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    I recently started a new Minecraft Tekkit server that focuses on the creation of Corporations and making money. Players start in a fairly large city where every lot is for sale! These lots range in price and size depending on location in the city. For example: the southern part of the city is full of generally smaller lots that are more affordable where the lots in the center of the city which are designed for sky scrapers are expensive! To make money, you can sell resources such as Diamond, Gold Ingots, and Iron Ingots to the shops at spawn. You can also build trade signs and sell to other players!

    There are also shops at spawn to buy construction materials!

    PVP is enabled outside of the city and in unclaimed land. You are not forced to build in the city, in fact, you can build anywhere, but if you don’t own the land, you might get robbed or killed. Land in the wilderness is also $50 a block (including air blocks) which is significantly more than buying land in the city. Stealing and sabotaging other corporations is also allowed (although if the land is Gliching or machines are used to steal, its considered illegal!).

    So come by and join us! We are open 24/7 and there are usually friendly admins on which are willing to help you!

    No Whitelist!
    In game help commands:
    /res ?
    /f ?
    And some rules:
    1. Be respectful of others and their property.
    2. No spamming of any kind, chat or block.
    3. No third party programs/scripts or X-Rays.
    4. No excessive trolling/vulgarity or racism.
    5. No huge laggy machines.
    6. Turn off machines when you are not using them.
    7. Stealing and Grieifing IS allowed if machines/glitches aren't used to break in.
    8. PVP IS allowed on unowned land
    CONNECTION INFO: esbern.org or

    Mods used: Tekkit, Bukkit, Essentials, Residence, Factions, Deadmanschest, Msc AntiCheats, LWC

    Equivalent Exchange is removed (It ruins the economy)
    Mining lasers and nukes are also disabled.
    Other banned items:
    • Weapons mod (No protection)
    • Frame motors (No protection)
    • Teleport pipes (Crashes everywhere!)
    • Chunk loaders (Lag everywhere!)
    website: www.esbern.org
    Questions? Contact me at: [email protected] or add me on skype: commgdog
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