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    Quote from MadDragon

    PC beats them all.

    EDIT: Generally playing on computer of course. Not just Windows.

    So true. All the consoles people will continue to bicker over which is better... meanwhile with PC people: content silence.
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    A society can only be as utopian as it is dystopian. To perfect one aspect it must give up another. Therefore it's not real.
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    Quote from Agjm

    This video has a new meme: "Pedobird".

    Oh my god! On my school's daily morning news cast there was a creepy stuffed penguin/bird thing with gigantic eyes in the background! I yelled "PedoBird" then fell out of my chair laughing. This must be an omen for a new meme
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    They feed, clothe, and shelter you. You are already in debt from that and this is helping make a small dent in it. Suck it up.
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    Is the hokey-pokey really what it's all about?
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    Do you work at Subway? 'Cause you just gave me a foot long!

    I lost my dog! I think it went into that cheap motel room over there... Wanna help me look for it?
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    Please read and end your ignorance.
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    Element(s): Water, peace, storms
    Personality: she is very caring for her people and dislikes war. She is very calm but can become very angry and create terrible storms and things when she is irritated.
    Physical descriptions/normal forms: She appears as normal person but with godly beauty.Her eyes are blue and her hair is blonde when she is calm or happy, but when she is angry her eyes turn white and her hair turn black.
    What does Auto-hitting/G-modding mean: When you basically make yourself invincible, control other players, make thing instantly, ect. (Lukester5 you are really gonna have to watch out for this as this helped to end the original)
    Alignment: (chaotic neutral, Lawful good, Lawful evil, etc. basic D&D alignment)
    Other: Good Luck :smile.gif:
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    Stranger: hi, M 24, u?
    You: A wild pokemon appeared!
    You: It uses razor leaf! It's super effective!
    You: You are down to 25/100 hp!
    You: It loves you...
    You: You throw a great ball!
    You: Click... Click... click....
    You: Yes you caught it!
    You: You name him Hamoe
    You: You feed him lots of berries till he gets rather plump
    You: He lives a long happy life
    You: Then dies of type 2 diabetes
    Technical error: lost contact with server.

    You: Hey
    You: I love you
    Stranger: hey
    Stranger: a bit soon isn't it?
    You: No it's love at first text
    Stranger: haha
    You: Haha so how much does a polar bear wheigh?
    You: Enough to brake the ice!
    You: My names Robert what's your's?
    Stranger: daffu
    Stranger: *Daffi
    Stranger: lol, that's a little embarassing
    You: That marvelous!
    You: So listen...
    You: Can I have your #?
    You: can I have your #?
    You: can I have it?
    You: Can have it?
    You: Can I?
    You: Please
    You: Please
    Stranger: why?
    You have disconnected.

    Stranger: hi
    You: Hey
    You have disconnected.

    You: Anything you say can and will be used against you in court
    Stranger: But.... but... i did do anything!! :'(
    Stranger: didnt*
    You: You my friend are a dirty liar!
    You: I know about those bodies in your closet
    You: How?
    Stranger: WHAT???
    Stranger: How did you find those???
    You: Because I am under your bed right now
    Stranger: Yeah, but my bed isnt in my closet....
    You: I only come out when you sleep
    Stranger: Why would you go in my closet?? Why not the kitchen? There is food in there.
    You: Yes but the human body is much more nuitrious then any food you have in your kitchen
    Stranger: Touche, my friend, touche....
    Stranger: Wait a second!! You're EATING the bodies???
    You: Only the child he is good and l fatty, but the gym teacher is gross all sinew and muscle
    You: Blah
    Stranger: Oh, yeah, I forgot he was in there, I think i put in him in there a few months ago....
    You: Mmmmmm yes the Maggots are getting rather frequent
    Stranger: Ahh, well I guess I better go clean my closet out then.... can't have you in there with a bunch of maggots....
    You: Thank you their company is rather unpleasant and they eat almost as fast as me
    Stranger: Well, bye bye!!
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