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    Okay, I think I've got a new, more reasonable question/request: instead of using right click to turn the saber on/off, could it be shift+right click, and using normal right click for the normal minecraft sword block? Not being able to block with a lightsaber seems nonsensical, and it would allow the mod to function more reliably with the likes of battlegear or dynamic sword skills. I'm not even asking for some kind of fancy Jedi projectile deflection thing, I just want basic block ability so I don't flick my saber on and off whenever I attempt to do the zelda spin attack.

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    Not sure how much of this has been said or not, but....

    1: is it possible to set in the config the base damage for lightsabers, or have a means of upgrading sabers for more damage, or getting some kind of battlemind force power that only works with sabers or something? the base +8 damage seems a little skimpy to me - Its not *too* low for my usual mods, but just seems like it could use a boost. Its just a "there are lots of potential power levels people could want to play at" sort of thing.

    2: While I'm talking about configs, could we set the frequency of some of the spawns? I wandered around the desert for forever trying to find a sith tomb, and I've only found a single saber part so far in blacksmith chests - theyre just so full of stuff from other mods. The latter could be tweaked with too much loot or something, but I haven't found a single part since I did said tweaking and am worried the spawning algorithm has gone strange.

    3: instead of making all vanilla armors not be effective against lightsabers, maybe you could make it so all unenchanted armors are not effective? Or having a special enchantment that allows for any armor to be effective? Additionally, being able to set up a whitelist or blacklist in the configs for which armors to have be effective would also be an idea, magical or force-field armors might be more effective, butsay, the pile of "just another material" armors shouldnt be effective if iron and diamond aren't.

    4: if you're still taking requests on lightsaber parts, I've always loved the angled lightsaber that count dooku has, it was the only one that was like, noticeably different before the cross guard one was revealed.


    5: also yae the config is totes just a blank page.

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    Quote from GnomeWorks»

    Right now, I am working on adding another mob.

    I am also contemplating working on adding interaction with other mods: at the moment, I am specifically looking at the APIs for Doomlike Dungeons and Thaumcraft.

    I'm not entirely sure what interaction would be needed for Thaumcraft beyond adding aspects to the mobs, but that *is* a pretty helpful and atmosphere-assisting benefit for those playing with that mod as well. I for one applaud any attempt at mods adding mod interaction as it always helps to create a more cohesive experience. If you need any advice or assistance determining aspects, I would be glad to aid; in the mean time I'm going to see if I can convince my friends to accept this bit of Gygax brutality on our server.

    Edit: not sure if this is possible or even a thing, but is there an API for the graveyard mod, to allow adding ghouls or whatever other undead are in this mod to occasionally spawn from the graveyard mod's graves when they go into "overwhelm the players with zombies and skeletons" mode? That might be a fun addition.

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    What would you describe as the "power level" of the items and monsters added by this mod? I'm trying to maintain a balancing act with the other mods on my server, so the equipment from no one mod suddenly completely overwhelms everything else. I'm also hoping to add a new area of challenge for more geared players on my server to expand into, without alienating those with less equipment just trying to start out. I'm downloading now to test it myself (or at least, test it when I get off work), but I thought I'd go straight to the horses mouth for advice in the meantime.

    Is there an in-game guide regarding the mechanics of the mod? How much compatibility has been added to make it fit in smoothly with other mods, like adding thaumcraft aspects or other api's? I'm probably forgetting a bunch, but.... I'm just looking forward to trying this out, looks like its gonna be a blast. I just hope its gonna be a blast that I can use well.

