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    Quote from jakus12

    No, parts on a laptop can only be replaced by the manufacturer or a VERY experienced computer techie. You'd have to contact them for a custom one. They'd probably charge you through the roof for it, though. That's even if they agree to do it, which they might not.

    For a battery? No. They're available on pretty much any manufacturer's website, through ebay, online stores and even google offers battery-selling websites.

    @TS, higher capacity batterys are reasonably easy to get, but they are quite expensive. I would prefer to get two six-cells than a six cell and a 12, but that being said I'm tight on cash at the moment. Obviously 6 & 12 is BETTER, but price-for-price maybe not.
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    Quote from 8Keep123

    I use bandicam which is great for small files while keeping quality the best. If I record a 20 minute video at 720p for YouTube, it would be around only 1gb of space. Also I have a 32 gb flash drive and it is usb3.0 which that laptop has two ports for, I think. and I think USB 3.0 is like 10x faster than 2.0, supposedly.

    Honestly, you're better off recording to your hard drive then moving the files off once you're done. No matter how fast USB 3.0 is, your internal storage speed is faster. I have tried recording to a USB 3.0 7200 RPM drive and it simply cannot keep up with my internal 5400RPM drive.

    With 500 GB HDD space you don't need to worry about it filling up - Just record, and move the footage off when you're done. I use a 2 Terabyte and 1 terabyte external hard drive - 2 TB for storage, 1TB for stuff I'll be working with. IF you don't have one already and you're serious about recording, look into it.
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    Your specifications on that laptop are about the same as my laptop - The 630M is a twin to the 540M (My GFX card), CPU is more powerful and RAM won't make a huge difference. I can record standard windowed Minecraft at 60FPS+ (limited by fraps) and I can record 1080p @ around 25. The main thing holding you back is disk speed - Laptop HDDs have a slower read/write than other HDDs so you'll end up being throttled there.

    If your friend is having troubles getting above 30 FPS with MC (or you are), remember to update Java, use Optifine (It can really improve both quality and performance), and investigate a program called Throttle Stop - Which allows you to dynamically clock your i5 to force it to turbo or otherwise.

    When streaming minecraft, I pull well over 100 FPS as average, so you should have no problems.

    For the price it's a fantastic buy. My laptop also plays Battlefield 3, Skyrim in ultra, Mass Effect 3, etc.

    Get on it!
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I always recommend this mod, and after installing it, I get even more proof.

    I went from ~80-90FPS up to around 130 on average.

    Keeping everything on max, Multi-threaded Optifine. I love you. :3
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    Quote from Cam5X5

    What advantages will this be to the modding commumity?
    What would be possible to do that we currently couldn't?
    Post some example of mods that couldn't be done now, and the mods that could be done if fully released.
    If fully released, couldn't we completely change the entire game with mods? As it just java codes being released?

    The main advantage of this is that mods no longer have to be completely re-written for each minecraft version.

    Currently, when minecraft updates, mods have to be completely re-written or severely tweaked to work. However, with the official modding API released, mods can be built around the 'building blocks' of minecraft that fundamentally shouldn't change - So when a new version comes out, only the NEW aspects need to be dealt to - as opposed to the whole thing. Some older mods that don't venture near the new content won't even need to be touched.

    That is how I understand it, at least.
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    Looks good man, I love the simplistic design and use of levels.
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    posted a message on Problem: Fresh Mincraft+ Java 7 SE= BLACKSCREEN OF DEATH?!?
    Make sure your world is backed up and then simply delete the /bin folder of minecraft and reload the WHOLE thing. Make sure to click 'Options -> Force Update' in the launcher.
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    Quote from Xiolono

    It was a Sunday Night, boredom hit pretty hard. I've heard about this game a while back, random youtube vids and I'm guess G4. So gave it a go, Its been about 3-4 days now. Been playing alot of the Single Player on Normal I guess. 3 Worlds and Kinda Found My Groove on this 3rd one. I'm Just started reading up on somethings that I've came across and just trying to get by.

    1. Do all monsters make random noises? I pretty much know when there is a zombie or spider nearby, but there are some random noises that I don't full understanding of Whats In the Darkness Above/below Or through the walls.

    2. Was looking up all the Mineral types on wiki earlier. Thought I came across some obsidian ore, it was bedrock. This is what I THINK I read. Is it true that the bedrock ='s Bottom of the generated world?

    3. Just before I ran into the bedrock Found a Small Diamond Patch of 5, Is there a certain area of the where diamonds can be found more frequently? Or just INSANELY Random?

    4. Probably About 3 Hours into starting this world, I felt pretty confident with my leather armor and Iron Sword. Went A little exploring around my spawn point. Found A cave, A little while inside I can hear Alot of monsters. (AND THERE WERE XD) But I couldn't see that far in this one opening where they were (Torches, I know) But within View, there was something Sparkling Purple and moving around. Tried to go in to get a torch on the wall but got mobbed by 2 skele archers, a zombie, and I think there were two creepers.

    5. I'm going to try to make that Nether Portal? Saw a video on Youtube about making one. Got An Above ground lava pool alittle behind my spawn point. Can I ask, why Do I want to make one? Do I need too?

