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    posted a message on NEW SERVER! NEED STAFF! ASAP
    I wasn't personally offended by 23ChicagoBears23, but I read the thread, and honestly, you've been really rude to every single person you looked for to be a staff member on. So,kid, I was going to apply for staff, but you really don't deserve it.
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Quote from PhanaticD

    Minecraft Username: SARASHORAge: 15
    [optional]What do you think of the server?: I love this kind of server!

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    posted a message on new server in need of staff
    Just an idea for a name: Twilight Kingdoms! I don't think that it should end in "Craft". Sometimes it's lame.. :P
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    posted a message on I need Good Builders And Good Moderators FAST on My Two Servers.
    Quote from Awesomebeast150

    Age:(Have to be above 11) 15
    What are you good at: I'm great at building small what you call 'other things', as in spawns, hubs for joining games, redstone anything, and anything based off of a theme (minus sg), really.
    What is best kind of build you can do?:I am the best at spawns.
    Been Staff before on any other servers, if so list them please:No.
    Do you have Skype?:Yes. I am Sara Shor on it.
    I hope I'm not the worst possible candidate. If worst comes to worst, I will settle on your least valuable position as staff. Thanks!!!
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    posted a message on new server in need of staff
    Hi! I would like to help with your server!
    Applying for: Admin
    Minecraft Username: SARASHOR <------Yeah, I know that it's lame :P
    Reason that I would love to join: I am an experienced minecrafter (not on forums, although i have a way with getting words out) who is great at dealing with cyberbullies and spammers. I am also willing to build if you have a shortage of builders, because I have built on several servers (except two have all closed due to the main computer dying, and an accident). I can get the word out on Instagram and Minecraft Forums! My Instagram username is elizabetharas! Thank you for reading this, and I hope you consider me as your Admin!
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    posted a message on new minecraft server! bukkit creative looking for staff
    Hi! I'd like to apply for anything at all, depending on what you think my application deserves! (FYI I aim extremely perky :steve_sillyface: ) So, decide what kind of staff member I should be!
    Age: 15
    IGN: SARASHOR <-----(Yeah I know its lame)
    Minecraft Experience: Four to five years (with some mont long breaks here and there)
    Skills: I am great with building, and I'm pretty good with redstone. I am good at dealing with problems like spamming or cyberbullies.
    Skype: I have one but I'm not comfortable saying it on a forum. If you'd like to contact me, I go on a server called MCNext (the ip address is play.mcnext.net) and type "/h SARASHOR"! I will most likely be on that server, and if not, leave a sign near my plot of land (outside the green line) saying that you'd like to talk to me!
    (Or, just literally give me your Skype username!)
    Other servers that you can find me on: Beast MC, Mineplex, and MeepCraft.
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    posted a message on Looking for few people to play on my small server with me! Will be similar to [GLGCraft] [Etho's Let's Plays] [CaptainSparkles L
    1. Sara Shor
    2. SARASHOR (yeah ik bad username :P)
    4. Sara Shor ( again, LAME)
    5.I will follow the rules, won't swear, and play fairly.
    6.I have never been banned from a server and I don't think I have it in me to create problems!
    7.Yes, but I don't have pics.... :steve_tearful:
    8.Yes. I have made a cool song with redstone and noteblocks.
    9. Yeah. I'm pretty busy, but i will manage.
    10. Yeah. Like I said, I'm pretty busy, but i am online from time to time.
    11. Blah :steve_joyous: :steve_csi: :steve_shocked: :steve_sillyface:
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