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    posted a message on A question about boats
    I don't know about the dock solution... slowing down with the "back" control usually helps me not crash into a shore if I prepare for it, but quite often simply dismounting the boat will send it randomly careening into the shore and shattering anyway. I built a small dock using a fence gate the other day and could get out of it just fine, but multiple attempts to go back into the dock and get out just resulted in broken boats every single time. I wasn't speeding in there and leaping out, i just casually dismount from a boat that's sitting still and... SMASH.

    This is one of the buggy aspects of minecraft that seriously annoys me, and I'm not that bothered by too many things in the game. They REALLY need to fix boats. Right now there's almost no point in using them because literally doing anything causes them to break without warning.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Flower Forest Seed [Request]
    I was just messing around and spawned in the largest flower forest I've seen.

    Seed: -1253178375

    Spawn is also close to Mega Taiga and more Flower Forest, and within 2000 blocks of Mesa and Ice Spikes so it might be a good all around seed. I haven't had a chance to look around it much yet.

    Edit: Sorry, I'm having trouble with the images and spoiler so I'm just going to link them.
    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    What's with the melodrama around here over a business transaction? The same people who were throwing tantrums over the so-called "new" EULA are the ones now crying because they think Notch "abandoned" them personally and ruined their dreams/sold their firstborn/et cetera. Is it nice to have confirmation that the ungrateful behavior of this community helped make this decision a reality? As if any of you would have turned down 2 billion dollars to be rid of the often-hateful complaining of millions who were never satisified with their free, 100% optional updates. Ideals are nice to have, but we're all mortal and have our own price.

    Also, I thought this was Minecraft Forums, not Psychic Forums (home of predicting the future based on little to no evidence of anything!) Me, I was gifted the game in 1.4 beta, have played it ever since and will continue to hang around and see what happens. I'm honestly curious how it's going to work out. My friend paid 20 Euro for something that's given me countless hours of fun for 3+ years and even brought me closer to someone I care about, which is priceless to me. I don't feel cheated in any way.

    Notch clearly wasn't cut out for this job and realized it some time ago. I'd probably feel the same in that place so I can't blame him, even if he has more money than I'll ever see in ten lifetimes.
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    posted a message on Mutton texture is rubbish
    It looks like meat and is distinguishable from other meats in game, which is about all I ask from a tiny meat texture that no one will spend a lot of time staring at. I can't see any reason to be worked up over it.
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    posted a message on What do you think about old people playing minecraft?
    We elderly decrepit hags still like to have fun sometimes, now get off my lawn, ya whippersnapper.
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    posted a message on Pigs are getting more useless
    It doesn't bother me either way, but what if pigs had a chance to have twins or triplets (litters?) from a single breeding? Real pigs can have a lot of babies, so it's a bit odd they only have one. Might make them more economical as a food resource.

    The only other pig products I can think of are rendered fat/lard or bristles, and I'm not sure there is a point to either of those right now. Truffle-hunting or something similar is also an interesting idea.
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    posted a message on [14w17a] Custom World Generation Presets! (Post your Best ones here)
    I was really happy with this result:

    {"coordinateScale":1183.9015,"heightScale":684.412,"lowerLimitScale":810.6972,"upperLimitScale":881.10565,"depthNoiseScaleX":200.0,"depthNoiseScaleZ":200.0,"depthNoiseScaleExponent":0.5,"mainNoiseScaleX":1444.3732,"mainNoiseScaleY":160.0,"mainNoiseScaleZ":1373.9648,"baseSize":8.5,"stretchY":12.0,"biomeDepthWeight":1.0,"biomeDepthOffset":0.0,"biomeScaleWeight":1.0,"biomeScaleOffset":0.98591554,"seaLevel":63,"useCaves":true,"useDungeons":true,"dungeonChance":50,"useStrongholds":true,"useVillages":true,"useMineShafts":true,"useTemples":true,"useRavines":true,"useWaterLakes":true,"waterLakeChance":4,"useLavaLakes":true,"lavaLakeChance":80,"useLavaOceans":false,"fixedBiome":-1,"biomeSize":4,"riverSize":5,"dirtSize":33,"dirtCount":10,"dirtMinHeight":0,"dirtMaxHeight":256,"gravelSize":33,"gravelCount":8,"gravelMinHeight":0,"gravelMaxHeight":256,"graniteSize":33,"graniteCount":16,"graniteMinHeight":0,"graniteMaxHeight":80,"dioriteSize":33,"dioriteCount":17,"dioriteMinHeight":0,"dioriteMaxHeight":80,"andesiteSize":33,"andesiteCount":10,"andesiteMinHeight":0,"andesiteMaxHeight":80,"coalSize":17,"coalCount":20,"coalMinHeight":0,"coalMaxHeight":128,"ironSize":16,"ironCount":20,"ironMinHeight":0,"ironMaxHeight":64,"goldSize":26,"goldCount":2,"goldMinHeight":0,"goldMaxHeight":80,"redstoneSize":8,"redstoneCount":8,"redstoneMinHeight":0,"redstoneMaxHeight":16,"diamondSize":8,"diamondCount":1,"diamondMinHeight":0,"diamondMaxHeight":184,"la ize":7,"lapisCount":1,"lapisCenterHeight":16,"la pread":16}

