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    Pixel Island is a community filled with people who love to play minecraft. The pixel network provides a hub for all of us to connect with one another and enjoy the game we all love to play. Currently the server is in development and will have

    even more to come! Join us in a lag free experience that we hope all come to enjoy :)

    More custom features and minigames are on the way, all are welcome to join us just be respectful :)

    Our network will never be pay 2 win in any shape or form, and our goal is to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience.

    Servers: Survival, Creative, Adventure, White-List Survival, Factions (In Dev), Minigames (In Dev), Social District (In Dev)
    Discord: discord.gg/ddbUyZKFCS
    IP: Play.pixelisland.ml

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