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    Creating Minecraft mods is very rewarding and fun, but the learning curve is very steep. I wanted to create a way for beginning programmers to be able to experience creating Minecraft mods without having to know Java programming. You might be familiar with Scratch – a graphical programming environment often used to teach programming to kids. (See http://scratch.mit.edu). I had used Scratch before, and I was thinking that a similar environment, but for creating Minecraft mods, would be very interesting.

    Well, after a lot of coding, I’ve created ScratchForge, which integrates a Scratch-like, graphical, drag-and-drop programming environment, with Minecraft Forge. Users can choose from a large number of elements to create custom blocks, items, commands, entities, recipes, and react to Minecraft events.

    Here is a simple example of creating a custom block named “Thor” that strikes lightning when you right click it.

    Thor Example

    Currently ScratchForge works only on Windows computers; if there is interest and I have time I hope to create a Mac compatible version also.

    If you want to try it, please go to the project web site at http://scratchforge.golde.org/ and download the installer.

    I’m excited for people to try it out and tell me what you think. Please reply here with feedback, or click “Help” on the web site and click “Send me feedback”.

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