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    Name: Orion
    Ign: MichaelRockfez or minecraftdapro11 (I have 2 accounts)
    Age: 14.5
    Working Mic?: Yes
    Can you use Skype/Teamspeak?: I have both TS3 and Skype
    About Yourself: I'm a freshman that enjoys playing games and working on programming projects. I've always enjoyed making small games on my own with Python/Java/Javascript + Phaser and playing them over and over. I also enjoy playing lots of outdoor sports, my favorite being basketball.
    What do you plan to accomplish working for this server? This will be mentioned below.
    What can you provide to the team? Many people have requested me to be the judge of many building competitions, so I am able to evaluate how great a design is. In addition to that, I am able to beta test many of the features in Mythic Realms. One of my nickname is "Poison Hands", because I am able to somehow glitch up everything I touch.
    Why do you want to join our team? I've been playing Minecraft for around 4 years now, and I always loved the exciting PvP in Multiplayer servers, my favorite being Hypixel's Arena Brawl. However, plain Minecraft has started to become extremely boring, and none of the current mods appeal to me. I have been searching for Minecraft MMORPGs ever since. I know that Mythic Realms is the Romeo to my Juliet.

    I am applying for 3 positions.


    Lore Writer & Quest Writer

    What's your expertise in writing? (Narratives, Fantasy, Realism, Etc.)

    Realistic Fiction and Fantasy

    What have you written in the past?

    I have created many stories on my own during whatever free time I possess.

    Do you have any examples of your previous work? (If not, write us a paragraph of a random dungeon, include setting, lore, etc.)

    Dungeon Name: Ichos's Lair
    Lore: A thousand years ago, four dragons descended from the skies. Lanos, Ichos, Gosanos, and Litios. Even though they are seen as fearsome, hostile creatures now, in the past humans was good friends with them, offering food and shelter. In return the dragons granted humans the four seasons. Lanos Summer, Ichos Winter, Litios Spring, and Gosanos Autumn. Ichos was hated the most because everyone despised Winter. It is the season where all crops wither and all animals hibernate. Craving for this terrible season to be gone once and for all, the humans made a plan to secretly end the life of Ichos. One night, while the mighty dragons were sleeping, humans snuck up to Ichos and shoved their knives into her body. She had suffered 13 stabs before the other dragons were able to kill the humans. Enraged, Lanos, the leader of all dragons, swore never to engage with humans ever again, unless under battle. Lanos moved Ichos to a safe palace that he built under a cave full of refreshing crystals. To this day, Ichos still slumbers beneath that cave, waiting to be disturbed by the outside world.
    Setting: Right below the most outer cobblestone on the 72nd floor of the frozen citadel lies a hidden lever. Activate it, and you will be teleported to a secret room under the crystal cave. This room is inaccessible from all other locations. Standing in front of you is the entrance to Ichos's Lair, the hardest dungeon in the Ice Region.

    What is your favorite writing piece or author?

    Dan Brown. Digital Fortress and Da Vinci Code was just absolutely marvelous.

    Give us a short description of a semi-original Race you would create.

    Race Name: Dragonling
    Description: Half elves, half dragons, the Dragonling race deals constant damage to its opponents by exhaling different types of fire.
    Armor Type: Light Clothing, Leather, Chain Mail, Mail, Heavy.
    Weapon Type: Swords, Polearms, Axes (Dragonling does not use weapons graphically)
    Main Attributes: Strength, Parry, Armor.
    Roles: DPS, Tank.
    Lore: After an unfortunate incident of a forced baby between a male dragon and a female high elf, the first dragonling was born. Being a mutation of both the Dragon race and the Elves race, the Dragonling race now lives in a dessert, away from its two homes, catching scorpions and eating them for food.

    What do you plan to accomplish working for this server?

    If I become Lore Writer, I will create interesting and extraordinary stories for everything in Mythic realms.

    If I become Quest Writer, I promise to create interesting and extraordinary quests of all types.


    Website Developer

    Are you a current Media Creator or looking to start?

    Looking to start, even though I do have some experience before

    Do you have examples of previous work? (Websites, Layouts, Videos, Etc.)

    http://www.ezero.info/home.html. That is the amount of work I can get done in 6 - 8 hours.

    How quick can you create a project?

    Fairly fast, as I have a lot of experience before

    What do you plan to accomplish working for this server?

    If I become Website Developer, I plan to create a fantastic website for Mythic Realms.
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    posted a message on Internet job opportunities?
    Quote from Yourself797

    Why not?

