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    Quote from getfugu»

    I have to actually disprove the Mumbo one. His concept is fantastic, but the video itself it too outdated. Mumbo has great idea, but sometimes he fails to follow up with all the better improvements that come up later. I like the guy, but this is one of those cases.

    Cheers, ~Fugu

    I just build Mumbo's one in my singleplayer world, and unless you need to supply an entire server with loot, the rates are very good (about a full double chest every three or four minecraft days)

    I will def look into the changes though, just for the fun of it!

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    Quote from creeperking22»

    then can I make a house without a floor? lol

    lol... yeah, true.

    Although you could just build it straight on the grass and get your feet wet in the morning dew i guess.

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    When i build a starter house, i always make sure to have the following:

    -room for some storage (about 12 double chests should do in the beginning)

    -room for enchanting (includes anvil and chests for books and lapis)

    -room for furnaces (8 furnaces will do to start with)

    -room for brewing (3 sets and some chests for bottles and ingredients)

    -room for a bed

    -room for a portal

    Apart from this, a house is a house, it has at least 4 walls and 1 roof, the design is of course up to yourself.

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    posted a message on Does anyone actually use minecarts for transportation?

    I use rails between portals in the nether when they're too far to walk. And in some redstone contraptions as well of course. Never in the overworld, as i travel by foot to explore, and through the nether to get to different places of interest once portals are set up.

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    I have had the same thoughts, although i have recieved some awesome feedback to my journal, i am very well aware that it stops being interesting pretty quickly because no matter how cool and interesting your builds are, a journal has to be exactly that, a journal, and not a show-off-your-work-thread. It has to have a story, or something that makes it more interesting, something that creates a dialogue maybe.

    I haven't been posting on my thread fo a little while now, as i know i'm very bad in "story telling" and can't really find a way to make it more interesting than show everyone what i've been doing. So you're not the only one in this situation :)

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    posted a message on Is the above avatar Good Or Evil?


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    Quote from austen_95»

    I do this all the time, probably a little too often to be honest. Even sometimes if I am traveling at night ill do it, i'm such a coward. I also don't have the guts to click the lock button in the settings.

    You are not alone my friend!

    I clicked the lock button, But when i restart the game for the next session, it's unlocked again. I don't know if it's supposed te be like that, you'd think it's a part of the world save and keeps it like that.

    I don't switch to peacuful ever, but i tend to sleep a lot LOL. Specially when i'm building something, i get annoyed by all the mobs keeping me from my work.

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    I heard so too, but either it´s never removed, or it was added again. The thing is, endermite used to spawn when endermen where attacked. That is removed. Now they spawn every now and then when you throw a pearl. This trick only works when you spawn one with a pearl, and it doesn´t work with a spawn egg. Maybe that´s where the confusion comes in. Anyway, the endermite lure the endermen and around the endermite is a gap with open trapdoors where the endermen fall down. You can see what happens in the first 20 seconds of Docm´s video here, although my design is quite different from his, it´s the same idea.

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    Thanks man! Glad you like it! When i started playing minecraft years ago, i only played creative, so i got to practice building a lot. I also often try out things in creative before building them in survival.

    Recently i have been building an endermen farm. One with the endermite, and it´s very effective. There is a spawning platform with 1,080 spawning spaces and an endermite in the middle surrounded by a gap with open trapdoors. Then there is a 43 block drop, to get them to one hit kill. The building has 2 floors, one with the platform they land on, with hoppers to collect the pearls into chests, and one floor underneath that with a place with water where i can put a TNT directly under the platform they drop on. It takes only a few seconds for them to fill up the platform again. When i kill them manually, i can´t even keep up, they spawn quicker then i can kill them.

    Now i just have to build a railway from the island and polish up the place a bit more. Get an enchanting set up i guess.

    Here´s some pics:

    Starting the build. You can see the beginning of the two floors, with the landing platform in the top-middle

    Lol, this guy spawned in the box where the TNT is going to be placed eventually. Got himself stuck.

    Building up

    A lot spawned already when building the platform

    Finishing up the build

    This is the box i´m going to spawn the endermite in, by just tossing enderpearls until i get one.

    I placed a rails, where i can put a minecart to capture the endermite. It only took a few tosses to get him, but them i made a very stupid mistake. I forgot the nametag! I have to name him of course, otherwise he´ll despawn. Trying again....

    And there it is. Lots of endermen in no time.

    Down here i place the TNT

    And up here i collect the XP

    Here are the pearls collected, also on the first floor.