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    I'm having some trouble again- I got the mod working, but I cannot get my skin to change from daring doo. Am I missing something? Here are the steps I've taken so far:

    From the title screen, I hit F1. I find my skin I used to use, upload it, press the arrow so its sent to the server and replace my human skin.... but then in the game I'm still Daring Doo. If I go to F1 again, it still shows my choice of skin, it just does't want to work in game. At first I thought there was supposed to be some time I needed to wait for it to start to work, but it has been over a day so I thought I would double check. Is my skin from some old, outdated version and needs to be updated to work right? I did make it quite a while ago.
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    Quote from ShadowLink69

    PLEASE add more quest and maybe a Quest Tracker.
    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Try to do something like the Adventure craft Zelda mod... like a certain gamemode with a zelda map and stuff, and 3 hearts at the beginnign and stuff like that. E-mail me if you wanna talk about it ([email protected])
    Please do this I know it will be hard but your mod will be even more perfect

    Ive got a few mods that would be perfect for making a modpack like that, but theyre predominantly for 1.6.4.
    Firstly, nohero's more health mod has options for starting at 3 hearts and getting more through heart peices, which most dungeon mods have a config for you to add the heart peices too.
    Secondly, and this is the one whos update I awate with bated breath, is cocolotin's better dungeon mod, which creates semirandom dungeons (more accurately, theres a bunch of peices of dungeons, or like, dungeonrooms that it assembles randomly when it generates the dungeon) with massive bosses at the end of them. It is alledgedly highly configurable, with an ability to create your own dungeon rooms and everything using it. I could totally set like, the pendants from this mod to drop from the dungeon boss rooms. I intended to create my own super adventure mod pack and have like, dungeon rooms that you would specific items to get through, like a hookshot room or like, something with the ocarina mod so you have to play a song to get in.

    If you really want to abandon the sheer freedom of openworld exploration and adventure that is the minecraft adventure pack experience in favor of something more directed, the Qadom mod might be the way to go. It has very large generated dungeons and villages, and quest maps that tell you where in the world the next peice of magical swag might be, not unlike a quest tracker. Qadom is even up to date with 1.7.2 (though Ive been having trouble with it, if you do go for that try using the forge version they suggest instead of latest? i dunno.)

    I do think that a fair number of these features are indeed under construction as part of the Quest mod that Zelda Sword Skills is the precursor for, the quest log for instance, but I think what you're really looking for is a premade adventure map made utilzing ZSS. I do not know yet if any exist, but its been mentioned a few times as the mod is built quite effectively for such a task. I just think that the intention was that the community would have to make it if they wanted it, not CoolAlias.

    Edit, mostly for the intention of not doubleposting while I go on an unrelated topic to my previous post.
    Legend of Zelda: Steves Adventure? Oracle of Mine / Oracle of Craft? Herobrine's Mask? Endless-Northward-Cloud-Motion waker? Four... uh, blocks? Oh, Six Sides, there we go. Phantom Minecart... uuuuh Voxel Cap? Cus you turned like, 1 pixel tall in that game? Could make an adventure map called that combining this and that gulliver mod.

    Actually, I went into this intending these to be pretty terrible, just expanding the idea for a joke, but I really want Herobrine's mask now. Is it too late to add that to the oll? MM is my favorite of the zeldas.

    (Dagnabbit, I apparently got phantom hourglass and spirit tracks fused in my head, I never played either and theyre both cellshafed and for the ds, thats the problem.)
    (Hmm... Now I'm thinking, an Oracle of Seasons in minecraft, would probably have the nether as Subrosia, perfect fit.)
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    Hey, I've been having some trouble with steamcraft. I'm running 1.7.2 with forge version .1125.

    Some of it is minor- like, most ores these days are near unbreakable if you dont have good enough tools, but most ores in this mod are broken with relative ease. I'm never sure if its just a tough ore or if I just dont have a good enough pick until ive ruined the ore block again.
    Drills have a similear problem of being able to break through the ores from this mod pretty easilly... but not basic-level stone from other mods, like marble from the chisel mod or the stones from railcraft.

    Some ores I'm not sure what they are or how they are processed. The wiki has no mention of sphalerite, and NEI isn't telling me anything either. (suddenly I'm worried this is from another mod, I'm running a lot of mods differing from my usual; but I'm pretty sure waila said it came from Steamcraft).

    My other issue is a bit more... major. noone else has complained so either I'm the only who has this issue or I'm the only one using this mod, but... At first I thought none of the blocks had recipes. However, when checking what could be made with, say, brass, I discovered that all of the recipes that create a block instead create fire. Items can be crafted fine, it is only blocks that are problematic.

