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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    Sorry, I will be updating to 1.5.1 this week.

    I am not really active on Minecraft because of work / family, but would like to keep this mod up-to-date. So It would help me a lot if you guys would send me PM's whenever minecraft is updated. Then you won't have to wait so long for me to fix it. This mod is really easy to update, it's just a matter of me knowing when to do it.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    :,,,,: :,,,,: :,,,,:The Wild Grass Mod :,,,,: :,,,,: :,,,,:

    • This mod creates a wild grass block that grows on top of existing grass blocks.
    • Once a wild grass block has grown, it will start spreading to nearby blocks, growing taller as it does.
    • It will not grow taller than a certain height depending on the biome (unless manually grown by the player)
    • The custom generator reduces the amount of default "tall grass" by replacing it with "wild grass" at a ratio of about 9:1
    • Grass will grow taller, and spread over time.
    • Grass blocks up to 2 blocks in height!
    • Unlike default grass, Wild Grass does not have a hit-box and will never "be in the way" of using your tools.
    • Hoes can be used like normal to turn a grass block into soil.
    • Left clicking with a hoe, however, will simply shorten the Wild Grass block on top of it, with the possibility to drop seeds.
    • Different hoes cut the grass by different amounts.
    • Gold Hoes will actually make the grass taller when left clicking. (only if wild grass exists there)
    • Using seeds on a grass block, will plan wild grass on top of it.
    • Server and Client Mods in one file.
    • Custom texture file, for easy texture pack use.
    Downloads Wait 5 seconds, then click the yellow "Skip Ad" on the top right of the screen.
    Once at mediafire, click the green "DOWNLOAD (18.5 KB)" button in the middle of the screen)


    • You must have Minecraft Forge v6.6.0.499 installed.
    • Install Minecraft Forge v6.6.0.499
    • Put the zip file into the "mods" folder (follow regular forge mod installation tutorials)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    I have update to 1.4.7 and for Minecraft Forge.

    Up until recently, I have been reluctant to use these mod-loader products, ( I don't know why)
    But I had started playing on some Tekkit servers, and realized how powerful Minecraft Forge was. This inspired me to jump back into the modding community.

    Part of the reason I discontinued Wild Grass was because of the frustration I had about trying to make the mod compatible with others, especially since I had to alter default Minecraft code. I was also frustrated with the amount of updates that were being released extremely close together, making it hard to deobfuscate the code, or convert from one version of Minecraft to another. Minecraft Forge and MCP and Modloader have made this easy.

    But as I have been playing around with Forge over the last few months learning it's in and outs. I had become confident enough in my ability to try and convert Wild Grass, and I have been successful. No longer does it require any replacement of files, and I think it works beautifully.

    I will NOT be releasing any versions for this mod other than the Minecraft Forge version. I will keep it up to date as Forge is update, NOT as Minecraft is updated.

    Also a note to all of you. I plan on making this mod open-source eventually. So that if I ever become unable to support this mod in the future, you may continue my work, without any issues. Again sorry for what has happened in the past, and I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening again.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    Quote from TDWP_FTW

    Tested it out last night, and no bugs from what I could see.

    Just waiting for notch's tall grass/lilies and biome flowers now. :biggrin.gif:

    BTW, with biome flowers, what are you going to do about the tropical flowers, seeing as rainforests were removed?

    Also, it's be pretty nice if you could add biome flowers for tundra/taiga, as regular flowers look really out of place in them. Maybe a bush, or some kind of made-up ice plant or something. Maybe some kind of fern for one of the plants...

    I am also thinking of reworking the grass generation since rainforests are gone. Maybe trying to make shorter grass appear in swamps, and making the thick tall grass only appear in the greener areas. Might be difficult but I think I can do it.

    Yes I am trying to think about the biome flowers with relation to the swamp. If anybody has ideas, let me know.

    The In the Biome Flowers Mod, Tundra and Tiaga already have those very little flat ground flowers and the short purple flowers? Were you thinking those were also out of place?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge

    I have finally update to 1.0.0 Thank you all for your support and patience. A few things to note, right now I only have the regular wild grass updated right now. No modloader version or other things your used to. I will be adding these sometime. I will also be adding the "reset" version soon as well.

    • WildLillies: based off of Notch's lilies. Basically just adding "flower" capabilities to them
    • Biome Flowers: everything you remember and once loved.
    • WildVines: Based of Notch's vines, but not sure how I want to implement yet. Will be simple, not complex.
    • Modloader version, and maybe others depending on what you request.
    • Visual change to Notch's tall grass. Maybe even a "removal" mod. I dont know

    As usual, I'm anxious to hear your feedback, and most likely, your bug reports.... Thank you all..
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    Alright, I'm back and working on Wild Grass for 1.0!!!!

    here is a picture to prove the progress, i am still trying to figure out some bugs, but we should have a downloadable version soon...

    Still not sure what I'm going to do about vines however, due to Notch's additions... we'll see..
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    I am still around! Sorry for the inactivity. I will be updating Wild Grass and related mods this week!
    Thank you all for your patience.

    I will first be looking at what I will be doing with regards to notch's changes and what I will be adding / changing whatever to keep keep my grass and such unique.

    As far as where the sprites will be located... I am going to try to use a separate wildgrass.png file to access the sprites since space in the terrain.png is becoming scarce. Thank you TQuin for your help and motivation in this area, I hope it is going to work out.

    Again, I am sorry for my long absence, but I will be significantly more active in the next couple weeks while working on changes and new features.
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