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    Quote from pierconick»

    ...Sulfur as you suggest it could be really interesting- the ability to mine an explosive material that could be used to produce or as a substitute for gunpowder would be game-changing. Maybe, to make things more interesting through- what if Sulfur burns up on contact with fire? Essentially, when fire, a torch, an explosion, or a flaming mob/player comes into contact with sulfur, the sulfur quickly disintegrates, and the disintegration spreads to adjacent sulfur blocks. This could be a really interesting trap mechanic, and would necessitate caution when mining this new material.

    Sounds like an interesting mechanic, though I prefer mine.
    Quote from pierconick»

    I'm kind of hooked on the idea of a Sulfuric Cave biome; which could consist of normal stone, sulfuric materials, and small pockets of glowstone, (which would decrease mob spawning in favor of environmental hazards.) I whipped up some concept art for fun.

    Brimstone ~ Drops sulfur powder when mined. Disintegrates when exposed to any source of fire, (including torches), and causes a chain reaction that makes other sulfur adjacent to it disintegrate. Sulfur powder serves as a replacement for gunpowder, but can also be used to make these sulfuric materials. (This could make for some really interesting traps!)

    Alkistone ~ Forms weird rock formations in the caves, as well as boiling aquifers. Water directly above Alkistone, (in a similar vein to magmastone and soul sand), becomes 'Acidic,' dealing rapid damage to things that fall in it regardless of armor. It also deals gradual damage on contact from any side.

    Fumes ~ An environmental hazard unique to this area, these blocks randomly produce clouds of harming gas. They also do this when powered by redstone.

    Crabs ~ A neutral arthropod unique to Sulfuric Caverns, produces a cloud of harming gas when injured or aggravated; it becomes hostile in the presence of sources of fire, and produces a large amount of gas if lit on fire. (Not entirely sure what these should drop?)

    I like the fume mechanic, and the "acidic" mechanic, though I'm not sure if they deserve special blocks. Not fussed on crabs.
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    "[C]omposting organic matter" needs more detail: is there any change to the list of compostable items (ie adding fish, or changing percentages)?

    As currently.

    Crafting compost into brown dye is somewhat problematic as it removes the major use of cocoa beans [I've never run into anyone who makes cookies in quantity.]

    True, but a specific color of dye shouldn't be a hassle to get.

    The range of the repel effect of burning sulfur and any conditions – such as pursuing a targeted mob/player – that would obviate the repulsion needs detail.

    It'd probably repel to around 16-32 blocks radius.

    although it appears that sulfur drops as a block rather than converting to items.


    Sulfur also seems like it ought be renewable — perhaps growing in layers (as bedrock snow) on dripstone blocks next to lava?

    This could work.

    Having compost and bonemeal equally effective seems like a missed opportunity, although which sould be 'better' (in terms of gameplay opportunites) is not clear to me. [Possibly this could be handled by giving compost variant chances to act, some of which might be better and some worse than bonemealdepending on the thing to which it is applied.]

    I don't think it'd be necessary to distinguish the two as fertilisers.

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    This is a wishlist. If you want something added, be a bit more specific.

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    The Problem

    Currently, composters produce bone meal. This doesn't make sense. Wouldn't it be better if they made a dedicated "compost" item? Furthermore, gunpowder is hard to get large amounts of, which is a problem if there's an annoying mountain you want to get rid of.

    The Solution

    To solve these problems, I propose two new items, two blocks and some new recipes.

    Compost and Compost Block

    Compost is a new item that is produced by composting organic matter, instead of bonemeal. On its own, compost can be used as fertiliser, with the same effectiveness as bonemeal. A single compost item can be crafted into brown dye. 4 compost can be crafted into a dirt block. 9 compost can be crafted into a compost block, which can be crafted back into 9 compost.

    Sulfur and Sulfur Block

    Sulfur Blocks spawn naturally around lava pools in the Overworld underground and the Nether. They burn indefinitely with a yellow flame that repels arthropods, slimes and magma cubes. Sulfur blocks can be crafted into 4 sulfur, which can be crafted back into a block. 1 compost, 1 sulfur and 1 coal or charcoal can be used to craft 3 gunpowder.

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    On the topic of bed traps, they could easily be trivialised by making beds flammable, so players trapped are not stuck in an infinite loop of death.

    Back on topic: Support, though it would be better off as a seperate "Very Easy" difficulty.

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    The submersible could work. The ender boat (which I'm imagining as a boat that doesn't fall, just glides along air like water but slower) I'm not sure about. The railboat does sound hilarious, and while a single vehicle capable of behaving as both a minecart and boat might not work, perhaps a way to automatically roll on/off of rails and water would be workable.

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    Quote from lagagamorp»

    Isn't a hopper supposed to be something like a chute? It wouldn't make sense if they could pump items up, and the copper hopper seems cheap enough to be workable as a separate item

    True, but a copper hopper sucking items up makes just as much sense as an iron hopper doing that, so that's no real reason to disunify the two. Minecraft has floating trees and even islands, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch for there to be hoppers that suck items up.

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    While the functionality is very necessary, I don't think a second block would be necessary, Instead, hoppers could be placed so they suck from the top instead of the bottom, like how slabs are placed.

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    This is not a serious suggestion.

