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    posted a message on To all of you that says Terraria is a rip-off...
    Honestly, this is just plain stupid.

    Minecraft isn't a genere. It's a game. It is a sandbox game with elements of crafting, exploration, and combat.

    Terraria appears to also be a game with elements of crafting, exploration, and combat. That's pretty much where the similarities end.

    The only reason there's even any discussion is because the Minecraft community is absolutely flooded with pre-pubescent idiots with absolutely no sense of perspective.

    Sandbox games - featuring crafting, exploration, and combat - existed long before Minecraft. And they'll exist long after. Sure... Minecraft may very well become big and popular enough to become synonymous with the genre... Maybe we'll start seeing things called Minecraft-alikes (just like we see games called Rogue-alikes)... But that doesn't actually make Minecraft into a genre. Nor does it make any game with similar gameplay a "copy" or "rip off" of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on How do YOU light big rooms?
    I really prefer to use lava to light large areas. Do a glass column filled with lava every 7 blocks or so... Or carve out 1x1x2 channels in the ceiling, throw some lava up there, and toss a glass block underneath it. Or you can do something similar in the floor.

    I don't like throwing torches all over the place. Looks kind of silly.

    Though I'm going to try sticking them in the floor under a glass block... That might look nicer. Less dramatic than lava, but maybe nicer.
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    posted a message on 32 or 64 bit Java?
    Quote from triggerfin »
    Microsoft stupidy defaults the IE version on the 64-bit OSs to the 32-bit version.

    Many (until recently, most) plugins do not have a 64-bit version available. Defaulting to 64-bit IE without Flash support would make a lot of people unhappy.

    And it isn't just Microsoft/IE either... Firefox is only released as 32-bit for Windows. If you want a 64-bit version you're going to have to roll your own or find somebody else who has.
    Quote from triggerfin »
    You need to navigate to the Program Files (not x86) folder and find the 64-bit IE there. Run that, and go to java.com

    There should be, unless you've done something weird, a shortcut to IE x64 right in your Start menu.
    Quote from triggerfin »
    because Oracle stupidly assumes the only thing you want java for is web browsing.

    The Java website attempts to determine which version to offer you by checking your user agent string. If you visit the site with a 32-bit browser, that's what the user agent string reports. Oracle has no way of knowing, beyond your user agent string, what kind of computer you're using.

    That's why they offer a link to manually select what flavor of Java you want.

    Right there on the download page.

    You don't even have to fire up a 64-bit browser... Just hit that manual download button and pick your poison.
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    posted a message on How do you use your diamonds?
    Frankly, I just kind of stash my diamonds...

    I made diamond armor once. It was nice. Really lasted a long time. But I didn't feel, ultimately, that it was worth the cost. Iron works just as well, just doesn't last as long. But with how cheap iron is, it doesn't really matter.

    I'll make a diamond pick, in case I need obsidian... But I don't generally use it. I normally use stone picks for general excavation and iron for the good stuff, because there's just so much digging to do. Even with the fantastic durability of a diamond pick, it seems like a waste to use one just digging out piles of cobble.

    I've never bothered with a diamond shovel or ho... I can't imagine they'd actually be worth the cost.

    I made a diamond sword once. I don't fight that often though. Iron seems to work fine for me.

    So... Yeah. I don't really use my diamonds for much.
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    posted a message on Evil in it's taste: Circles
    Granted, some of those circles in the link you provided do look more octagonal than circular... Especially the one with diameter 11... But that's going to happen when you're building them out of pixels. At some point your circle is going to break down into straight edges, no matter how you build it.

    As far as the wasted blocks inside... Well, it depends on what I'm doing. If I'm building a tower or something like that, where I'm stacking circles to make a dome or a sphere or a cylinder, I'll leave out those extra blocks. I'm not so much worried about how it looks as a circle, so much as the finished object.

    But, sometimes I will build a straight-up circle. Maybe put a round window in something... Or a circular bit of pavement, or something like that. And, in those cases, I will use those extra blocks to soften the appearance some.

