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    Every few months I get the urge to get back on minecraft and update my creations but there is always too much and I end up losing interest or I get swamped with all the new blocks that come out and suddenly my stuff is out of date. I'm rushing to get it done this time! I'm making a town for a zombie survival server. What do you think so far?

    The texture pack i'm using is called R3d Craft, it's a 128x version of the default textures and i'm using shaders.

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    Well I think i've lost just about every creation in these photos, if anyone has a copy of them I would greatly appreciate it if you could upload it for us to use. otherwise, it's all gone for good. but no worries! I plan on making more, i'm not sure how long it will take me though.

    Thanks to everyone who has kept this thread alive, I was so happy to find that this thread is still around. I'm going to try and keep adding more content and improving it so it sticks around a bit longer :)

    So, the old guide wasn't much of a guide, I pretty much showed you an owl then told you to draw it, as someone pointed out lower in the posts lol. So this one is going to try to be more in depth. It will probably take me awhile to get it completely finished so leave some feedback on anything I could explain better. I'm not really sure how to throw this all together so i'm just going to dump all my ideas and techniques in here for you all to look through and slowly get it sorted out. :D

    I didn't use a texture pack on this one, I think the regular texture pack looks great , you just have to put some effort into it.. If you can't make it look good without a texture pack, why make it at all ;p


    Oh look, It's this house again. The house that makes everyone on your server cringe. How often have you joined a server only to find the spawn covered with these? I can't stand them which is why I ended up making this guide in the first place.. so here's some ways you can fix it. Also, here's a video version that someone was kind enough to make. Check his video out and subscribe :D http://www.youtube.com/user/Zhell91?feature=mhee

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    Normally when I make a house I go to Realtor.com and just start searching neighborhoods for a style of house I like, but in case you don't have the time to lets start with some basic things I do when I make quick starter houses.

    When I make quick houses I start with one wall, like the one on the left. I usually make it 6 blocks across with both ends in stone or some other contrasting block, same with the 2 blocks under the window. This way it doesn't look to bland, I always try to use 2-3 different block types on the walls so the house stands out more. On the sides of the windows I place trap doors to use as window shutters, and when I make houses with more than 1 floor I sometimes make flower boxes that hang in front of the window, just 2 dirt blocks and some signs. You can use trap doors instead of signs, either one looks great.


    With this house I decided to make it with 2 floors, so I just made more of the walls on each side into a box. pretty simple ;p

    Now for the roof :D

    This part is pretty simple, Just place the steps however you want them, I made the roof on the second floor face the other direction just to keep it interesting, It's starting to look good but it still needs alot of improvement.


    so the roof still looks boring and doesn't fit in well, So I add overhangs. I just extend the roof out one block on the sides and use a slab peice to go on the edges, all of the stair blocks have matching slabs so it works perfectly.. all slabs are also fireproof, including wood so they allow us to add fireplaces too


    Next I added a porch, it doesn't look that great but I didn't want the house to be too plain and boxy, It's also good protection if you want to step outside and check for creepers that might be waiting for you.


    Here's the fireplaces I usually make, I use stone buttons above it and glass panes, If your house is made of wood then the entire wall and all blocks above it in about a 3 block radius need to be half slabs or it will burn..


    I found out that you could place signs on signs and they would float, perfect for wooden beams
    and porches.. They don't have to touch the ground, They just are in the picture.

    Here's a cafe I made with them on my map, Pine Valley. http://www.minecraft...-with-download/


    That's all I can think of for the guide , if anyone wants anything else added into the guide I can do that, just leave a comment..

    Here's some of my more advanced houses, I spent alot of time on them and they aren't something I could really make a guide for.. hopefully they can help give you ideas though. They are all avalible to download on my planetminecraft page. :)

    Here's another house i'm making on a server with a friend, it's all legit so it's taking awhile to get the materials we need

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    ( 9/13/2012) Well, after going through two laptops and an external hard drive, I lost all my creations that were backed up. I'm really not sure if I can get any of them back, and this seems to be one of the lost ones. If anyone has any piece of this map I would appreciate it if you could upload it or send it to me, otherwise it's gone for good. :(

    V2.0, the downtown area is almost done and now you can download it with the theater, the theater is completely finished inside and out :D

    Also, someone named uncle_peanuts on planetminecraft has been reporting all my projects , claiming that I stole my creations from his server. I did not. I build everything myself and upload them online for everyone to use. Please pay no attention to him.
    he's doing it because he likes to upload creations that are not his own and I called him out on it.

    this is the map i've been working on for awhile, I build all my houses and stuff here and I've decided that i'm far enough along to share it with everyone.. When mcedit is out for 1.8 i might update it and go add all the new window pane blocks instead of the huge glass cubes, but for now here's the 60% complete version. It has my Courthouse and Modern Mansion since I couldnt make schematics. Enjoy :)

    here's 2 shops and the bank on the far right

    The Hotel

    zoomed out photo

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    Wow I can't believe this thread is still floating around o.0 I might make a new one when I start playing minecraft again.. Thanks everyone!
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 | Cities | RP | 30 Slots | GREYLIST | McMMO
    1: In Game Name (IGN):Emily_2010
    2: (optional) Age :18
    3: (optional) Gender :Female
    4: How did you find us (if you were referred by a player please list their name):found you on the forums :biggrin.gif:
    5: Is there anything else you would like to add to your application? If you don't let me in the server I may steal a black baby..
    6. (optional) Tell us your characters back story. I'm a traveling witch looking for a place to build a home and potion shop

    here's some of my creations..
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/416389-emilys-guide-to-aesthetically-pleasing-homes-remade-for-18/page__hl__emily's guide
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/622839-my-18-town-pine-valley-with-download/page__hl__pine valley
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    I got bored earlier so I drew this on my ipad with sketchbook pro.. it looks bad but I think I did good for not having a stylus ;p
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    Dude really, this is all handmade by me and my server

    no, you used a program. I recognize the style..
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    you have to use the forum imbed code ;p and it looks great
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    Quote from TheFieldZy

    And how many females browse the forums? Better question, how many females browse the Computers, Technology, and Science forums? They is plural, you don't refer to one person as they. Go back to first grade.

    I said make a flame war, not participate in a current one. Why can't people read?

    wow what an asshole, I'm a she and I didn't even post it in this section someone moved it. don't you have something better to do than troll people?
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    well you obviously put alot of work into it but not as much thought, you should google pictures of castles, there is litterally thousands of different kinds and each is unique, just snag some ideas and apply them to yours.. and never ever ever ever ever make boxes :biggrin.gif:

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