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    posted a message on I lost my Christmas Spirit.
    I honestly, get a touch of that spirit in me when I hear that damn music.
    I get excited to be reunited with family and close friends. My moms side of the family gets together and we party it up on christmas eve and christmas day. And my friends return home from school and work.

    So yes. I have wonderful family and friends. And I feel upbeat once winter rolls around because of it.
    I know. Impossible right? And I'm well into my 20's.
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    posted a message on Your life story... tell it.
    The mistake here, is that no one actually cares about your life story.
    That's why you always hear people say " That guy wouldn't shut up. I didn't need to hear his life story."

    Of course that doesn't stop us from wanting to tell it.
    Especially on the interbutts.
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    posted a message on StereoTypes.
    anime nerds: anti-social fatties that are extremely passive aggressive. And they smell.
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    posted a message on Kind of curious...
    I thought I loved cats, but I recently took care of one for someone for a few days.
    I realized I liked cats when I lived in a house with my parents....when I was 12.
    Cats are ****ing high maintenance. They **** and **** on stuff when you **** them off. They bite you or claw you if you simply inconvenience them. They won't leave you alone until you give them what they want. Even if it's the middle of the night. They lose their ****ING minds when you put them in a car. (my friends cat **** and pissed all over my car seat. Smells awful now). THATS another thing. Only cat **** can destroy just about anything. Ruin it forever. That's probably why cat people smell so odd.
    But don't get me wrong. Cat's are awesome. When you get to admire them from afar
    I just don't feel like dealing with that crap right now. Don't feel like putting in the time to learn to work with a cat. I've got more important crap to deal with living on my own.
    But...at least with a dog, they listen when you say no. Not fight back.
    Basically, used to be a cat guy. Now I'm into dogs.
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    posted a message on Why you need Jesus Christ
    I've no problem with christianity, it's the people who preach it only to promote fear and hate, that irk me.
    I always felt this held some truth:
    http://img808.imageshack.us/img808/8486 ... jeezus.jpg

    Also knytt's post is hilarious.
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    posted a message on Help regarding girls...
    I was the same way growing up.
    There were a lot of factors going into it though.
    I was always ostracized by a large majority of the student body. Picked on. Bullied. All that wonderful stuff.
    But for the longest time people basically treated me like ****. Even the girls. Which really didn't do much for my self confidence. I was quiet, and I liked to draw. I was the perfect target. By the time it was all said and done, I really felt like I had no qualities that a female would want.
    So I just never really tried. I admired from afar, but didn't take it much further. Looking back on it now, I feel I made a lot of mistakes, and that there were more than a few girls that actually flirted with me.
    I've told part of my story in another thread a long time ago, about my father forcing me into track and field. Well, once he did, I did develop some sense of self confidence. It gave me enough confidence to start wanting to weight lift, in hope that it would end the bullying. It did, to an extent.
    And slowly from that point on, I began rebuilding what little confidence I had in myself.
    Short story? It took 6 years for me to build enough confidence in myself to ask a girl out on my own terms. Part of it was also frustration with myself, and realizing all my missed opportunities.
    But eventually I did. The first one I scared away because I was still insecure with myself. I had never dated before. So I wasn't sure how to put myself out there. But I learned from that. And I eventually met a second. And I've been with her for 2 and half years now. She's absolutely wonderful. She is indeed my other half.

    But yeah. Sure, a lot of it seems hopeless I know. You have friends who have girlfriends, and it makes you wonder, "Am I falling behind?"
    It all starts to make you feel like you're not keeping up with the rest of society. Like, you need to hit certain mile stones at specific times in your life to be happy. Problem is, not everyone is the same, and they each get things done at a different pace. Life is a journey, not a set of predetermined points.

    What I'm trying to get at here, is that the girl thing will happen for you. But you really need to work on YOU before you can actually step forward with confidence. And through my experience, girls aren't the number one important thing. It's finding what makes you happy first and foremost. Dealing with your own demons. But once you're ready, and when you meet the right girl, you'll know it. You'll feel it. And you won't let her slip away so easily. That's how it worked for me. And I can't live without her now.
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    posted a message on PC?? MAC?? Why are people so Biased?
    I've never really had any kind of "brand loyalty" when it came to computers.
    Just. Never really cared.
    To be blunt. I like both.
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    posted a message on Shut-ins [18+ years old]
    it's like patton oswalt said, there's plenty of people who don't play DnD or World of Warcraft, or even video games, and they get to the end of their lives, and the realize "oh I've wasted my life". My marriage sucked, or I always hated that job. They're on their death beds going "I've regretted every second of this". But, if you were a guy who played World of warcraft, and you get to end of your life, and you go "oh my god, I wasted my life playing world of war of warcraft, I was down in my basement I never went outside"....but then you still have these weird fake memories of going "but I was this weird warrior, with flame hands....".
    But you see my point is, that people who wasted their life and didn't play world of warcraft, they still don't have a weird pretend thing that they did. They just wasted their life in reality.

    So yeah. You waste your time doing what you enjoy.
    I mean personally, I feel that getting out in the world is something that is wonderful. But you can't change people, or make them do what you think is right. Only try to guide them. But hell, Most of the time, we dont even know what's right for ourselves.
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    posted a message on Nothing Wrong With Fads
    If you're an anarchist, why are you wasting time on a minecraft forum? Shouldn't you be somewhere shaking up the establishment or some ****?
    Get to it man.
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead
    How far is it deviating from the comic?
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    posted a message on Superblox- A new ripoff of lego?
    Have to admit, some of the megabloks look pretty awesome.
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    posted a message on Don't you guys just HATE
    That's a pretty stupid and childish reason to hate someone.
    You hate someone because they're personality matches that of an asshole.
    Not because they happen to be into something you're not.
    Sure, I mean, personally I find that stuff to look silly. But unless they act like a jerk, I'm not gonna say anything.
    Passive aggressive **** like this irks me more than people who are more outspoken about their douche baggery.
    People snickering from the side lines and talking down on people.
    Say it to their face if your gonna say anything at all.
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    posted a message on what would you like for Christmas? (realistically)
    A great paying full time job.
    Alas the search continues.
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    posted a message on $25 , nothing to buy with it.
    go buy a delicious sandwich
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    posted a message on A Rant On Music.
    There's lots of really good current music, if you take the time to look beyond your radio.
    I love progressive rock and metal. And if you want to find good prog rock, you just need to scour the interwebs for a bit.
    But, I mean, musical taste is all very subjective. I know a lot of the **** I listen to, can be at times hokey and corny, or bombastic and pretentious....but it's what I enjoy.
    And I mean, I can point finger at music today and say, 'wat utter, corny ****'. But it's hard to deny that some of the stuff I listen to isn't silly and corny as well, just in a different way.
    I think it really comes down to the question of .....what kind of awful do u prefer?
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