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    so i have no skill with programming but i have good ideas and knowledge of scifi and real life tech. so i would like to know if any one would like to work with me you have to be fairly good because it going to need fairly complex coding and texturing i think but here is my ideas for the mod there may be a lot of errors in the writing but if anyone would like to work with me i we can talk about adding things and removing things and i do not expect all this to be in one version of the mod more of a list of things to be added over a period of time so if you are interested reply to the post

    world gen:titanium, Trinium, naquadah copper tin carbon Iridium tungsten(Wolframite) ,nickel titanium, rubber tree natural gas and oil, uranium ,plutonium ,Thorianite(thorium),Palladium Trunium and Naquadah:
    ​notes on curtain world gen
    Naquadah if mined with a pick lower than diamond pick it will explode or hit with an touched by an explosion it will amplify that explosion by 1.5. veins 2 times rarer than diamonds but vein size range between 5-20 block on levels 15-0
    Trinium as slightly more rare as diamonds and on same levels can be mined with iron pick
    Natural gas is explosive and is lighter then air so it will rise
    oil is flammable
    Thorianite, uranium ore and plutonium ore ore will release radiation (giving the radiation effect) up to 10 blocks in every direction of the deposit protective wear is recommended

    alloys:steel : iron and 2 carbon dust and nickel dust in a blast furnace or electric arc furnace
    naquadrinium : 2 naquadah dust and one Trinium dust in an industrial foundry Desur(name may change):
    2 tungsten dust 1 titanium dust 1 iridium ore and 2 carbon dust in an industrial foundry
    Vianaite: 1 naquadrinium ingot 1 Desur ingot in a Electric Arc Furnace (takes 4 times as long as steel)
    cenite: naquadah ingot+ copper dust in a arc furnace

    Machines and items :advance crafting table: (made from steel blocks in 2 by 2 pattern) makes 5 by 5 crafting recipes available
    research table allows you to research new items
    teleporter: teliports you across the same dimension
    blast furnace (runs on of coal coke)(multiblock) turns iron into steel
    coke oven: turns coal into coal coke, slag and Syngas
    coal powered grinder turns most ore into dust for double the output when smelted
    coal powered compressor:compresses things
    ​Industrial compressor: compressing things 2 times faster and compress harder things (electric powered)(multiblock) (can connect to ACTA system directly )
    Industrial grinder can process 10 stacks at once and can give secondary and Tertiary outputs (can be hooked to pipes/tubes ,conveyor belts. or directly connected to the ACTA network. no manual load) (multiblock)
    industrial furnace : processes 10 stacks at once with rate 2.5 times faster than a vanilla furnace (can be hooked to pipes/tubes ,conveyor belts. or directly connected to the ACTA network. no manual load) (multiblock)
    Electric Arc Furnace faster and more efficient at making steel then the blast furnace and allows you to make Vianaite (multiblock) (can connect to ACTA system directly )
    industrial foundry: allows you to make alloys (multiBlock)
    own power system
    5 tiersof Capacitors
    5 tiers of power lever lv ,mv, EV and ZPV 5 types of wires one
    WPB wireless power Broadcaster
    conveyor belt
    faster conveyor belt
    sorter conveyorbelts
    advanced sorter conveyor belt
    deuterium refiner (place water in get deuterium)deuterium: nuclear fusion fuel
    Mech :piloted robot which allows is upgadable and semi customizable when not active it covers a 2 by 1 by 1 space when active it is a 2 by 1 by 3 it runs on any solid fuel and a battery can have a set home position to return to with the click of a button (5 by 5 crafting grid required)
    robotic upgrader: allows you to upgrade you mech and robots with tools, armor, internal storage space and weapons it will also allow you to customize the mech's look
    battle/defense robots: attack hostile mobs, players and robots
    (NOTE)robots runs off of internal battery will find nears charger to refuel if level get to low if inventory full it will return to it home position and wait to be emptied unless there is a t3 charger within range then it will go to the closest t3 charger
    resources gathering robot(famer, lumberjack, mining)] (all robots require 5 by 5 crafting grid and have a 10 inventory slots(upgadable )
    t1 robot/ mech charger: slowly charges robot or mech on it
    t2 robot/ mech charger:semi quickly charges robot or mech on it
    t3 robot mech charger quickly charges robot or mech on it and extracts inventory and places item in a nearest valid inventory if connected to ACTA network it will import the items in to the network)
    space ship (5 by 5 crafting grid required)
    air scrubbers : (for planets or moons with gravity lower then Minecraftia and/or not lox or no oxygen)will oxygenate and pressurize the room( must be a closed structure) is seal is broken (all placed blocks that are none glass or made on metal (not including machines and other things along the lines) will drop and have to be picked up)
    Air lock (you know what that is
    oxygen extractor allow you to extract oxygen to fill tanks from the overworld, nether or similar atmosphere dimensions
    Air Purifier will make base breathable in poisonous atmospheres and can clean air for a clean room stargate(Atlantis version) allows you to travel across dimension by dialing other gates address
    if anything is within 5 blocks in front of gate when gate is activated is vaporized and destroying the gate while there's a wormhole would leaves crater about the size of 3 ICBM's cluster nuclear missiles and if you place an other gate in the same dimension and try to dial it both gates will just glow red on the symbols(you would effectively be calling your self) (5 by 5 crafting grid required)
    DHD(Dial Home Device): used to dial a gate(5 by 5 crafting grid required)
    other stargate-tech (5 by 5 crafting grid required) allowing you to build things on a molecular scale
    (NOTE)ACTA network allows you to store and and craft item and liquids and XP on severs
    ACTA card allows you to link to an ACTA compatible devices and other ACTA networks over long distances without cable but does not supply power
    NO ACTA card compatible devices have two options to toggle get required resources to work (example giving coal to burn in a miner)and remove all non in use inventory (example would not take coal out of fuel slot) if it is put into one of the 4 receiving card slots on a ACTA B&R