    You've given a couple nice examples of circles... But I don't really see much of a method. If I wanted to build a circle of some arbitrary size, I can consult that template or use some utility... But I can't really use your method, because I don't know what it is.
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    posted a message on Just bought a new computer
    Easier way to get at appdata:

    Hit the Windows key + R to bring up the run prompt. Then just type in %appdata% It'll bring up your appdata folder for you.

    Then you need to look in the Roaming folder. I'd copy the whole .minecraft folder over to the new machine - that'd get any mods/texturepacks you might have installed.

    Also - if the new machine is 64-bit - make damn sure you're running 64-bit Java. 32-bit Java makes 64-bit machines unhappy.

    ...as far as calling in sick to work... Unless you're one of those slackasses that calls in sick at the slightest hint of an excuse, I'd say go for it. Stay home and enjoy a day off.

    If you are one of those slackasses that calls in sick at the slightest hint of an excuse... I hope your Minecraft save gets corrupted.
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    posted a message on Where is update 1.6?
    Quote from Swilzereta »
    It seems to me like notch is taking his sweet time, I feel like we have been waiting totally way too long for this update.

    It'll be done when it's done.

    And there'll be bugs in it. And folks will complain that it was rushed out the door, regardless of how long it took.

    Deal with it.
    Quote from Swilzereta »
    Does notch still care about minecraft?

    Of course he does - it pays his bills.
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    posted a message on minecraft vs half life 2. (poll)
    Quote from tdmegaman »
    XD. your right, comparing mc to half life is like comparing a doorknob to cheese, there is no relation at all. what im aking is, which did you get more enjoyment out of?

    I thoroughly enjoyed both games, but each for a different reason.

    I really don't think I could pick one over the other.
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    posted a message on Age poll
    Quote from asferot »
    Pools like these make me feel old...
    And realize why all this section is filled with ''lolzorz herubrinum rox0rz''


    I like the underlying assumption of the poll options... Breaking it up into little 2-year increments... And then lumping everyone over 26 together. Why am I not surprised that the OP just turned 21?
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    posted a message on Updates are Dissapoint
    You, sir, have put a smile on my face.

    Best. Post. Ever.
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    posted a message on MoCreatures in SMP?
    Quote from omerdn1 »
    Quote from IIE16_Yoshi »
    Try asking the creator of the mod? not the audience of the Beta Survival Forums?

    Other people can port this mod to smp not just the crator

    Possible, perhaps... Though it's somewhat unlikely that other people are going to step on his toes like that. And they'd have to learn the codebase from scratch... You'd have a hell of a lot more luck just asking DrZhark directly.

    You'd also have more luck asking this in one of the modding or server subforums.
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    posted a message on If YOU could only live in one biome....
    I think I'd go with desert.

    Granted, I'd have to gather some wood before I went there, and I'd need to find some dirt somewhere and plant some trees...

    But I think desert is my favorite biome.
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    posted a message on Lava columns for underwater lighting
    Quote from Guswut »
    Quote from ephemeriis »
    Wouldn't that just get you a bunch of cobble? Or am I misunderstanding something?

    Notice the bold:
    Just have a lava source falling above water level and have a hole directly below it at the bottom.

    A hole where though? Just a hole in the seafloor? I'm honestly not trying to be dense, I just don't understand how you could have a lava source pouring into the ocean and not wind up with a pile of cobble.
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    posted a message on em,thunder and rain?
    It's random. Truly random. Just because you've been waiting a long time for rain doesn't mean it is going to happen anytime soon. And just because it's been raining for days, doesn't mean it is going to stop any time soon.

    Seems like I played for a good week without any rain... Kind of forgot that weather was even in there... Then I was down in my mine and heard some weird rumbling. Came up top and saw my first rainstorm. Didn't stop raining for ages. And then it started up again right away.
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    posted a message on You, minecraft and profession
    I dunno... I honestly do a little of everything.

    I thoroughly enjoy exploration in general - wandering the countryside, delving into caves...

    But I also enjoy just digging at random. Carving out a mine. Seeing what I can find.

    Combat is kind of lame, to be honest. The mechanics could use an improvement. But, for what it is, it can be fun. Especially if you stumble into a dungeon unexpectedly.

    Building is terrific fun, too. I haven't done anything terribly amazing, but I've got a nice castle and a mobgrinder that I'm happy with. Plus a lighthouse and a pirate ship.
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