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    Can I claim veteranship? I've been around since 1.4.7 (not sure of the date).

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    Quote from pierconick»

    This is really interesting! Have you considered developing some sort of mod for this? I think it could be quite successful. (Though finding a way to generate speech situationally would probably be pretty difficult- as might finding some gameplay incentives for translation.)

    I don't really know how to mod, but it's something I want to learn. I used to have a book about how to mod the game, but I got rid of it.

    Also, (just something that occured to me), the idea could be extended to Piglins too... albeit I imagine their language would be a bit cruder.

    I've got my own phonotactics for a Piglin language, completely alien

    I wanted to try out some sentences of my own: (Though I'm probably not using them correctly):

    'ehenperikef' mamsessan kam' ~ Minecraft is full of creepers.
    'o nakah ah lep!' ~ Hand over the Fish!
    'i ielna mankatoltolo' ~ Your head is full of cave spiders.
    'horak inlak roketaw rolak' ~ There is a ruined village in the swamp to the North.'

    I'll correct you. (Most notably, Minecraftian adjectives go after the word they modify. I should have put a grammar.) Respectively:
    perikefan e mamsessan (mine-craft-gerund is full of-creeper)
    telapak! (na o) lep (give-imperative (to me) fish)
    ielnai e mamkatoltolo (head-you is full of-spider-deep)
    e inlakhorak la roketak( la)ranak (is village-ruin in swamp-(in-)north)

    Quote from pierconick»

    That, and it just occurred to me that with 1.18, there's potential for new words. (These are just some I came up with, based on the existing lexicon)

    Ksataktsamaktok ~ Kind of a long word for 'Lush Cave,' (Jungle + Cave), but very fun to say!

    Ritoketi ~ Azalea, (Flower + Tree)

    Milgo ~ Moss, (Variant of 'Mil' for Mossy)

    Milkahotil ~ Glow Lichen (Mossy + Light)

    Karahkahotil ~ Glow Squid (Squid + Light)

    Kon ~ Copper. (kahpilinkon ~ Cut Copper, rotkon ~ Weathered Copper)

    Tokdon ~ Dripstone (Variant of 'Tok' for stone) tokdonom ~ Stalactite tokdonim ~ Stalagmite

    Kahotilposoko ~ Glowberries (Literally 'Light Food')

    Kolkoto ~ Skulk Growth ('Weird + Death')

    Kepakoto ~ The Warden (Death + Terror/Boss) (There isn't a word for noise, but that could be incorporated.)

    Kaetok ~ Deepslate (Dark Colored Stone)

    Ompaa ~ Goat (Sheep + Up. Also very fun to say.)

    Melpoktopitok ~ Axolotl (Friendly + Water + Cave)

    Ksofkaleron ~ Amethyst (Variant of 'Purple')

    A lot of these I already have: I've been updating this for a while. The rest I'll take or modify your suggestions for. Again in order:

    Lush cave: I'll add tsamaktokksatak as you suggested (order reversed for reasons already stated above).

    Azalea: ritomilat (flower-moss)

    Moss: already have milat

    Glow lichen: already have milatotil

    Glow squid: already have karahotil

    Copper: already have hataf

    Dripstone: already have tokrit; stalactite/stalagmite would be tanaftokrit (tanaf meaning side variant, eg. coral fans, amethyst crystals, carpets, et cetera), with -im/-om to distinguish

    Glow berries: menotil (fruit-light)

    Sculk growth: toronan (toron meaning anything sculk or warden-related)

    Warden: kepatoron

    Deepslate: already have toktolo (stone-deep)

    Goat: paaom, as you suggested

    Axolotl: already have minlek

    Amethyst: already have inheram (magenta (classifier)-gem)

    Thank you for your input, though! I'll probably have to update the OP for all the new words I've come up with in the last 6 months!

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    Quote from sunnyjack»

    While you're correct that magma can be found in the overworld, soul sand is only found in the Nether.

    To my knowledge, both magma and soul sand do generate underwater in the Overworld.

    In regards to horizontal movement, I was referring to adventure maps or servers where building is limited (like in faction servers when you trespass and cannot alter blocks or use redstone).

    This is almost never a limitation. Again, a minecart track across a 1-block wide ledge on a wall works everywhere a minecart track directly across that wall would.

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    Quote from scorrp10»

    Optifine already offers dynamic lighting option. And I generally find it detrimental cause it messes with lighting places up.

    Not everyone has or can get Optifine. Further, this wouldn't be always on. I assumed that would be obvious.

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    Quote from undefined »

    Not actually true. Soul sand and magma blocks can be found at the bottom of oceans in the Overworld, and given that they produce bubble columns, they are pretty obvious to find. Besides, by the time you'd be making significant minecart systems, you'd probably have been to the Nether a few times, so the point is even more moot.

    As per your suggestion proper, No Support. They would seem incredibly stupid, and in the case of the horizontal tracks, unnecessary (this is Minecraft, you could just build a 1-block ledge across a cliff face). The only thing I could see them being used for is rollercoasters, but they're only a novelty.

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    Support: one for the builders.

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    Support in some cases. Some of the old tracks like Moog City 2, or unused tracks like calm4.ogg, should make a return. The latter could possibly be used in scenarios like during a raid, in a stronghold, or while fighting the Wither.

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