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    If I wanted to go behind liteloader and manually install a mod where can I find the jar file it uses?
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    Quote from infinitefloop

    You have a miss-spelling on one you your directional signs.

    But so far so good, would like to see the finished version!

    I Will need to know where exactly that is to fix the issue, and map updated!
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    Before you all go complaining "but ember this map is stupid, its so short, meh, meh ,meh" Know this!

    This map is a BETA version, it is not complete, I put it up on the forums so that you the players can influence its creation and development, which you can do so via comments and polls I will be holding. That said enjoy the ride!

    1.02 is out! Added mess hall.

    ~Open, Chapter one~

    You wake up as some water licks at your face. Startled you quickly right yourself looking about the dimly lit small room. A pile of debris is stacked in the doorway, a small amount of water leaking in from under it. The lights flicker as you examine the shelves filled with cleaning supplies and other various junk. Feeling the knot on you head you realize that you have no idea who, or where you are. Looking down upon yourself you see that you are wearing a damp blue jumpsuit, on the breast pocket is a gold crown with a beaker in the middle, under it is reads: "Poseidon Research Union" You don't know why, but that name brings forth great anger and a feeling of betrayal. Your self examination is cut short by the sounds of muffled explosions in the distance and with a slight tremor the one light in the room goes out...

    Info & Rules
    This map is part adventure and part survival.
    In the Survival areas you are allowed to craft, build, mine, survive!
    In the adventure areas you must fallow the adventure rules.

    Survival rules!
    -You are not allowed to brake stone bricks of any sort, as the adventure areas are made of them and you could accidentally mine into an adventure area.
    - Know the limits of the survival area, they are not well designated as I hope it will be somewhat obvious when you hit an adventure area.
    - Do not swim to the surface of the water, or build above the surface.
    -Do not exit the plainly designated map area.

    Adventure rules!
    - You may only brake gray wool blocks or when instructed to by a sign.
    - If instructed to brake a block by a sign, you may only do so how it tells you to Example: "The door is sealed, it will not budge by hand (Iron pickaxe or greater needed)" that means you may brake those blocks if you have an iron or greater pickaxe.
    -use lapis ore blocks to keep score
    -Play on normal or up
    -Do not tamper with redstone unless instructed to
    -You may only place levers or regular (non-redstone) torches
    - It is encouraged to play with the "moody" brightness setting, however if you find it difficult to read the signs then by all means change it.
    - Do not swim to the surface of the water.
    -Do not exit the plainly designated map area.

    Coming soon! Survival challenges!

    Screen shots!

    It is highly suggested (but not required) that you instal any realism texture pack and also instal Opti-fine and turn on clear water ( or any other mod that will improve minecraft's water)

    Version 1.02 BETA

    Older versions

    -Unzip the folder
    -Place the file "water" in your "saves" file which is inside your "minecraft" file.
    -Read the readme if you want, it is just a copy of the rules and such.

    Planned but not yet implemented:
    - Sector 2 (barracks, mess hall)
    - Sector 3 (Reactor, sub-base)
    - Geological research center
    - Marien research center
    - Excavation and ruin research center
    - Ancient ruins
    - lots of other stuff that I will not tell or risk giving the story away

    Comments? Suggestions? Complaints? Bugs?
    Post a comment!
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    Great server! recommend it to anyone who thinks this might be their cup of tea!... or should I say, mug of ale?
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    Quote from Noppes

    What mods that use the API are you refering to?

    Zombe's mod pack, the contents of the mod itself all still work, but anything it added to the screen, or player view is all gone when the two are combined, so things such as the path tracker, or critter spawn detector do not work with it.
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    Well there be any way to fix the API incompatibilities?

    awesome mod btw
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ✰Towny✰Essentials✰24/7▃ ▄ ▅ ▆✰✰✰Caelum✰✰✰▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ✰RANKS✰NO LAG✰ICONOMY✰
    Tried to get on, could not resolve hostname....

    /bump because I am a nice guy
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    Quote from Snippezkiller

    Sounds cool mate. If this thing doesn't work we should start something. :smile.gif: With a elite group

    Yea thats what I was originally planning on doing, but then I saw this post and I figured it would be easier to join a group than create one. But the issue with the server contractor idea is that we would have to be believable, we would have to post pictures or proof that we are who we say we are, and not a group of griefers who a server owner just gave spawning rights to. So the first step obviously would be to make a good name for ourselves.

    Oh yea, and everyone on the team must be 100% trustworthy
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    So I had an idea, not only could this be a group of builders on one server, but we could also act as contractors to other servers. Like if a server owner wants something awesome built, but doesn't have the manpower or knowhow., thats where we would come in.

    Job wanted: I'm going to say builder but I use that term very loosely
    Skype: yes
    Skype name: thehomelessbannana
    Special Talent: I am experienced with buckit administration and mods; such as world edit, craftbook, minecart mania etc. I can handle average redstone, and I am awesome at minecarts and subways.

    Also: just a suggestion for another category/subcategory, we can have the best builders, and engineers in the world of minecraft, but they are useless without a good idea, without something creative to do. so: thinkers, artisans, idea-men, creative folk. see where I'm going?
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    hey i run a mac, and im a pretty experienced modder for it, but this this was a real challenge, this is the first thing i have come across that i couldn't install, i tried several different times, using several different methods but the most close i could ever get was the game would crash when i tried to create or play on a world but i could never get it to work, i hope to see this mod become more instal/mac friendly, or put a vid up or something because i think this modpack has real potential, if i could just instal the stupid thing i predict that it would be better than the yogbox, but unlike this, the yogbox is one click and your done, this is very complicated.
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    i had the idea for a super package, which would give ALL the abilities and add ons (except for a crown) to the soldiers, that way if you want to make a super army, you don't have to doll everything out one at a time

    ps great mod, cheers
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    that doesn't sound good
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    ok, here is my issue; i recently got the bucket server thing and then got world edit, and now i cant move more than like 5 blocks away from spawn without loosing connection and timing out. it could have been doing this before i got world edit cuz i only logged in once before i installed it, it also appears that when i change the properties it doses't apply

    *special note, i use, and run the server off a mac*
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    posted a message on The Blocking Dead! [Whitelist, cuboid, ClassChooser + more]
    Minecraft Name: emberhard
    Have you read the rules?: yes and i agree
    How long have you been playing?: sense beta came out, i dont know the exact date though...
    Anything else we should know- i have plenty experience offline, but limited experience online, i do have enough online experience however to get by (know commands, respect for player's buildings ect.)
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