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    Minecraft Username (if you use bedrock, please let us know): electrogirl03 and I'm a Java Player
    Discord Name + Tag: electrogirl03#2778

    Age: 19

    Country and Timezone: US and EST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Name: electro age:19 pronoun: She/Her Likes: Understanding myself, plants, Animals, Truth, Creativity, Food, Music, Minecraft, Art, watching streams, drawing, I am very active on discord and Twitch Minecraft Java, Hangout Gaming friends, being content, Positive People, Nature, Trying Something New.

    Dislike: Clowns, Bugs, Lies, Having to Remember a lot, Overemotional people and Negative people, Not understanding something, scare of Heights, People that have comments on everything, allergies, Bullies. Favorite Shows: YouTube shows and Movies and TV Shows Netflix Disney+ and More Shows and I also stream all lot

    If accepted, how do you plan on spending your time on the server?: I will spend time on the server All day and Do Lore or Hangout with friends and see your buildings or projects

    (optional) Anything else you want to add: No but thanks for the Application and drunk

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    posted a message on AmiSMP whitelisted SMP (16+ / Whitelisted / Like HermitCraft)
    IGN: electrogirl03
    Age: 19
    How long you've been playing: I been playing very long time now
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