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    posted a message on Synthetic Diamonds!

    No Support. Just because it's realistic doesn't make it a good (or even a thematically fitting) idea for Minecraft, and it's both too unbalanced (it would be possible to make diamonds, which are meant to be rare and valuable, using only common ores) and too tedious (it would take quantities of coal that would require a wither skeleton farm, and time spent mining graphite comparable to the time you'd spend mining a comparable amount of diamond, to get enough diamonds for any practical use) to justify.

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    posted a message on A new middle ground between Creative and Surival for people who don't like to grind

    There's no real need for a gamemode between Survival and Creative. Those who want to build can do so in Creative, and those who want to build within the constraints of Survival can do so in Survival. (Also, there's a list of non-renewable resources on the Minecraft Wiki for people who want to build in Survival)

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    posted a message on Does anyone have Aether textures and models?

    I'm making my own mod which includes some features from the Aether mod, specifically the Aerwhale and the Zephyr. Does anyone have the textures and/or models available to send to me so that I can add them into my mod?

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    posted a message on 1.22 Mob Update

    Should 1.22 be the Mob update?


    ☆All mobs having baby variants except for creepers, skeletons (all types), blazes, Elder guardians, withers, phantoms, and wardens.

    No support. Baby zombies are already annoying enough, we don't need baby spiders or endermen.

    ☆Adult piglins and Baby Piglin brutes having a 1 in 700 chance to spawn as a "Pig-Jockey" (Piglin riding a regular pig)

    No support. Regular pigs should stay in the Overworld, we have hoglins for the Nether.

    ☆Pigs/Piglins/Hoglins can have different variants [Normal, With spots, or Black (No Racism intended)]

    Support, would add variety.

    ☆Adds Guinea pigs

    ▪︎0.756 of a block in size

    ▪︎Can locate villages by sniffing for the hay bales in the villages

    ▪︎Tamed with Hay bales

    Undecided. Villages are easy to locate by exploring, so I'm not sure how useful a new mob intended to make them easier to find would be.


    ▪︎With the different breeds

    ▪︎Can spawn in villages

    ▪︎Tamed with bones

    Support for different dog breeds similar to cats, but not for adding dogs as a mob distinct from wolves.

    ☆Clerics can cure Zombie villagers.

    ▪︎The Cleric can capture the Zombie Villager by using a lead and locking it in the church until the curing is finished.


    ☆Adds hamsters

    ▪︎Slightly smaller than guinea pigs (0.513 of a block in size)

    ▪︎Can attack enemies for you but only do half a heart in damage.

    ▪︎Tamed with Apples

    No support, we don't need another mob that acts like wolves but weaker.

    ☆Re-Textures The villager to have a Steve or Alex-like appearance

    ▪︎Their arms would no longer be connected

    ▪︎Their body would animate like players

    ▪︎The Old villager texture (Minecraft:Villager_v2) can stay until everyone gets used to the new texture (Minecraft:Villager_v3) due to the old texture being very iconic.

    ▪︎Fun fact: Can serve a reference to the old human mob

    No support, the crossed-arms villager model is iconic and does not need to be changed.

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    posted a message on Change

    Suggestion: Add a pen item, crafted with 1 stick and 1 ink sac, that can be used to edit signs. That way signs can still be edited, but only with the new pen item.

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    posted a message on The Wildfire

    Personally I think Mob D should be a miniboss that spawns either in a new room of the Nether Fortress or a new structure.

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    posted a message on I just had a crazy idea for a pottery feature

    Support, although I think items should be loaded by dropping them in or by hopper instead of crafting them in like you suggest.

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    posted a message on Iron and gold ores should drop nuggets sometimes when mined
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Then make a chest,

    That won't help with the fact that you still have to carry two more stacks of items back, four or six if you craft them into ingots and blocks respectively. Shulker boxes and ender chests don't solve this problem either, they just mitigate it.

    Anyway, there's no real advantage to having iron and gold ore having two essentially equivalent drops. Personally I'd prefer Nether gold ore and gilded blackstone to drop raw gold, for consistency with Overworld ores.

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    posted a message on Iron and gold ores should drop nuggets sometimes when mined

    No Support. It'd get annoying having to carry 2 extra stacks of items back which don't provide anything new.

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    posted a message on Arquebus: A synthesis of more than a decade of gun suggestions.

    Support. I am a supporter of theme-accurate guns in Minecraft, and I've even added one to a mod I'm working on (it still needs balancing). I've even made my own textures for the arquebus and the bullet (I'm not implementing pellets). However, I'm not a fan of the idea of item-exclusive enchants in general, so five enchantments exclusively for the arquebus and no others (trivially excluding Unbreaking, Mending, and curses) seems stupid when Sharpness, Efficiency, or Looting would work perfectly fine.

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    posted a message on Simple Colour Additions

    No Support. They don't make sense to me (granted, I've always actively rejected the red-blue-yellow color model in favor of the red-green-blue model). Instead, I propose being able to craft green and brown dye from raw copper and raw iron, respectively (copper and iron ores have historically been used for green and brown colors), and possibly also black, red and yellow from coal, redstone and raw gold

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    posted a message on player sack on death - an intermediate option between keep inventory and not
    Quote from ice000breaker»

    Keep inventory is entirely removes the punishment for death, but the default option may be really punishing especially if you die in a distant place where you cant go and get your items back.

    the idea of player sacks is that when a player dies they drop their inventory as an entity which does not despawn. all items in this inventory can be picked up by right clicking on it and the sack would disappear.

    Full Support, although a gravestone would make more sense (many mods do so).

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    posted a message on MCreator Minecraft Mod Maker, Add-On Maker, and Data Pack Maker

    I'm making a block that drops a loot table when mined. The block is named "LootBlock1" and the loot table is named "LootBlockLoot1". How do I get the block to drop the loot table?

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    posted a message on Found two pink sheep in a flock of four

    Hang on a minute, let me do the maths.

    p(pink sheep) = 0.00164

    Pr(2 pink sheep out of 4) = 4C2 * 0.00164^2 * (1-0.00164)^2 ≈ 0.0000161 which is about 1 in 62171. You're welcome.

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    posted a message on Can't create Microsoft account

    New question: How do I sync Minecraft from my old account to my new one, without buying it again? Is this possible?

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