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    The jump between the little icon saplings, much larger trees can be disconcerting, and it would be nice to see a little bit more variety in the tree sizes in the forests. Small Trees could fill that gap.

    With enough light and time, a small tree would pop into a full grown tree. If you cut down a small tree trunk you get sticks. Ideally the trunks would match the texture of the full sized tree -- not shown in this hacked together image.

    And for those that want to decorate their Castle/Palace/Fortress with small trees that won't grow up, an additional rule could be added: Small Trees wouldn't grow into Full-size Trees unless there was more than 1 block of dirt or grass directly beneath them. See this topic for a more developed form of this idea.

    :Leaves: To vote this up please visit the GetSatisfaction topic is here.

    Would it be considered spamming, if i posted also this in the "Requests / Ideas For Mods" forum?
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] 95% Completed! Blackmodule's Minecraft Suite - New Screens!
    Did you realize Lapis Lazuli is a real substance, and a gem?
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    posted a message on [v1.4] Pine/Birch Biome Leaf Colors
    Quote from aTempesT »
    All this mod does is add a pinecolor.png and a birchcolor.png to the misc folder in the .jar and color the leaves according to those files. For the pine color, I just flipped the foliagecolor to the other triangle that is colored but unused?

    This sounds very cool. I just found out how to get biome triangles to work yesterday, put in glimmar's, and have been enjoying noticeably different vegetation colors for the first time.

    Can you explain which corners of the square are hot/cold and wet/dry?
    Also why exactly is the birch PNG 1 triangle, but the pine one is 2? Which parts (if any) of the squares are unused?

    EDIT: Testing with the grass color, i found even when i colored the whole thing outrageously non-green, there were still large swathes of grass that were the standard green (right next to my purples and reds), so apparently there are some glitches or other complications with biome colors that probably apply to the trees too.

    Notch tweeted that 1.5 will have the side of grass blocks biome colored, so there's probably no point in messing with it.
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    posted a message on JurassiCraft [Update:Quetzacoatlus]
    Very nice job capturing the sea scorpion.
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    posted a message on [MOD REQ] The Butterfly Concept + Preview of mod
    Might i suggest that butterflies should be mounted-- like real ones usually are mounted-- in a shadow box with a (usually) white background. Mostly white or very light butterflies would be presented on a medium grey background. This is to show off their colors better.
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    posted a message on Problem making texture packs on Mac
    Thanks, i had the same problem.
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    posted a message on New Mud Block (a complete concept)
    Quote from Mt.popsicle »
    That is a good idea if you called it soul-sand. Everything there except for the drowning part is what soul-sand does.

    I noted that there are similarities to soul sand, but drowning is not the only difference. The other differences are listed in the original post.

    The most important difference is that mud makes sense in the regular world, at the bottom of lakes, and especially in the currently un-distinctive swamps. I don't think you would want to see soul sand there.
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    posted a message on New Mud Block (a complete concept)
    Quote from Toothy »
    Sounds like a good idea for pig mobs, but it has already been suggested before. Use the temporary google search next time.

    I looked through 5 pages of google results for this forum. "Mud" has been suggested before, but nothing i found was substantially similar.
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    posted a message on New Mud Block (a complete concept)
    Mud has been suggested before. Search doesn't seem to work on the forums, but i did search GetSatisfaction, and while the idea came up a few times, it wasn't very thoroughly described. However, some parts of this idea are taken or modified from other posts.

    You can find the Vote for this idea on Get Satisfaction.

    There are thousands of ideas for new kinds of blocks, and many are interesting. But the biggest gap in the natural environments may be the lack of mud. Mud is especially needed for swamps to make them swamp-like.

      * Mud in some way acts like water. You sink into it, and can "swim" in it. If you aren't careful you'll drown in it.

      * Mud significantly slows movement -- maybe twice as much as water does.

      * Visibility is very low in mud.

      * Mud doesn't flow like water (which would be too complicated interacting with water), but it isn't stable, it falls like sand and gravel.

      * Fire burning near mud turns it to dirt. Lava has the same effect, but from a greater distance.

    World Generation:
      * Mud would be usually spawned near or at the bottom of bodies of water.

      * When not under water, mud is spawned according to the wetness of the biome. I.E most in rain forest and swamp, and least in desert, plains, and tundra. Swamp is an exception, and spawns mud at a much higher rate than any other biome.

      * Reeds should be able to grow in mud as well as (or instead of) dirt.

    Creating Mud from Dirt:
      * Crafting: It has been suggested that mud can be crafted by combining a bucket of water with dirt. That sounds reasonable, but the exact recipe is not important to this idea.

      * In the world: Allowing the contact between dirt and water blocks to create mud may be too disruptive, giving a bucket of water up on a hill incredible destructive power. However, it might work if the dirt block only turned to mud when contacting water on 4 or 5 of it's 6 sides.

      * Pigs could spawn at a high rate in mud, and a decreased rate in grass, thus making it possible to effect the number of pigs in your area, by controlling the amount of mud.

      * In some ways the use of mud overlaps that of soul sand, though the fact that you sink into mud, and that it falls make it useful for different applications. I expect there are some ingenious traps and "machines" that could be built with such a semi-liquid block that can be turned solid via fire or lava.

      * Mud would help make swamps a more dangerous and inhospitable place -- as they are in life. You gotta watch your step, you can't just rush through over land and water indiscriminately or you might get stuck. Probably not fatally, permanently stuck, unless you are rather unlucky, but having to flail around for a bit to get back in control would still induce a sense of danger.
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    posted a message on [Map] Survival Sands v1.26
    I've just played this for a few minecraft days, but so far i'm really impressed. The combination of survival + exploration of somewhat mysterious and dangerous ruins is great.

    I had my freakiest moment in minecraft playing this:
    I had set up in that sandstone house in the side of the cliff with the nice wood roof -- the one near the musical chamber across the lava moat. Somewhere near there was a spider i kept hearing. I got the idea it might be below me, so i started digging stairs for a basement.
    The entire sand floor of the house dropped away to depths invisible in the darkness, except for two previously hidden dirt blocks, one of which i happened to be standing on...
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    posted a message on Geocraft - A Minecraftian Geology
    I agree with the basic premise that the underground is too much the same. But i think this thread relies to heavily on making new types of blocks to solve this. Some new blocks are justified, but part of the solution should be better utilization of the blocks we already have: Something like this:

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