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    posted a message on NEW: Equivoque Survival Server

    Name: ethan

    Ign: 4mka_

    I'm looking for a true vanilla smp server for the experience and enjoyment. from what little i can read i can see that this is a server i would like from the fact that it is whitelisted with some form of application process. i also like the community aspect of the server which should keep us close in touch with one and another. my most loving thing is that your marked this for 18+ hopefully means a more mature and dedicated player base that won't build eye sores and just leave the next day. i like everything to be done in vanilla even a spawn area i dislike people making it in creative and so on...

    i hope my answer are to you liking and will soon to be a part of your community.

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    posted a message on CoppahCrew Server Launch [1.16] [Whitelisted | Vanilla SMP | 18+]
    1. IGN: 4mka_
    2. Age:23
    3. Discord:ethanjkhan#8893
    4. What's your favorite thing about Minecraft? building and restone. killing villagers and their babies. trying to get on the top others players so i can buy resources
    5. Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why? not yet
    6. How often will you be on our server? few days a week
    7. Are you a content creator? Shamelessly plug your channel here:not really
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    posted a message on Mature Vanilla Minecraft Server [1.15.2]

    What are your plans on the server? build a large base for redstone farms and building just for 'looks' also like to build community projects.

    Tell us a bit about yourself(Name, Age and where you are from) ethan 23 england. i work as a chef in a restaurant

    Do you prefer playing alone or do you rather hang out with other people? i like doing both. i like to go off and build stuff my self to get resources that i could sell and then reinvest in what i don't have yet.

    What made you choose our server? seems like a mature server/ community and i am fed up of kids screwing up the game and experience

    Your Ingame name: 4mKa_

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    posted a message on 📌 Elysian SMP 🔞 | ✉️ Whitelisted | 🏘 Community Oriented | 🔔 First Season | ♻️ 1.15.1 | 🖊 Apply Here <<<
    • I[/b]GN[/b]: 4mka_
    • Age[/b]: 23
    • [b]Name: [/b]ethan
    • Discord (Ex. Name#9999)[/b]: ethanjkhan#8893
    • Time Zone: GMT[/b]
    • Why did you pick our community?[/b]: the server is fairly new which i like and it's the first season.
    • Do you have any SMP experience?[/b]: yes i have played on many server throughout the years
    • What kind of builds do you like making? (Style, redstone, farms, ect.)[/b]: i like to build all thing redstones and building, i try to build things with a ton of detail maybe i go too farm when trying to get end game stuff for a starter home
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft?[/b]: around 2010 so about 10 years
    • Tell us a bit about yourself[/b]: i am working as a chef and i don't have much time to do much else just want to play this game as something for down time
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    posted a message on Tranquility [Survival] {Vanilla} {1.15.1} {Whitelisted} {PVE} {20+} {Mature}

    IGN: ethanjkhan



    i enjoy playing minecraft haven't played it in a while want to get back into it and want to join a server so i can play with other people.

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    posted a message on ---------CLOSED THREAD---------------

    ethan | 4mka_ | 22 | Uk

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    posted a message on Solar Park MP | Mature 17+ | Whitelist | Vanilla | 1.14.2

    IGN : ethanjkhan
    Preferred Nickname : ethan
    Discord Name : ethanjkhan
    How long have you played : alpha
    What do you like to do in MC : building, talking to other people, mining alot ;)
    What Timezone are you in : bst london
    What Language(s) do you speak : english
    Anything you'd like to add : not really just want to join an active minecraft group

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    posted a message on 🍓 Gello SMP 🍓 : 1.14 : Slightly Modified SMP : 16+ : Discord : Friendly
    • IGN? ethanjkhan
    • What should we call you? ethan
    • Age? 22
    • Location/Timezone? england GMT
    • Discord Tag (including #)? ethanjkhan
    • Willing to chill in Discord voice chat often? yeah sure
    • Did anyone refer you? nope
    • Other info about you (optional)? not really much to say...
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