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    whens episode 8 coming out?
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    As said before, you need a mod or a 3rd party tool such as INVEdit to do it. I personally would suggest using Not Enough Items or Too Many Items as using INVEdit takes a bit longer to do each time you want to edit your inventory.
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    Ya i agree with what roman said. It was good but pretty shaky.
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    really like your videos! Subscribed to you n gonna keep watching.
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    1) Why do you want to Join The Guild? To prove myself as a harbinger of death, to prove my skills as a strategist, and to prove that few, if any, can top my skills in war strategies.
    2) What will you do to Benefit The Guild? I will be a top notch strategist that will prove to be a bringer of victory.
    3) Which Server do you want to play On,(Gwomath,TOG) Both is a Possibility. For now, Gwomath, but eventually I might try out both
    4) What Class are you mainly? (Warrior/Archer/Mage) Archer
    5) Are you a good Team leader? And Why? Yes, I am a strategist. I have a background of psychological studies, so I can easily point out the moves of opposing forces and counteract them, thus crushing any enemy in my path.
    6) Location / Age / Name: USA/19/Chris
    7) Roleplay Name / Age / Lower/Middle/High Class Citizen: Xypher/19/High
    8) Do you swear to defend the Guild and its members even if it costs you, your life? Of course, the members of The Guild are my brethren.
    9) You are Surrounded by enemies, do you charge into battle, do you retreat to your allies and reinforce or do you look for an opening attack? And Why? There is no certain answer, it all depends on my odds of victory through which route be necessary.
    10) You Agree to follow the rules for each Server and not disobey them. Of course.

    1) Character Name: Xypher
    2) Character Age: 26
    3) Character History: Born into a wealthy artists family, I had been spoiled. Growing up, I simply had to ring a bell and what ever I could wish for would be there. When I was a young man, my family was slain in a raid by some bandits. They stormed our mansion and killed my mother, my father, the maids and butlers, and before my eyes slowly killed my brothers and sisters. In rage, I ran up to my father and mothers room and grabbed the swords mounted on the wall and slew all of those that threatened me. Since then, I've had a blood lust and a wish to kill those that threaten happiness, hoping some day that I may rediscover mine.
    4) Character Desire: To bring death to all that oppose.
    5) Character Personality: Empty, cruel, depressing, hard to be around.
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    What is your Minecraft name? escafL0w

    What is the recipe for a Bookshelf? W = Wood Planks // B = Books

    What do you like to do in Minecraft? For the most part, I enjoy building random houses for absolutely no reason. I really enjoy wood cabins as well as modern housing development, though I often find myself starting large projects from time to time.

    Were you referred by anyone? Nope.

    Do you agree to read and abide by the Rules and the Building Guidelines? Absolutely.
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    Quote from Yamnasm

    Unless you took that photo, that is a pile of s**t.

    I mean I could spend about 8 seconds on Google Images, with a further 15 seconds on Photoshop, to create an image like this.

    Its too easy, and makes images like these look cheap... I mean you could have put some colour filters on there too.

    If you do make more, please just spend more than two blinks to complete it.

    Actually that was 14 hours of raw vector work, or do you not know what vectoring a photo is? ._.
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    • In Game Name: escafL0w
    • Age: 18
    • Are you able to get team speak 3, and will you speak: I can get it but I won't use it. Being verbally social while on the computer annoys me. For me, Minecrafting is my personal thinking time, so naturally I don't feel like talking out loud. Typing I'm fine with, but not speaking.
    • Have you read all the rules, and will you RP respectfully? Yes.
    • What do you look to accomplish in the RP server? Honestly, right now I just want to check out the server, get to meet the community, and check it out more in-depth before I decide where I want to take myself on this server.
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    For those that assume it's a filter... Well here, I did it for you guys. Here is the version when you use the cutout filter in Photoshop with the most detailed features. Go on and use the default ones, you won't see the detail I created.
    And here's the original image, just so you can try it yourself.
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    I'm sad I never had a chance to meet her, though she has my deepest condolences.
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    posted a message on The Cecelia Chronicles Resurrection [Factions][Roleplay][PVP][EVENTS][SURVIVAL][INVASION][VEHICLES][MAGIC][CLASSES-AND-ADVANCMEN
    IGN: escafL0w (With a zero, not an "O")
    Name: Chris
    Location: Idaho, USA
    Desired Faction: Cecelian Knights
    Why You Want to Join The Server(NEW): I just think that an RPG based server would be so much fun. Especially a server with such an in-depth story line and layout.
    In Game Character Main Desire: My character desires to be one of the top knights in the world. (S)he desires to bring ultimate peace world wide. To accomplish that, (s)he desires to eventually become a Cecelian Representative to allow peace discussions with any and all faction.
    In Game Character Name: Xzivorn.
    In Game Character Element: Dark (and if possible, a sub-element of light.
    First Thing Your Going To Do In-game: To follow my characters storyline, make as many friends as possible amongst the Cecelian Knights.
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    In-Game Name: escafL0w
    Clan (if applicable): I've applied for the Zen Brotherhood, though whether I get in or not is yet to be determined. (As I type this at least.)
    Age: 18
    Are you capable of acting mature?: Absolutely
    Tell me about yourself: I'm currently attending a university. I am double majoring in design and computer science. (Security) As a design major we are doing multiple facets and types of design including graphic design (Logo's, websites, vector/vexel work, etc), fashion design, as well as architectural design. I have a passion for Minecraft due to the freedoms it gives the players.
    Have you read through the rules on the first post?: Absolutely.
    What is the punishment for Griefing?: Permanent ban.
    What is the punishment for hacking (flight/speed/xray/pvp/etc.) on this server?: Permanent ban.
    What should be the main focus here (3 things, check rules)?: Maturity, Respect, and Common sense.
    What's the password?: Malice.
    Any questions you have: None at all.
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    posted a message on TEKNOTERATOPIA <NO-WHITELIST> <Active Admins> <McMMO>
    {IGN} escafL0w
    {Are you going to play?} Of course.
    {How often do you play?} Daily.
    {Creative or Survival?} Preferably creative as I'm a designer and a builder, not a surviver nor fighter.
    {You a bronie?} No.
    {Tell me your skills. and if you intend on advancing in rank.} Modern house and Oriental building design and construction. City planning and blue printing.
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    posted a message on The Socialist Commune of Minecraft [The Oldest Socialist Clan in Minecraft]
    Minecraft Forums Name: escafLow
    In-Game Name: escafL0w
    Were you redirected here by someone? If so, who?
    Have you read the SCoM Constitution and agree to abide by it?
    Yes and yes.
    What is your political orientation? Ideal Marxist/Communist, though so far in our world no country has successfully achieved ideal Communism. According to that test you linked to, I'm almost exactly where Ghandi was.
    Explain, in short, the reason you are willing to join SCoM:
    Collaborative work and it has a different system than most other servers, it interests me.
    Give a brief summary of yourself: I'm an 18 year old in university majoring in graphic design and computer science. I have an in depth love for Minecraft due to the creative side of it.
    Name three values of the constitution that the applicant before you did not: He stated three categories, so..
    -Respect For the Personal Property of All Individuals
    -Loyalty To Your Political Party
    -Democratic Rights to protest
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    May I ask if there is any direction you wish to take the lets play, story wise? Or do you just want a good ol' do whatever you end up doing type of lets play?
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