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    posted a message on SCP Foundation Site-59 9/13/21 Update Log (I'm really tired)

    SCP Foundation Site-59 has had several new SCPs and areas added since it's last update log. (9/12/21)

    The first update is our new Discord.
    If you join the Discord you have the chance of seeing sneak peeks into the project.

    Added sector 2 containment chambers.

    Added funny prompt in one of the SCPs chambers

    SCPs added so far
    SCP-548 (Our first Euclid class SCP added)
    SCP-811 (Has largest containment chamber so far)
    SCP-173 (We'll act like it was transferred from site-19 to site-59)

    That's all updates so far.

    Now I'm going to sleep. I've been working on the map since I posted the first update log.

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    posted a message on SCP Foundation Site-59 9/12/21 Update Log

    SCP Foundation Site-59 has 2 sectors so far.

    It has a small Entrance Zone (the size of the entrance zone may change. Currently it is small)

    It holds a medium sized administration office. It comes with 4 desks, with computers leading off to the-scp.foundation website (best interactive SCP website I could find)
    *This can be found in sector 1*

    Site-59 also has small Class-D containment (currently only 4 Class-D cells)
    *This can be found in sector 2*

    The site also holds a large medical sector.
    *This can be found in sector 2 near Class-D containment*
    (Medical sector is currently the largest area in the map)

    SCPs added so far:


    Zera's SCPs?

    Works with the SCP Lockdown mod (the only mod being used so far)

    *Vote Above Post*

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    posted a message on SCP Foundation Site-59

    Creation of the "SCP Foundation Site-59" map has just started.

    Site-59 is to hold any kind of SCP. Either if it's Safe, Euclid, or even Keter.

    It also holds biohazards (ex. SCP-008)

    Site-59 is located on a remote island (not found on any maps) off the coast of Japan.

    (I'm not building an island. Maybe later updates.)

    Please answer the questions above. Those questions help me see what should be added or not.

    (I will be checking the results in 10 days after this edit. After that I won't be looking at the results and everything asked will be final.)

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