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    posted a message on ~ LORDS OF THE WEST ~ •Roleplay - •Lore - •Medieval - •APPLY NOW

    This server is Amazing!

    Don't be scared away with the long Application trust me its WORTH IT


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    posted a message on A Updated Lava Survival


    Lobby.EscapeRestart.com IP CHANGED

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    posted a message on Atticia MC Steampunk Roleplay Server [Launching Today 4/22/2015] Apply Now!

    Ok, i changed it

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    posted a message on Royal Rebels, a progressional SMP MC Server about seceeding from England

    Hello i would like to join!


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    posted a message on Atticia MC Steampunk Roleplay Server [Launching Today 4/22/2015] Apply Now!

    What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: funnymon

    How old are you?:16

    Have you read and agreed to the rules?:Yes

    What’s the rule you agree with the most?:Rule 2, Racism which is not tolerated.

    Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?:No, i understand every rule.

    What is roleplaying?:When you act out a character

    What is metagaming?:You know something that your IC doesnt ,and you use it during role-play.

    What is powergaming?:Forcing actions against another player.

    Ex. Player 1 cuts off Player 2's head


    Character’s name:Haul jackson

    Character’s gender:Male

    Character’s age:21

    Biography (Remember to make sure it makes sense with the lore, go for at least two paragraphs):

    Both of Haul's parents were high members of the Church of Solstice,every day his parent prayed to the sun god. Haul never really believed in the "Sun god", but he never had the guts to say no to his parents. At the age of 13 when the plague hit the Exiles he and his parents went near the radiation spots to praise them.Haul hated how the Scorched were, but loved how he and his father would not only praise them but study them.

    One morning Haul and his father watched as one of the Scorched's skin slowly peeled off until there was nothing left but bones.His father and mother started to praise it on sight, but Haul didn't, he saw that the Scorched started to hit the glass container it was being held in, over and over again until it started to crack. Instead of warning everyone he panicked he ran and hid in his camp site, he heard screamed and crying and shouting but still didn't move. Two people he never meet in his life picked him up and carried him to safety, but before then he fainted in his their arms.

    Haul found out that the two people who saved his life were two Exile female who can to warn the Church of solstice members that were near the sites that the Scorched are to many in numbers and to deadly to be praising. Haul understood that the remaining humans were planning to create a floating city, he always had an interesting in motors and coal power.

    At the age of 17, Haul after studying up and becoming a leading professor in coal-powered motors he decide to help humanity on the Attica project. He started practicing sword fighting, so he would never not be able to defend him self and his loved ones. His plans to become just a simple blacksmith practicing his motor building skills, he also plans to start praising the the sun god, not because he believes it it he wants to honor his parents memories .

    Personality Traits: Haul is very intelligent and can think his way out of most problems,but because of this he is very full of himself

    Strengths/Talents:Haul is very charming and hardworking, given a task he will find anyway to do it, unless he runs out of patient.

    Weaknesses/Inabilities: Haul hates to fight, and dislikes to depend on other people of help, Haul is horrible in bad situations that why he never gets himself in any.Haul is very impatient if he doesn't get results fast he will leave that project/goal.

    Appearance (How he looks+Height and Weight, add a screenshot of your skin if you can):

    3dLight Brown skin, 7feet 6 inches, light blue eyes and black hair. He avoids eye contact with people and doesn't like to talk to people, he usually stays by himself, but while near friends he'll become very lively


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    posted a message on [NEW] World of Minecraft - A Warcraft fan server [No whitelist!]

    I would love to check out this server im a big fan of WOW
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    posted a message on What was the first thing you did when you first got minecraft?
    First i tried to mine a tree, but i couldn't because i didn't know i had to hold down to mine i thought all you had to do was click it.

    Ran around alot, and found some wood blocks on the floor, still dont know how they got there. I made a crafting and a boat, no tools or weapons.

    It got night and i hid underground.

    In the morning i found some bones and arrows on the ground then i clicked my inventory and looked at the items, then i forgot how to get out of my inventory and a creeper came and killed me.
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    posted a message on ISLES OF LORELIS - Minecraft RPG! - Open World - Quests - Friendly Staff === CLOSED BETA! Sign up now!
    Minecraft Username: funnymon
    Previous experience with RPG servers: duegonrealms 3 months
    How did you find out about us: Was just searching the forums like i do every day
    Why you want to join the beta: I missed DR alot and i wanna go to a server like it
    Skype for group chat*:funnymon12
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    posted a message on NarniaCraft

    Why you want to be staff: I've seen many servers that were Great, but the staffs just weren't pulling there weight, and didn't care about the players at all, I want to see and change and help people as much as i can

    What differences you could make in a server: I Will make this server a Fun environment for everything player, i'll care for them, and listen to everyone.

    How often could you be on the server:Weekdays 2 and half hours Weekends 4 hours

    What are you willing to do for this server:I'm Willing to to make this server and nice place to call home

    Closing Statement: What type of sever is this? like what Gamemode? Skype: funnymon12
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    posted a message on Mc Kingdom Holds [1.8] [Rule with your friends!] [semi-vanilla]
    Everyone this is a once in a life time server! its really good, you can customize the holds any way you want, or just join one!
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    posted a message on City Life RP: A unique roleplay experience!
    Beta-Tester Application:
    IGN: funnymon
    Age: 16
    Skype (req.): funnymon12
    Experience: i've beta tested Rpg servers before, im best at finding bugs and reporting it
    Extra info: I dont Have a MIc on skype
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    posted a message on Thinking and planning a new RP Server
    It would be cool if you added government, no many rp servers have that.
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    posted a message on The Grand Spencorian Empire {RECRUITING}-{Light roleplay}-{Mature Community}-{Allimore}
    1.Your In game name (Minecraft username) funnymon

    2. Skype (required) funnymon12

    3.Age 16

    4.What can you do to help the Grand Spencorian Empire Prosper? (what can you offer to improve the Empire?)I been playing minecraft for about 2 years, i've a really go miner of sorts.I Will gather jews faster then any miner you have seen better

    5. A little about yourself I new to clans and rp, but i'm hoping this server will be a good on to start with

    6. what is your preferred starting occupation and are you aware of how occupation advancement works (a simple yes or no will do)?MIner Yes

    7. How many hours a day can you be on for?5

    8.A brief (1-3 sentences) description of your role play character (Recommended) When he was little both him parents died in a building accident, he was took he by a family of miners. Every since then hes learn the ways of mining and hopes to pay back his family for taking him in

    9. Have you been apart of any other clans? If so, which one(s)?NOPE

    10. (optional) If you could add anything [legally,culturally, anythingly], to the Empire as it is, what would you add?Better Mines
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    posted a message on No Players :(
    WHY prison. There are SOOO many prison server out there its just to much!
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    What makes this prison server different from ALL the OTHERS?

    And dont just say a good staff, friendly players.. those type of things. i mean things that make this server stand out?
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