    (Please note: I cranked up the dungeon and ore spawns because I thought it would be amusing, those who want to play this seriously may want to edit those!)

    The result was an overall very hilly world with a lot of water (maxed out the size of rivers), where dramatic features like big overhangs, floating islands and mountains close to y:200 are common, but without sacrificing lowlands or playability. The terrain has more of a gradual slope down to ocean level (which I didn't alter, because I chose this seed due to a water-level village I found earlier) so the 'extreme' stuff tends to look more organically placed in the environment IMO. Makes a lot of nice watery caves and repeating terraces too.


    Makes some pretty sloping shores

    and crazy terraces/islands

    Village on 2 levels, close to spawn in this seed ("NANI SORE")

    Flatter sea-level land is available inbetween the broad hills and extreme stuff

    Water-filled swamp caverns are interesting

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    posted a message on The Mojang Team Should Play Terraria
    If they did this, we all know that the "Omg Miencrfat its an RPG nao RAGERAGERAEG" crowd would just flood the forums with more screaming and whining about wanting their simple nostalgic game back. Face it, Minecraft in vanilla form will never totally satisfy everyone 100% of the time. It is not possible.

    Personally I like the fact that it's non-linear, as I don't find any real satisfaction in going through a prescribed escalation/route to pre-planned goals that are basically meaningless. At least I feel like I did something creative if I built a house or planned out a cool transportation route in MC. That's just me, though. There are already plenty of games with linear advancement, bigger and badder bosses, tons of weapons, etc.

    I also think some of the fancier mods like Twilight Forest, Project Zulu, Thaumcraft, etc. add this sort of challenge to the game in a way that's more suited to Minecraft. I CAN defeat the TF Lich King or flood my world with flux and spend all my time fighting off horrible wraiths, but I don't HAVE to in order to enjoy the game. I can go tackle a dungeon and get advanced gear when I feel like it, at my own pace, or I can just not go in that dungeon at all if I'm not ready for it.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Rushed?
    Quote from TwinBuilder

    The sky darkening when you go inside is a feature IIRC.

    I thought it was a bug? There were confirmed reports on the bug tracker, right? Either way, it's kind of horrible IMO. There's no point building a house somewhere with a nice view, if you can't even look out and see what is going on because everything looks all black and weird. Also ruins taking screenshots from inside caves, overhangs, etc. It just looks... totally bad. If it's a feature then it needs to go, because I can't imagine a reason anyone would want this unnatural visual glitch.

    That and the bug I've been getting with constant overlapping music that never ever ends, should have been fixed before release. But I'm sure they'll get to them shortly (I hope?)
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    posted a message on Pouring down rain on my wintery cabin in the snow! :(
    Okay, I actually didn't know that the regular (1.64) previously-generated Taiga we have now was actually going to be changed to snowless taiga after updating a world. Maybe I didn't read enough in depth on this, but I was under the impression that the update wouldn't really do anything much to existing terrain. This kinda ruins the plan I had for one of my bases on server...

    I'd also have to agree that I hope Mojang adjusts the biomes a little to allow for some snowless mountains, for variety. This might semi-ruin a very large mountain city we're building ATM. :/
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