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    Thanks for the continued investment into this mod. I've been following the project for about 3 or 4 years now, and it seems like other modders are starting to take notice (finally). This https://github.com/OpenCubicChunks/CubicChunks/issues/448, is very useful and much appreciated. I'd like to help with checking compatibility, even if it's just testing if a few mods work or not and providing logs (whether that's with vanilla forge, or SpongeForge).

    I'm also just curious as to how Extreme reactors might stop working. The mod itself doesn't matter, but I can understand why it presents a bit of a challenge for cubic chunks. Basically if the reactor is 176 blocks tall (not likely, but let's assume), or even if you're up high and just a small reactor goes over some y chunk borders, and chunk render radius is set to 10, then there's an issue with the multi-block structure. Is that correct? (I'm wondering why the y-axis here would present a different issue instead of say a reactor crossing a few x/z-axes with chunk render radius set to 2 or something).

    Is a band-aid for this something like

    • The extreme reactors mod checking if a player is in rendering range of certain block type
    • Checking if that block type borders a chunk border
    • If yes, load the chunk where the block borders another chunk, up to a limit of +/-256 blocks along the global y-axis from the origin point.
    • Loop the process until limit is reached or no more bordering blocks are found
    • If no more bordering blocks were found, then start loading the internals of the reactor?

    I realize a big part of the answer is: I don't know because I didn't code that mod.

    Obviously I have no idea about the performance implications, but I'm just wondering if that would theoretically fix such an issue or not.

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