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    About 8 months before (at the time of this post), I made a Minecraft Falling Damage Calculator, in VB6. Original forum link here:
    Old Minecraft Falling Damage Calculator.

    I soon realized the Formula used to calculate the damage was slightly off. So I rewrote the entire application, in VB.NET. Then I realized how simple this app is, and it doesn't really show off what I can really do, so I decided to 'calculate' all the damage in Minecraft.


    Help out a poor Minecrafter!
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    Here's a history of Minecraft. It's not a complete history, you can read that in Version History, from the Minecraft Wiki, but here's just a list of fairly notable events:

    :Diamond: In May 2009 (or earlier) Notch got the idea for Minecraft after playing a bit of Infiniminer. He liked the idea of building, but Infiniminer was painfully limited. So he worked on a "Cave Game" clone of it.
    :Diamond: Days later, he turned up with a video of the "Cave Game"
    :Diamond: Renames the "Cave Game" to Minecraft: Order of the Stone, and then just Minecraft
    :Diamond: Finishes working on Creative Single Player. This includes a new level generator, bedrock, fluids and clouds.
    :Diamond: Starts on Multiplayer.
    :Diamond: Test on Multiplayer.
    :Diamond: Adds server for people to try.
    :Diamond: Finishes Multiplayer, along with server commands, and the ability to place admincrete (bedrock) through stone.
    :Diamond: Starts working on Survival, where Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons and Creepers are added. Creepers explode if you kill one, Spiders are harmful when there are lots of them, Skeletons can shoot you, and Zombies are --- umm, well, they're Zombies.
    :Diamond: When Survival Test is finished, Notch secretly begins on Indev, then releasing that out to the public by giving it only to people who pay.
    :Diamond: Crafting is added, along with chests. Smelting ores is possible through lighting up the floor, then throwing ores at it by pressing the Q button.
    :Diamond: Rana, and a bunch of other test mobs are added.
    :Diamond: Rana and those other test mobs are removed, pigs and sheep are now different.
    :Diamond: Added furnaces, difficulty, paintings and other sounds.
    :Diamond: Starts work on Infdev, Infinite Maps.
    :Diamond: When Infdev is more stable, Notch added Cows, Chickens and an epic new terrain generator.
    :Diamond: Yet another Infdev update, this time with Redstone, Rails, Minecarts, and Logic.
    :Diamond: Infdev renamed to Minecraft Alpha.
    :Diamond: In September, an extreme spike in sales and registrations resulted in the Minecraft webserver crashing because too many people were trying to download the game.
    :Diamond: When this issued was fixed, Notch started to work on the Halloween update.
    :Diamond: 4chan launches 85,000 bots and crashes the Minecraft webserver, because Notch wasn't providing enough updates. Maybe the 4channers were oblivious to the up and coming Halloween update!
    :Diamond: Halloween update! New mobs, Zombie Pigs and Ghasts, new grass hues, and biomes.
    :Diamond: BETA!!! The long-awaited Minecraft Beta finally comes, on December 20th (or something, maybe November?)
    :Diamond: One word: Squids!
    :Diamond: BetterLight mod installed permanently onto the game, beds, redstone repeaters and the New McRegion level. BetterLight and McRegion are both mods.
    :Diamond: Now.

    - The Word of Notch
    - canu, a friend of mine, who told me about Minecraft in January 2010, when he had been playing the game "before Rana, only 3 available blocks to build from, and Multiplayer wasn't even out yet."
    - Me, I played since January 2010, like I said before.
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