    I´m very happy how this turned out. It didn´t seem to work in 1.8.1 so i switched to 1.8.3. I don´t know if that´s correct, but seemed like that. I also had to experiment a little with the placement of the endermite, it´s seems that it has to be in the right line of sight. That could also have been the problem.

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    Quote from TurtleLover96»

    EPIC... just epic. There are no other words that could describe this world and your building skills!

    Wow, thank you so much!

    I have a lot going on still, but the last few days i did a bit of work in the nether and made the end portal room a bit nicer.

    The portal to the stronghold, the nether fortress and the way up to the general nether mob farm are all very close to the nether hub, so i made a couple of tunnels without minecart, because it´s easy walk distance.

    I also made an elevator to the mob farm, which sits way above the roof of the nether. I chose the easy one, with the minecarts, where you just look up and hold right-click to hop into each next minecart.

    This is on top of the roof, and the bottom of the elevator to the farm

    And up to the farm

    Here you can see how close everything is. On the bottom left corner is the nether-hub, then there is a fortress that i´m adjusting for wither skull farming, and next to it is the portal to the stronghold (as you can see the stronghold is close to world-spawn and i found it only by accident while caving) And to the right, inside the hill is the elevator to the nether farm

    Starting the lay-out for the tunnel

    And finished

    From the outside

    And iron door to the nether fortress

    To the elevator

    Starting to work on the end-portal room

    Main room done. I want two different rooms still, on each side of this room. You can see one of them, where i stored my building materials and a temporary bed, because i walked into the portal a couple of times when building..lol

    That´s it for now. I think i´m going to build an endermen-farm next. I like to have an endless supply of ender pearls and even though i haven´t done much enchanting lately, i need quick xp because my gear is starting to wear out and i can´t be bothered to AFK at a lousy skeleton farm for hours.

    I think i will go for a TNT endermen farm, where it´s like BOOM, 30 levels in a second. I´m going to look into different designs, but are drawn towards something like they have on the Hermitcraft server, i like that one. It´s good fun.

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    posted a message on How to create rainbow beacon

    That´s nice!

    But would´t it be much more compact and easy to build if you have just one redstone signal spiralling around the beacon all the way to the top with a repeater with delay before every piston, instead of getting the signal all the way from the bottom and up every time?

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    posted a message on How can a chunk be unloaded if you die there?

    My guess would be that if you die and then respawn at a point far enough from the chunk where you died for it to be unloaded, then your stuff should not despawn. But if you go back to collect your belongings and you come close enough for the chunk to load again, but it then takes more then 5 minutes for you to find your stuff, then it will despawn. Maybe it helps to decrease you render distance to tiny, so that the chunk doesn't load until you're very close.

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    posted a message on Adult Minecrafters Unite

    Love your builds Mr Derman !

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    posted a message on Survival journal - world of Eldon

    Thanks guys :) It´s been a few days, so i thought it was time for an update. Not a big one, been mainly decorating a bit and polishing up the place a bit.

    I did one little project that turned out to be a lot of work, or... at least take a lot of time. I wanted to add something cool. I always wanted to build something more organic than just buildings, but that´s more something you´d do in creative, so i decided i wanted to do a statue. A dragon would be nice. I found a tutorial for a medium sized dragon statue and tried it out in a copy of my world in creative first. I was moving it around a bit to see where it would fit.

    Then i decided to build it in my real world, in survival. Nice challenge i thought. Well, that took a lot of time and many stacks of dirt for scaffolding...

    Anyway, i guess i should just show you.

    Looks a bit better from a distance. This is where it sits.

    I had to go down at one point to get something and looked up at all the dirt up there...lol ..that was just the beginning

    I also did a bit of gardening around the castle, i want to add a nice garden around it, but not sure how and what, just fiddling around a bit.

    And inside, did the bedroom which turned to very nice i thing with this texture pack. I understand that some might prefer default, and i have to admit, that i miss it sometimes, but this one looks so cool IMO, i can add so much more detail using the various custom blocks

    Lying in bed listening to some music. (i got "Mall" from a creeper the other day, and i really like that record)

    That´s it for now. Let me know what you think of the dragon, because i´m not 100% sure yet, although i think it adds to the settlement, and i can´t do much more with it. This was a pain as it was enough :P


    Dragon statue design by TheEvilSketch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfrssapJnDLuXZ5ZjDEzUAg

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    posted a message on I found something so strange and scary in my survival HELP! ...

    It´s ok, but suggesting that Herobrine exists is against the rules of this forum, that is why your post was removed i guess. The myth has been so strong that many people believed it was something real, and many newbies are still made to believe this, that´s why.

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