual players ragequit. Even harder to comprehend is the obsession over the fact that someone, somewhere might be switching to peaceful mode or 'cheating' and having an easier time at the game than you. Who cares?? The fact that it's a sandbox seems to get some people into the mindset that their own personal vision of the game is the one true way to develop and play it.

    Quote from Akynth

    The cold, hard truth is this: We don't matter, aside from our worth in mouth-to-mouth advertising (good or bad) to Mojang. They've already got our money.

    Something that's also useful for the uber-nostalgic "stop updating the game" people to remember. They already got your money in Beta 1.4 or whenever, so anything they add from that point on won't get them more income from anyone BUT n00bs. And the more cool new things they add, the more people will talk about it to their friends, make new Let's Plays, et cetera. I have my doubts that a version of the game stalled at, say, 1.73 development would be still gaining this many new players, or sustaining such an active community.
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    Cool, but other people have a totally different idea of what Minecraft fun means to them. Mojang hasn't turned the game into Tekkit, they are adding some pretty basic things really (most of which can be ignored if you don't care for them.) What I can't seem to wrap my head around is why the posters who love the 'original/nostalgic' 'Minecrafty feel' of (insert preferred beta version here) even bother complaining about updates if they don't want anything changed? Just... don't update?? No one's forcing you to do so. You have plenty of options if you don't like a particular new biome, even if you do update. (Like Large Biomes, as noted above me.) It's like complaining for hours and hours on end about how everyone else is eating strawberry ice cream and you don't like it and it's too newfangled and sweet for you, when there is a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream right in front of you with no one stopping you from eating it. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something? Seems simple enough.

    To me, all the biomes are blocky, they have Minecraft things in them and I can do Minecraft stuff when I travel through them, so they are plenty Minecrafty. If I don't like a biome, I won't build my house there, same as always.
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    posted a message on Am I the only one that dislikes the mossy cobble in Mega Taigas?
    I don't see the problem, they're basically working as moss-covered rocks/boulders in this setting. And mega taiga is very rare anyway. It's not likely you'd even find one of these biomes before you've already raided about 20 dungeons. It's just another little detail to make the biome look unique, and another way to obtain a nice block, so it's a decent reward for exploration.
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    Quote from Winter_Medic

    How does feeling uneasy = whining? My gosh.

    I wouldn't say it's whining, either. However it's a pretty vague, and extremely subjective way to describe something. If I told you "Listening to Sheryl Crow makes me feel uneasy" or "the way that cloud just passed over the sun makes me think something horrible will happen at some vague time or place" you wouldn't have any actual information on WHY I felt that way or what that feeling even implies. "I feel disoriented or alienated because stuff is different than what I've been familiar with" would at least give you a point of reference for relating to that uneasiness.
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    Quote from avisioncame

    I will tell you exactly why.

    Me and my friends play exclusively on a snapshot server titled "swim". The initial spawn point is approx 2 hours in any direction until you even see the first site of land. This not only deters griefers and "noobs" but creates a tight knit community on the server - finding land is almost like an acheivement.

    Guess we can say goodbye to our beloved server.

    ??? If you already have the ocean area you like, then just don't update until you have explored what you want. But even if you do update, the land you generated will not evaporate or turn into 1.7 terrain. I don't understand the problem here.

    I've still encountered plenty of large oceans, it may not be exactly the same, but they're enough for me. I can understand that some people liked the continent feeling of the previous generation, but as the post above me says... who really enjoys just sitting and pressing 'w' for half an hour to get anywhere, with nothing to do or look at? And what's so upsetting about the ocean floor being gravel? Do other people spend hours on the bottom of the ocean? To what purpose? I never have seen a reason to do that unless I was making a shaft down to a cave exit or something like that necessitated it. If it's about finding clay, there's plenty of clay in rivers and lakes already.
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    posted a message on Would Horses be in my survival world?
    Quote from PityLovesYou

    So after reading Eva_St_Clare's comment I grabbed my map and bolted off into the distance. Far, far off the map I saw what I assume is meant to be a well in the desert. Across the river I found this bad boy and two of his goons.

    Congrats on your quick find! I was so excited to find the first horses on our server, the first one I found was a good one (13 hearts, great speed and jump, and a pretty pinto gray color) and she's still special to me, :D
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    Just ignore him. He's just one of those Nostalgics.

    It's totally fine to be nostalgic, just don't expect to hold everyone else back from trying new things. I get the feeling that some people don't really want to play the actual game, Minecraft, which is a game still being developed by Mojang. They want to play their idealized version of "Minecraft" that they imagined/wished the game could be, back when they were still playing an unfinished beta version. That's okay, but everyone else imposed their own personal wishes upon the game and they are never all going to match up... these arguments that 'it's not Minecraft anymore because Notch/Jeb didn't implement that thing I wished for 3 years ago' are really pointless and tiresome. And they start up over something so simple as a tiny texture change of a flower.
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    Quote from Gastroid

    I never got the complaint that zombies were tedious, in a game where half the time you're mining or digging. Beloved tedium is the name of the game.

    Yeah, but at least when you mine for half an hour, you get something you can use. No one ever built a castle out of a stack of rotten flesh and a potato... :/ (At least, NOT YET! Dun dun dun... craftable zombie meat blocks, anyone?? Anyone...? Okay. :( )
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