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    posted a message on Phase Networks - Affordable Minecraft & VPS Hosting Solutions! - [$6/GB] - Money Back Guarantee! - 24 HOUR FREE TRIALS - [25% OF
    I'll admit I wasn't exactly happy to begin with, and I was nigh-on ready to move to another host, but I'm glad I stuck around!
    Phase has done nothing but help and help again with any issue I had. They even helped me figure out my domain, which I didn't even host through their service.
    I'd advise any and all to get a host here. I was unlucky and ordered in a period where they had some panel issues, but don't let that turn you away!
    Absolutely fantastic. Thank you!
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    posted a message on ● ®ĀĢ€-QŰЄȘŦ ● ADVENTURE RPG ● [Towns][Economy][PvP][McMMO]
    Quote from JustEatFood

    IGN: RealFire639

    Quote from MidnightCthulhu


    Both of your donation ranks have been set ingame.
    Claim your town when you log on!
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    posted a message on RAGEQUEST PVP SERVER! 24/7 NO WHITELIST!
    We're finishing up some new maps for PvP arenas as I type this out.
    Be sure to put your IGN here to recieve a FULL 5$ donator pack FOR FREE!
    For more information on the donation rank visit www.mcl33t.com
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    posted a message on MCL33T - What is MCL33T?
    Server information posted above as an update.
    Check it out!
    The server is now live, woooo!

    And keep in mind: No Mercy.
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    posted a message on MCL33T - What is MCL33T?
    PreLaunch Party and Dedicated Box!!!
    Before the official launch of the server (October 31st, 2012), we're hosting a PreLaunch party!
    During this time, you will be able to log on a temporary map which will serve as grounds for PvP-Survival fun.
    The world will be equipped with plugins to provide randomized spawnpoints across the map.
    The map itself is 560x560 blocks. In this world, you can gather materials and fight other players.
    Once October 31st hits, and the official server launches, the 10 players with the most kills will be awarded with donation prizes on the main server!
    Gee-whiz, sign me up :D

    The rules are simple:
    - There is no /home
    - Random Respawns
    - Use /top to track the top 10

    Highest 10 killcounts will recieve fabolous prizes on our main server on halloween!

    More information will be posted on our forums at www.mcl33t.com and on this page.
    Stay tuned, Minecrafters!

    In other news, MCL33T just switched to a dedicated box.
    We will, from now on, host double DayZ servers and two minecraft servers.
    Server info for every server can be found on our site.
    More info to come!
    Happy gaming, everyone. It's a good time to be an MCL33T member.

    The server is now LIVE!!! PreLaunch party is ongoing.
    Take part in the battle for pride and prizes through connecting to our server using the IP below:
    Take arms, minecrafters. Kill 'em all! *Queue Metallica*
    Good luck to everyone.

    MCL33T Team
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    posted a message on MCL33T - What is MCL33T?
    Voting is over - Let the building commence!!

    Voting has concluded. Our two winners are as follows:
    Name: Obsessive Compulsive Dismemberers
    Theme: A faction that must dismember you perfectly, OR THE CATS WILL CLAW OUT THERE EYES!!!!!
    Y U ADMIN?!: Because I'm OCD
    Starting area?: Some impossible figure that will **** me off every time I see it.

    Faction Rules: Always overthink it and STAY ON THE DAMN GRID


    Faction Name: The Atlantian Collective
    Faction Concept/Theme: Think Waterworld. Floating cities with houses being rafts that are tied to the main city
    Why would you like to be faction admin?: Somebodys got to do it
    What would the starting area look like?: A derelict floating ruined boat

    Does your faction have specific rules?: RP Aspect: Members travel by boat whenever possible.

    Congratulations to our two winners!
    Building will commence, alongside other projects done by our MCL33T Team.
    Stay tuned for an official opening of our Minecraft server!

    MCL33T Team
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    posted a message on MCL33T - What is MCL33T?
    Factions Contest has officially ended!!
    The factions contest we were hosting, to decide who will be our leaders of the first two factions, has officially ended.
    Votes may be cast in this thread.
    The OP has a new poll attatched to it where one can vote for one of our 5 contestants!
    Stay tuned for more info on a public opening of our server, which will be soon! :D

    Happy gaming!

    MCL33T Team
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    posted a message on New PVP server looking for CUTTHROAT FACTION RULERS!
    We're nearing the end of our ongoing competition, and applications aren't in the high numbers :o
    If you want a chance at ruling one of two factions on our server (There won't be very many present!), apply today through either these forums or our website.
    The point of this competition is to allow a select few start building their factions before a public opening of the server.
    There will be a max of 3 factions, and the faction builders will be given creative tools to make their base the best of the best!
    To secure a good spot, make sure to apply :D

    Best of luck to everyone!
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    posted a message on MCL33T - What is MCL33T?
    What is MCL33T.com?
    What is MCL33T, you ask?
    We made a little video to explain shortly what we're about.
    Check it out!

    So basically, we're a web-based community, or a clan, who take aim to gather the Minecraft community and provide the ultimate safe-spot to everyone with a passion for Minecraft.
    Discuss basically anything without the lingering fear of the Banhammer, for we are all brethren in this
    very community.
    We take pride in offering unbiased opinions of servers in the form of server reviews,
    we do speedy build requests in a highly professional matter and, in general, discuss
    anything and everything Minecraft!
    We also utilize a Twitter-feed to retweet tweets sent out by server-owners who wish to promote
    their servers.
    MCL33T currently hosts two servers: One for DayZ (ArmA II Mod) and one for Minecraft.
    Look at the bottom of this page for more info on the Minecraft server, and on our page for the DayZ one.
    The Clan itself is also looking for new members in the form of Developers, Builders
    and avid followers. We welcome all!

    All info can be found at our site - mcl33t.com
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    posted a message on New PVP server looking for CUTTHROAT FACTION RULERS!
    We're getting more entries by the day on our site!
    Any applications put in here will be considered equal to the ones posted on our site, so post wherever you wish!
    Best of luck to all participants - you're in for a treat! :D
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