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    posted a message on NOVA 🚀 | Semi-Vanilla Survival Experience | Custom Enchants | Daily Challenges | Regular End Resets | 1.16.5

    Hello! If you’re looking for a familiar Minecraft experience with a bit of a twist, check out our new server, NOVA! We’re what I like to call Survival+, a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival experience that aims to be unique and fun and that will cater to all types of players. With plenty of custom features and regular content updates, there’s plenty of adventure to be had and things to do!

    We pride ourselves on our fun and unique custom gameplay mechanics such as:

    • Custom enchants Unleash a poison cloud on your attackers, decapitate your enemies or strike them with lightning! If blood and steel isn’t your calling, enhance your pickaxe to automatically smelt your ores, or boost the experience you gain in your adventures.
    • Daily challenges Players will be rewarded for their exploration of the vast landscape; collect resources in demand for a reward, or claim the bounties on all manner of monsters terrorising the land. Challenges reset every day to give players something new to come back to regularly.
    • Custom items Building on the classic Minecraft experience, we have a bunch of fully custom items for you to find and experiment with. Grow tomatoes or lettuce, or find oranges, pears and bananas in the trees. All this, and without the use of any mods!
    • Player-driven economy One player’s junk is another player’s treasure! Set up your own chest shop and sell your unneeded items, or any valuable items you think might fetch you some gold. Set your prices high, or try to win over your customers with value; the value of items is determined by the players in a stock market-style economy system.
    • Much, much more That’s not it! There's so much more for you to do at NOVA, you’ll never get bored! And even when you've done it all, we are constantly updating the server to keep things fresh and interesting. Got an idea for an update? Use the handy suggestions feature on our Discord server below.

    Our community is open to everyone and we have a strict zero-tolerance policy on any form of discrimination and offensive behaviour. Our staff are friendly and approachable, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any trouble or worries, or just need help in general.

    We listen to our players’ voices, and if you have any suggestions, feedback, or anything of that sort, let us know on our Discord server.

    Does that sound good to you? Join us now at play.novamc.xyz and be sure to check out our Discord and our socials below!

    Official Website

    Discord Server


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    posted a message on NOVA - New server looking for builders to join our team

    Hi! My name is Elli, I'm currently working on my new server, Nova, and getting ready to launch fairly soon. We had some builders who have since abandoned us, and we need some new ones. The server, if you cannot tell by the name, is space-themed and I'd like something similar to a Guardians of the Galaxy kinda vibe. We are desperately in need of a lobby and a PVP arena, but mostly want a build team to be available when needed and to be part of our staff.

    If you are interested either PM me here or get in touch on Discord (elli#0001). Thanks in advance!

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    posted a message on Andromeda â—ľ Semi-Vanilla SMP â—ľ RECRUITING

    Welcome to Andromeda! We are a brand new semi-vanilla SMP Minecraft server that launched in late November 2020. At Andromeda, we pride ourselves on being unique and providing a fun experience for all. With plenty of features already in the server and frequent content updates being released, you should never find yourself without anything new to try or explore. On top of that, we listen to and take all feedback and suggestions seriously. If you have any concerns or ideas that could help improve the experience of all our players we will listen and improve as best we can.

    So what sets us apart from all the other SMP servers?

    • We release frequent content updates to ensure that there is never a dull moment on the server, we never want players to find themselves with nothing to do. Our first content update is very nearly ready to release, and future ones are already in planning.
    • We have a super friendly and diverse player base as well as helpful and welcoming staff. We want everybody who joins the server to fit in and feel as though they can get along with everybody, and if anyone causes any issues then thet will be dealt with.
    • We are always open to feedback and suggestions, and, while maybe not always possible, we will always try our best to deliver and improve. This isn’t just a server, it’s a community, and everybody should have their voice be heard.
    • On top of all that we have plenty of unique features to make sure we provide the best experience to all of you. We have random daily challenges to make sure you always have something to do, custom enchants, etc. so that even when you complete the game there is more to do and so much more at present and in future.

    Does that sound interesting to you? If so join us at andromedamc.xyz and be sure to join our Discord and follow all of our socials below! Hope to see you all soon! ~Elli

    Official Site




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    posted a message on Andromeda [Semi-Vanilla Survival] [NOW OPEN]

    Hi! My new server, Andromeda has just opened! Our aim is to provide a mostly vanilla survival experience while still keeping things interesting and creating fun new challenges through frequent content updates. Our community is small right now but I would love to grow it into something amazing. Anybody interested is welcome to join using the IP below. You can also join our Discord below. I hope to and look forward to seeing some of you there!

    Server IP: andromedamc.xyz
    Join our Discord

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