    6. Do Endermen Spawn all the time at night? I got one of their pearls because of Mr. Sunrise :biggrin.gif:
    ...Oh And When They Spawn, Is it Anywhere Outside? the one I found was On top of a building that I don't think It couldn't Climb?

    7.Also while trying to link area's through tunnels, I had a zombie inside my already closed in fort. Checked everything to see how it could have got in, No Openings anywhere. Is it a light/dark issue? If that is the case knowing that will be helpful from now on.

    8. I think I'm using the not so up to date version =/ Mine Craft Beta Version 1.8.1 Downloaded it from the main site where I paid.

    Think thats all the questions I Have from now, THANKS in advance!

    1. All the monsters have a variety of noises they make - So one you may not recognise may just be a zombie's secondary sound.

    2. Yup, Bedrock is found in levels 5 to 0, and is the barrier between 'The Void' and our Minecraft world.

    3. Diamonds spawn below level 16. My best luck is finding them on level 12, so yes I suppose anywhere on level 12 would be a good area.

    4. Big glowing purple thing was an enderman, my guess. They emit purple particle effects.

    5. To make a Nether Portal, you need 14 obsidian blocks, and you effectively make a 5-metre doorway with it. That is to say

    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :: :: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :: :: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :: :: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    Where X is obsidian. You'll need a diamond pick to mine the obsidian, and also flint and steel to ignite it and activate it.

    6. They can spawn any time at night, and any time there is a light level BELOW 7. So if your roof isn't lit, they can spawn on top of it.

    7. Yup, spawn is controlled primarily by light. If you're getting mobs inside your house / fort, ADD MORE LIGHT. LIGHT IS LIFEEE.

    8. 1.8.1 is the current version. There IS the 1.9 Prerelease V.4 out, but it's not a 'stable' build as such. 1.8.1 is the latest OFFICIAL release.
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    posted a message on Most Intelligent Person?
    Einstein. Not only was he one of the foremost mathematical geniuses of the world (if not the greatest), he also had a deep understanding of the world and people themselves.

    He is quoted as saying

    "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

    And that to me is quite possibly the most intelligent thing you can do. To see the good in all people at once and put it so simply that ANYONE can understand it.

    He has many amazing quotes, check them out.

    Otherwise, probably Manson.

    When asked what he'd say to the Columbine shooters, he responded simply with, "I'd say nothing at all. I'd listen to what they had to say, and that's something that no one did."
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    Yes and no, provided I could choose to end my life when I wanted, yes.

    I'd just spend my time learning and training, if I stopped aging about 30 that'd be perfect. I'd try to live as normal of a life as possible, maybe get into the military for the additional clearance / knowledge. Test new aircraft and the like, maybe. If wounds healed like Wolverine's in X-men or something...
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    posted a message on A Giant Asteroid is Flying Towards Earth
    Jump on my motorcycle, ride to my girlfriend's place, or have her come here. (3 hour drive, maybe meet in the middle?)

    Spend the rest of our day together. No regrets, no consequences.
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    Quote from JJAB91

    If they didn't act like one then I wouldn't.

    You know the glare you'd give someone in real life if they pissed you off, but you don't want a fight?

    Same thing you should do on the internet. Say nothing, fume a little, and move on. Calling people douches and assholes and trying to justify insulting people really has no merit to it. Sure it's great for venting, but consider it this way.

    You think someone's an asshole, you call them an asshole.
    They see you call them an asshole, they think you're an asshole.

    Then everyone on the internet is an asshole and we get nowhere.
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    My friend's in the army and I've done some movie work with replica guns, and honestly I find the Steyr AUG pretty comfortable to fire and hold. Obviously the bullpup design shifts some of the weight back, which is nice for someone like me (I like to move a lot.)

    In terms of sheer out-right ****ing coolness? Barrett .50 Cal. I never remember it's official name but at an army information day they had handling of unloaded rifles. That thing's a goddamn beast and sexy as hell.

    Also M249 is surprisingly handle-able for a gun of its size and ROF, my friend's firing of one out of a bipod was described as 'Shakey, but manageable.' He'd only been in the army for about 4 months at the time so I think that's a testament to it's all-round functionality.
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    Quote from SuperFrodo

    'This' what?

    She's agreeing with the bolded sentiment - That most people in the world are assholes.

    And I don't believe that, but I do believe the anonymity of the internet / forums allows people to bring out another side of them they'd otherwise repress in 'polite' society.

    OP, it's just the way of the world. You've always gotta dig through a mountain of **** to get to the gold underneath, the same is true of society and the internet. There's good in there, but you'd better believe it's in a sea of bad.
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    Quote from voordal

    It should be noted that the higher your fps, the less modification does. Also, the higher your fps, the less you'll notice.

    The human eye usually cant track more than 60-90fps (though studies are showing that this number is going up in the past decade or so), and optical juddering ceases at around the 120fps mark.

    MOst of the 'boost your fps' posts are directed towards the people whose game is barely playable at the 5-20fps mark, usually due to problems or configuration.

    And there's also the fact that most screens have a refresh rate of 50/60Hz - Which means that despite what the eye can see, our screen can only display 50/60 FPS. I think full HD screen hit about 100Hz as an estimate, so have 200 FPS really is a waste.
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