    I've been really enjoying just having this mod again, even with the bugs. Even if the only thing I've done so far is dig around with a stone drill, just being able to use like, the first mod I ever played again alongside modern creations was really satisfying. I'd really love to see the big bugs squished and, if time permits, give it that extra bit of polish. It still feels like an old mod, if that makes any sense.
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    Hmmm... Well, might as well throw in my thoughts on the topics at hand.

    I feel like, lots of other mods have been able to get around the issue of adding their planks to the ore dictionary; like Natura. They have lots of doors and crafting tables and etc made from just their planks, but still function as oredictionary wood. I'm not sure if this was some complicated bodging or something, but it does seem as though there may be a solution out there. Can you like, tell the game to give your recipes priority over the vanilla recipes? I have no idea.

    On the topic of the fish farms... I feel as though one of the reasons that the fish trap feels so overpowered is because, well, the fish stacks and the bows / books don't; so any inventory you get will seem much more laden with fish than with loot. It might be beneficial to reduce the rate at which we get "treasures" to like, 1% or 2%, and expanding either fish or junk to cover the balance. My vote is on junk, as you could then add more things to the junk list to simulate a clogging effect, as you keep fishing up sticks and seeds and other detritus to fill up the inventory with reletively useless materials instead of fish and shots at treasure, requiring lots of maintance or an effective hopper system to remain functional. Other ideas for things to add to the lists: Gold nuggets. We're going to be adding it to river biomes more frequently now, it'll be like accidently panning for gold. Also string, for there to be a chance to have the ability to repair your fishtrap right there! just not nessecerially a good chance.

    Will the "fishtraps take damage" thing be toggleable in the config file? I feel like that might get tiresome and would just turn into one of the chores I never do around my farm, like harvest my wheat feild or chop down the slimetrees. On the topic of configs, could we also add our own options to the fishing chances? Particularly if you have other fishing mods installed and want a chance to get their fish as well. I don't even have anything I'd want to add right now, but having the option might inspire me!
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    Quote from DZCreeper

    My point was that maybe you should talk to the author of the second one, no point in having 2 identical mods when you could both just work on one.

    Maybe working together you could actually cover all the power grid systems... Whats with dropping UE?
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    posted a message on [WIP] Advanced Thaumaturgy - Thaumcraft 4 Addon
    I like the looks of this! Normally I tend to be a downer on any mod that is just "I took normal things but made them bigger!" like any of the mods that just add a fancy pickaxe, but I think this is definetly a desired addition. I'm tired of carrying around a backpack full of wands and slowly filling them up. I almost want to add it even without it having a texture yet!

    On the topic of texture, do you have any idea what ind of texture you're going to be wanting? Like, any sort of color or anything?

    What will be the cost reduction for the quicksilver wand cap?

    I'm not sure on the name "netherwood wand", puts me in the wrong state of mind right away with making me think it was going to add a tree to the nether as well. I can't thin of a better name right off the bat, but just something worth thinking about.

    Quote from Sarzael

    I recommend you editing those images somewhat, or atleast put them in Spoilers. As soon as i saw you had no intention to hide stuff that isnt part of the mod itself i decided to avoid looking at them :P

    Woah... what? I think I see what he's getting at there (showing us your kinda tc settup with all the nodes) but this is still the most absurd quible I've seen all week.

    Oh, new thought I just had, since you mentioned wanting ideas for this mod.... while its not 100% thaumcraft related, I was reminded of it from seeing your infusion table in in the background there... A mod really needs to add something like the vorpal enchantment from redpower or the headhunter enchantment from harken scythe- something that allows us to get more skulls then just the wither legitamately. I think I have 1 skull in my setup from looting a tombstone from the graveyard mod, but... yeah. Adding an enchantment that adds like a 0.5% per level of making a mob drop a head on death would be great for decorating my infusion table.

    Also I just found out that mojang made kinda mobheads for every other default mob (check the wiki, its cool) so getting things like blaze heads or chicken heads or whatever is easilly possible, and that none of the other mentioned versions made use of this feature. I dunno, just a me throwing my random train of thought at ya.
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