    Well.. Personal reasons.

    I don't really live in an area that has friendly neighborhood or opportunities that allow these kind of things. :3
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    Quote from NiallTheAwesome
    Need any staff?

    Of course, it depends on what kind of staff you want. PM me for more details/info/questions.
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    Quote from NiallTheAwesome
    Nice! Maybe you could add a few more things than Skyblock. This server has alot of room for improvement :)

    I know, and we are looking for improvements!

    I am currently setting up a minigames server. It is very hard to do, especially the arenas...

    Thanks for checking out our server!
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    Quote from Taupo

    You're competing with a lot of people, unless your server stands out I wouldn't expect many donations.

    Yeah don't bother with these. Either scams or pay terribly.

    Well I would be surprised if you could find anything good really. Ad revenue from either a website you run or from a hosting site like Youtube or Twitch are probably the two main ways average people make money but both are very hard to be successful in. Unfortunately for you nowadays developing countries have much access to the internet meaning there are a lot of people out there probably more qualified or experienced as you willing to do many online jobs for peanuts.

    To be perfectly honest the best way of making money is simply to get some kinda job- be it mowing lawns or babysitting or whatever odd job you can find for your family or your neighbours. Sure there's a chance you can make money online but chances are you wont unfortunately.

    I can't do any local jobs for special reasons... So your saying start a website? How and what website?
    Quote from TheOtherDrew
    There aren't any jobs online unless you have marketable skills (i.e., graphic design/web design/coding/writing MLP slash fiction). Even that would be more of what's called being an 'independent contractor' rather then a 'job' (but I'm a getting a bit pedantic).

    My best advice is to find a way to make money irl. (for example for $10-20, offer to clean out your parent's basement or cut your neighbour's lawn). There's no shame in manual labor. And people will always be more than willing to give you a few bucks to do an odd job they don't want to do themselves.

    I'm not really able to do any irl jobs for special reasons
    Quote from StalePhish
    You can probably get $20 or more per yard to mow your neighbor's lawns. Help our your parents and maybe they'll give you an allowance. Those things are going to get you way more money than almost anything you would be doing on the internet at your age.

    I can't really do any jobs irl... sorry
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    Even though i am way younger than i am supposed to be for posting this...

    Does anyone know any internet job opportunities for making some small cash?

    - I have started a Minecraft server, and haven't gotten any donations yet even though i think my server is pretty awesome...

    - I do not know any legitament paid survey sites...

    - I am not really good at art/design (freelancing)

    Under these conditions, would anybody list me some ways to earn money online? I am able to work some hours every day...

    (I am doing this for my own sake and my server's) ...
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    posted a message on How do i give myself a monster spawner using single player commands
    try doing /give <name> 52 1
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    posted a message on Computer Recommendations
    500 dollars doesn't give you too far...

    Here's my suggestion. Buy a USED Macbook Pro in amazon. It should be pretty affordable, easy to use, and it is able to sustain your Minecraft pretty well.

    If you still have additional money, try searching up Macbook Pro RAM.
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    posted a message on How to determin the most active player on your server?
    You definitely have essentials, don't you?

    ./ptime <player>
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    posted a message on how do i mod minecraft
    Download the latest forge here: http://files.minecraftforge.net/

    Install it correctly.

    Go to your minecraft file.

    PC: To get to the .minecraft folder, you can always just open Run from the start menu and type %appdata%\.minecraft\, then click Run. It'll open your minecraft folder.
    Mac: Go to Finder -> Go -> Hold Option -> Library -> Application Support -> Minecraft

    There should be a mods folder. Drag your mod in it.

    Launch Minecraft, create a new profile with Forge on it.

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    posted a message on DOH! I just got killed while distracted!
    Typical mistakes.

    Next time, try pausing Minecraft before afking like that, or remember the coordinates.
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    posted a message on What is your favorite Minecraft song?
    Disc 11. Definitely...
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    posted a message on How can I get more accurate with the bow?
    Definitely practice.

    Arrows also has gravity (if you haven't noticed), so you should probably consider that and act accordingly.

    Always completely pull your bow before shooting. Here, these will help you (make sure you complete them several times)


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    posted a message on Why cant i go fullscreen on minecraft?
    It may be a bug. Try mentioning this to the "bugs" discussion.
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    posted a message on Silverfish and Endermites
    Technically, endermans are black (not being racist here)

    But combining one of the biggest and the smallest hostile mob together.. That would be unimaginable o.0
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