    ACTA Broadcaster and receiver allows you to transmit receive a frequency form an ACTA network card frequencies can only be edited from the ACTA Broadcaster and receiver (ACTA B&R)it will share data with the other network if linked to an other network and for a ACTA card compatible devices to connect it needs a card
    ACTA cable (connects device to network and supplies power if needed
    ACTA interface allows you to craft basic (3 by 3) and advance (5 by 5)recipes and see interact with items in network has 5 tabs items, liquids, automatic crafting menu and xp bank
    ACTA Main frame controls network
    ACTA servers can hold 15 Memory cells 4 or five tiers of ACTA Memory
    ACTA recipe and advance operations control can teach recipes and automatic processing of items ( like to grind then smelt an ore)
    ACTA Molecular binder (auto crafter)
    ACTA RDU a interface with the a ACTA network that can travel with you
    ACTA bridge allows other mods to communicate with the ACTA network and transfer what you want to the the vanilla block(like a furnace or chest), other mod's block or multi block structures
    ACTA data shredder allows you to be able to tell the network when to destroy an item ( like void cobble entering the network if # of cobble in the network is <30 k
    ACTA I/O interface allows to transfer data form a a memory cell to the network
    liquid i/o cable:used to import and output liquid from the network
    i/o cable: used to import and output blocks and items from the network
    pump: collects liquids
    Tank: stores liquids and gases
    Gas Extracter: collects gasses
    pipes: transports liquids and gasses
    oil refiner: produces
    • Liquified petroleum gas (LPG)
    • Gasoline
    • Kerosene
    • Diesel fuel
    • Fuel oils
    • Paraffin wax: cable insolater
    Arc reactor: power generator(multiblock) fuel is Palladium
    solar pannels: generates a small amount of energy from the sun
    soild fuel generator: generates energy from solid fuels(wood, coal, charcoal,etc)
    ZPM: generates large amount of power lasts a long time extract power from zero point energy (5 by 5 crafting grid required)
    fusion reactor
    fission reactor
    naquadah generator
    liquid fuel generator
    gaseous fuel generator

    ToolsSteel pickaxe, ax hoe shovel mines/dig/cuts slightly faster than iron with durability twice that of iron Drill: two times faster than a steel pick or shovel
    chainsaw : two times faster than a steel axe and can be used as shears
    Vianaite pickaxe, ax hoe shovel mines/dig/cuts as faster than Gravitation Suits' advanced drill/chainsaw with durability 3 times of diamond
    Vianaite drill and chainsaw 2 times faster the Gravitation Suits' advanced drill/chainsaw (chainsaw can be used as shears)
    Multimeter: measures power in cable
    tree tap: used to extract rubber from a rubber tree
    auto miners (robots not included ):t1 Continuous Miner(if you don't know Continuous Miner is google it)(steel headed slowest )3by 3 dig size 10stack inventory
    t2 Continuous Miner (diamond-obsidian headed fast)5 by 5dig size 20stack inventory
    t3 Continuous Miner(Vianaite headed Fastest) 7 by 7dig size 30stack inventory
    (NOTE) all Continuous Miner are generator powered with an internal battery can you can place blocks and tile entities on it you can toggle how a redstone signal affects it and lay down a conveyor belt and it can auto eject into other inventories and will stop if about to just before it hits a liquid or gas or cant mine an object in front of it (5 by 5 crafting grid required) (has a slot ACTA network card )
    Sckorlight miner (effectively a redpower frame quarry but better) it will mine down to layer 0 and has the option of collecting any liquid into it 8 internal tanks holding 20 buckets each, a 40 stack internal storage which will automatically eject into any other open inventory and is ACTA compatible for automatic extraction and you can blocks and redstone on it it is and its mining speed as a Vianaite drill and you have the option set it to only work with or without a redstone signal and it runs off of either an internal generator(anything solid flamable steeing an liquid is an other setting and both is an other ) or a internal battery that can can be linked with a frequency to a WPB
    one cycle digs a one by 16 line that goes down to bed rock and if it runs into a block it will elevate its self by how many blocks it needs to (5 by 5 crafting grid required) (has a slot ACTA network card )

    other radiation effect :causes nausea, will cause the food bar to go down faster and will deal 0.5 hearts damage per tick all in one great package
    research system: unlocks new machines, tools, items and alloy recipes and higher tier versions of the things you already have
    pressurization room:a small room with 2 airlocks and a air scrubber allows you to be able to enter and space and other planet dimensions
    Zero point energy : an energy from the environment
    slag: can be made into fertilizer if combined with bone meal or smelted into bricks
    syngas: produces have the energy of natural gas (stays to the ground and spreads)
    Hazmat suit: protects from radiation
    Environmental suit allows you to walk in hostile environments oxygen tank: allows you to breath in hostile environments and air tank : need to breath is refillable (equipped to environmental suit)
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    yeah so we could use a coder who knows how to do a research system or and aura like thing but that's not a requirment
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    i suggest you also add things like genetics
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    personalty i would not have it to decay but it is your choice
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    how fast is the uranium going to decay
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