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    You have a server?? Note to self: read past posts more often.
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    Quote from cadika_orade

    Could this be a hint that it *might* be added if it isn't too much trouble? In my experience "taking the 5th" is as good as a confirmation.

    Wait a second...

    Dinnerbone QUOTED ME!!!

    *Fanboy Squeal*
    Hey, he's unconscious, we should write on him!
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    Quote from mewtwoy

    i will ignore you completeley... you dont respect what i do and what i do not do.... [offline for 10 days now]
    He has a point. This is not a place where personal affairs matter, it is a mod about riding giant flying reptiles. A good one at that.
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    posted a message on [1.8] Slenderman Mod - NEW Slender Pages
    Quote from BeTheMac

    Thanks, here's some more ideas from a few pages back that I had, maybe if enough ppls like it the creator will put some in (if they're able to)

    BeTheMac, on 14 August 2012 - 09:44 AM, said:
    This mod is quite decent, very scary. I like the new textures, although I think the hands should be darker, longer and thinner.

    I had another few ideas, make it so that there can only be 1 Slenderman globally at a time, adds to the "nemesis" aspect of the character, and reduces exposure, keeping it scary. The audio should only start playing when he's 5-7 blocks away, and he should always come from the back or the side, never the front so you don't know he's there until it's too late, aiding the pants pooping factor.

    You don't encounter him anywhere but villages anymore, and only at night. He goes there to steal the children and lead them off to his dimension, when their souls feed his power. The more souls he has, the stronger he gets, his strength, speed, and skills & abilities get stronger the more children he whisks away. In the overworld he's invincible. The best you can do is free the children before he takes them away to his dimension which requires a pair of diamond shears (surround a pair of shears w/diamonds on the crafting table). Thankfully though, just as this horrible menace became loose on the world, a new type of mineral was found - emeralds. Coincidence? No! Craft 3 emeralds into a line to create the emerald staff, then spend (X # of levels, 5, 10, whatever) to enchant the staff with the SlenderWard enchantment. Now, give the enchanted staff to a villager priest to help combat the Slenderman when he appears.

    Whatchu think so far?

    Next step, combine forces with the Herobrine mod creator to make a Nemesis pack, both Herobrine and Slenderman interacting in ways to screw with you, the player, in the most startling, scary, pants loading ways possible. Most of the time the two do their things separately, but once in a while if you've thwarted both of them too much, they'll gang up and target villages and structures you frequent often.

    1 child w/him - slight darkening of screen

    2 childrens - Ability - Slenderman can now do ear piercing scream

    3 childrens - screen darkens more, slight disorientation

    4 - childrens - pierce - his arms extend out as sharp lances to stab you - 7 block range, blockable/cuttable

    5 childrens - darker still, more disorientation, time starts slowing down slightly for everything in area but Slenderman

    6 childrens - Ability - Darkwave - Shoots a 3X3 wide ball of darkness a

    7 childrens - really dark, you start feeling like you've had a few drinks, time is like warm honey now

    8 childrens - Ability - Multi-attack - with time slowed down so much you're a plaything, albeit it still one with teeth, to the Slenderman, who warps and attacks rapidly from multiple angles causing much damage and psychological trauma in the process. Try not to cry, sissy.

    9 childrens - you can barely see anything, just slight outlines and his eyes.... those eyes man...., You feel like you've tired keeping up with a frat boy, time is cold honey now, Slenderman can now do ear piercing scream

    10 childrens - Engulf - time has almost stopped for you, you can do nothing but watch in horror as lines of darkness unfurl out of him and become a multitude of hooks, going around your back and piercing you, then they drag you towards him. His blank face looks down at your battered and bleeding face, and you feel your life force being sucked out of you, leaving you with 1 heart of health left.

    Although he can't be killed in the Overworld, free enough children or do him enough damage will cause him to flee back to his own dimension. That's where you have a chance to destroy him, if you can free enough of the captured childrens souls he has there. But even if you do manage to kill him, he may be back. In the villages there are those that you have wronged, and they have dark dreams brought on by the Slenderman wishing to get his revenge on you. At night one of these troubled souls may awake and don a hooded robe. These Hooded Ones will gather and sacrifice a child while invoking the spirit of the Slenderman to allow him to take over one of their bodies so that he may rise again.

    I put a lot (maybe too much) thought into that. Hope you enjoy and can use some/all of it. Posted Image

    And another note for the maker of this mod. You owe me new underwear. Sure, I've had this mod going for a week now, plenty of time to get used to it. What hadn't happened to me until 10 minutes ago was the blindness/disorientation effects. The way you did that was spectacular. If I hadn't clenched right in time I'd seriously have needed to change after. Good show!
    that is the sickest, most vile thing I have ever heard! It's GENIOUS!!!
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    first to get it six days ago? what game came out six days ago? or do you mean forge? still, species gamemodes are... wait, are you saying you cannot be another race? Or you just cannot select which race you will be in the "creating new world" menu?
    Quote from MoffKalast

    how am I supposed to get to orbit? oh, right zepplin mod, got it! mo explosives better be compatible...
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    posted a message on 1.4 - Pigman villager as new mob Theory
    I think villagers vs pigmen villagers = eighteen times the epicness of all out server war.
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    EH EH OH EH OH EH OH OH EH ... eh ... oh ... eh ... ... oh!
    chill-pills, man!

    OMG, WHAT? you don,t know anything looks like! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD (a million "D" later)
    Um.....lay off the berries in the backyard....
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Aliens Vs Predator
    Quote from mineknigth

    will have an 1.3.1 version?
    Quick! Delete that post or the mod's update will be postponed!
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    Quote from Bart_the_Cat

    What? How did you know I was a brony, and how does that contribute to the conversation?
    It was a joke. Except for the "burning someone who likes my little pony". And how did I know? Bronies are distinguishable enough, especially for someone who hunts them for their meat, selling the head to private collectors.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 New Features & Snapshots Compilation - All you need to know about horses!
    Will other baby mobs be released? A baby enderman or a baby spider would be a dream come true...
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